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  1. No for me .. I like to be alerted if some sneaky bugger is trying to knife me... Beers come to mind
  2. I agree as there is a lot going on in the background most goes unnoticed until times like this.... keep up the good work
  3. Drizit

    congrats .... still a man city supporter so not a lot can be said.....
  4. Drizit

    Its looking like my disc is damaged and that seems like its the issue.... Does any one have a link to download a copy? Update..... It was a corrupted disc so I just download a new game from Steam and all good. Thank you for all your help
  5. Drizit

    The game itself won't load... starts then just hangs there... tried another game call of duty 4 and it's the same
  6. Drizit

    I have just upgraded my PC and its a complete new system. The issue I am having is that I cant load my game WAW..... I am running windows 10 64 bit so is there anything I need to do in order for this to load? If you need nay more info just ask and I will get it Thanking you all in advance Needless to say I still have my old pc would it be just as easy to back up my whole world at war folder and install it that way? Drizit aka Barry
  7. Well just add my little bit... thank you to beers for all he has done and on s personnel for getting me sorted when I came aboard. Good luck in all you do !!!!!
  8. Drizit

    Just wanted to add my welcome.... Welcome aboard
  9. Drizit

    a big welcome ... seen you on the field killed and been killed
  10. Drizit

    Congrats and welcome aboard
  11. When I tried to get in it hung up on me ... tried twice no joy... Anyone else?
  12. Think it's a good call as loads of players complain about the effect and distance of the shotgun... Thank you Beers...
  13. Drizit

    Welcome aboard...... now play nice
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