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  1. monkie

    Right people i would like some feed back on the DM 2 CTF server is it been used and would you like to keep it or revert back to the FU server
  2. monkie

    Only an hour away I own an electrical company
  3. monkie

    Yes I know Crewe worked there a few times. Wythenshawe Manchester
  4. monkie

    thats a little bit easier lol, where in Cheshire are you from Bob
  5. monkie

    welcome an enjoy
  6. monkie

    Welcome and enjoy
  7. monkie

    I will jump in if you need a hand but not my normal gig😂
  8. monkie

    What ever you think its a perk
  9. monkie

    @NaChO dead silence is not completely silent is it?
  10. cheers Merlin, good rotation been playing it today👌
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