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  1. welcome to the family
  2. monkie

    following the review of the video i have lifted your ban, please be clear there was not enough evidence in the video to say 100% your were up to something but there was questionable play going on and the admin team will continue to watch your game play. It may take up to 24 hours to access the servers
  3. monkie

    wow thats cheap
  4. monkie

    welcome muff now get them tags on
  5. monkie

    hi bio welcome to the forums nice to see you here
  6. monkie

    same Mondays are like Fridays shit. that's why the wife has gone to bed and ive opened the gin
  7. monkie

    i will say @ColdBeeris very good at the Scottish accent
  8. monkie

    hi all, we had 2 unsavory players in DM3 earlier bad language, loud, new York players trying to do a UK accent (very poorly) they did calm down a bit once kicked. but please remember we have to follow a procedure and i cant just ban a player or players for the language. after all we are an adult server. i needed to build up evidence if the players are above and beyond or disrupting play then i can act. but it sometimes takes a bit of time to get that evidence its very difficult trying to explain this over the mic while the game is running. yes there were pushing everyone's buttons and so
  9. monkie

    @Mekketom pm me if this happens i will reset if im near a computer
  10. monkie

    this is being looked into we will respond in due course
  11. monkie

    welcome to the forums Muff
  12. monkie

    must of been a hard decision Deejay 11 years with your tags is fantastic, here's to another 11 pal



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