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  1. monkie

    lovely bloke, gutted. rest easy pal x
  2. Hi there,

    I was trying to clarify why you felt my username was inappropriate.  Is there perhaps a meaning to it that I don't understand?  I've used that name for years of various servers, including starting to play on the Vietnam Freeze tag recently.  This is the first time that anyone has said anything about it so I was curious as to why? 


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    2. diggerz


      A digger is a term that originated from WW1 Australian and NZ soldiers who dug trenches.  I never once thought of the racist aspect of it..I can see it when you mention it but that is the first time that I've ever encountered that.  I'm totally not trying to rock the boat here but was seriously confused.  

    3. diggerz


      I didn't see the messages even...it just booted me.  That's why I came back in as I was just trying to figure out what was up.

    4. monkie


      yes i can see where it comes from as googled it. also looking back i think we have played together before. as i said when you didnt respond i thought you new what it was about. the fact you messaged me confirms my error. as i said lifted the ban it can some times take up to 24 hours but can take less. let me know if you have any problems getting back in

  3. monkie

    Welcome to the family summer. Enjoy?
  4. monkie

    hi all, i hope all is well with you all. i been awol for a while. dont air my stuff very often but you guys are family as ive realised recently. i lost my mum in April very suddenly. im still struggling with it and reaching out to phone and chat to her every day. but hey i know you guys have been through some bad times recently. also we are nearing the end of a major refurb of our home and my computer has been wrapped up. just ordered a new comp desk and im hoping to be up and running in the next few weeks. miss you all but im nearly back ?
  5. monkie

    i used to use a leather office chair so i could set the height and it was really padded. but we have renovated the house so it had to go. im now stuck in a little corner on a small desk and small chair of her choice ?
  6. sounds great merlin lets hope we get some interest



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