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  1. Here I am just going to list some points of why I canceled/refunded my preorder of MW 2019, then I'm going to go into detail into my contentions. 1. PS4 Exclus. for survival 2. No clear stance on mtx/lootboxes 3. Most of the things the COD community is hyped for is mostly through leaks 1. Ps4 Exclus. for survival As you might heard, the well loved survival mode for the new MW is being restricted for ps4 for a whole year. A lot of you might not care, but with the new crossplay, I was seriously hyped to play with friends who don't own a good pc and rather play on console. The last time I played something remotely in the survival genre was Titanfall 2 last played 2017. While having ps4 exclusivity for a few days might not have been such a huge letdown, having it exclusive for a whole entire year is what makes it so mind-blowing. Honestly, by the time survival mode comes to PC and XBOX, the new COD would've started or finished its beta and on the verge of being released. Since I am a huge fan of survival co-op, this had a huge impact on my refund. 2. No clear stance on mtx/lootboxes For those who don't know about BO4. It started out very well, marketing was done well, everyone was hyped, and then the paywalls were made. Activision, in my opinion, does not come to support the player but rather milk them. I have a similar saying back in Korea, which has most of its games being gacha/cash grabs, that companies only fall down their knees if one has more money. My thought process on this is that while the new MW will initially not have game breaking guns in lootboxes, it will happen in the following months after reviews are published because Acitivision has made their money from launch sales and preorders. We do know its going to happen sooner or later as long as mtx and lootboxes are legal in video games. Overall, this had the most impact on my refund because I don't want to spend extra money on a game I bought for $60. 3. Most of the things the COD community is hyped for is mostly through leaks Honestly, if a leaker puts out consistently correct data, then we tend to trust them. But in the end, leaks are leaks. They might be true, they might be false because they haven't been verified by the developers. If it is, then its no longer a leak, its news from a developer announcement. I've grown up in a society where you shouldn't believe everything that there is. In my home country, people are still being stalked through hidden cameras, shady buisness dealings are still occuring, the school system is corrupt and bribed to no end, and people are dying from the simplest lies. So no, I do not trust that the new MW will bring back reinforce, gun game, and etc as a always available playlist like BF 4 but rather as a temp playlist like BO4 in order to "save server space". Honestly, I was hyped, I was hyped for the campaign, the Spec Ops, the new game modes, and the survival. But with Activision behind the scenes, I don't know if I can trust the new COD to live up to its standards. Thanks for listening to my TED talk. (english isn't my native language so help me out with any grammar/spelling issues)
  2. Souleater

    The game comes out on October 25th and according to leaks and rumors the 16th-19th of July may reveal the gameplay. Reddit post full of leaks so far Here
  3. Will they also have the same Game.Me system like on the Insurgency servers we have now, and will the server selection for Sandstorm be like DOI where its stupidly set up or will it be actually viable to select the XI servers? (Haven't been playing Sandstorm for a while)
  4. How are the stats going to be tracked? Is there a url for that?
  5. Souleater

    In my case, I prefer playing competitively and for the points system, so I like winning. Anyways, the art of spawnkilling is very risky; you have to have a lot of map knowledge and know where the "blind spots" are. Even then, you have a high chance of having a wave spawned on you, being spotted and killed, or losing the objective. So I often look the other way when it happens once or twice, because spawnkilling for the top players means high rewards but high risk. There hasn't been a single person in the !top10 who hasn't spawnkilled at least once. Like @Barron3000 and what I've talked with @Chips Ahoyis that you get banned if you still spawnkilled despite being warned. However, what I feel like needs to be addressed now is that if a admin is playing on a team, and someone on their team spawnkills excessively, than what happens is that the admin is often alive and doesn't notice that the player is spawnkilling excessively and thus its ignored until someone brings it up, often too late. I feel like we can fix this by having either 1. Having a admin in spectator mode for a set time and be compensated 2. Making a reliable report system by tracking the gameme system and seeing whose getting way too many points through spawnkilling or 3. Have 2 admins on each servers on each team to have a unbiased decision. I think #2 is the best way in theory, but we'll have to see. @unagi_piewhile having a concrete definition is good, how many players do you think are actually going to read the definition and apply it instead of ignore and continue, then play the ignorance card? ("Well I didn't know")
  6. So recently, I had to participate as a researcher in a science research project, and the thing they were researching on was "Does Ingame Music have a effect on player toxicity?" The experiment concludes on July 27th in EST time, but as I was looking on how to measure player toxicity, I found this science research journal on how Reddit banned subreddits such as /r/coontown and /r/fatpeoplehate. They basically created a whole dictionary of words they considered hate speech or just toxic in general and then they set a program free on Reddit to ban subreddits or users that met a certain requirement and this is called automatic filtering. Then they did manual filtering for the rest, but Im not exactly sure how they did it. So for american if you time today while eating something or watching fireworks on the 4th of July and have time, I suggest you read this (http://comp.social.gatech.edu/papers/cscw18-chand-hate.pdf) and spend some of your time doing something academic!
  7. Well I expect more from sandstorm too lmao
  8. Souleater

    Well there's a lot of hype about Sandstorm and for good reason: New engine, new gameplay, single player campaign, use of autmobiles such as cars and helicopters, new guns? (i want to use more guns ) new mechanics, could be made into esports, and more. Does anyone know when the preorder starts for the game? I still think this is going to be better than Battlefield 5
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