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  1. So recently, I had to participate as a researcher in a science research project, and the thing they were researching on was "Does Ingame Music have a effect on player toxicity?" The experiment concludes on July 27th in EST time, but as I was looking on how to measure player toxicity, I found this science research journal on how Reddit banned subreddits such as /r/coontown and /r/fatpeoplehate. They basically created a whole dictionary of words they considered hate speech or just toxic in general and then they set a program free on Reddit to ban subreddits or users that met a certain requirement and this is called automatic filtering. Then they did manual filtering for the rest, but Im not exactly sure how they did it. So for american if you time today while eating something or watching fireworks on the 4th of July and have time, I suggest you read this ( and spend some of your time doing something academic!
  2. Well I expect more from sandstorm too lmao
  3. Well there's a lot of hype about Sandstorm and for good reason: New engine, new gameplay, single player campaign, use of autmobiles such as cars and helicopters, new guns? (i want to use more guns ) new mechanics, could be made into esports, and more. Does anyone know when the preorder starts for the game? I still think this is going to be better than Battlefield 5
  9. 5. Black Bullet OP
  10. 4. Black Bullet OST
  11. 3. Licht un Schatten
  12. 2. Glassy sky
  13. I like to listen to some weeb music 1. OP tokyo ghoul
  14. This gotta be the most hypocritical shit there