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  1. monkie

    nice to see you back my friend.
  2. monkie

    welome to the mad house doc, enjoy
  3. monkie

    dont ask us we are all idiots
  4. A warm welcome back to the family
  5. monkie

    looks nice couldn't imagine one with 770hp
  6. monkie

    Kapt i did think of that but was trusting as only posted on this site. the good thing is its on a tracker with call centre/police response
  7. monkie

    out this morning on the ducati but a little cold for me 10 deg lol @RobMc
  8. monkie

    my pals got the soft top and loves in, think ive got the best of both worlds with the targa, had all kinds of cars golf R, honda type R, M3, but this is my dream car @hog
  9. monkie

    as i was telling the boys in DM3 I finally treated myself in january and bought a 20 year old porsche 911 996 targa. 57k miles full history. a month later i had to have the main engine seal replaced, ims bearing replaced, clutch and mass wheel, starter motor and new performance exhaust. a few pounds spent but all goes to add value to my baby and some of the jobs were for things that are known to go wrong. the 3.6 flat 6 feels amazing and the handling is fantastic (in the dry) i did promise to put some pics up so see attached, hope you all like
  10. monkie

    welcome to the family
  11. monkie

    Hi all, please see my link attached, any help would be much appriciated my friends x https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dave-corser?utm_term=Xe7V8Yqp2&fbclid=IwAR2uxtD_k4fyXR5Fz1KHe5CgcJBF_fzZcxDOYn0s9UtCiM9xWwl7d2YnxdY
  12. monkie

    wetshoelace it may be good to look at wetransfer.com as @X-RayXI suggested or you could upload a youtube video, you can pm me if you want. also it would be good to see your set up for that rifle. attached is my chat log for the incident. as you can see i explained why i kicked you. anyway lets now move on from that. i look forward to seeing your set up and video
  13. monkie

    Wetshoelace i was the Admin that banned you. 1- i asked you to stop scrolling and you did not reply i then typed it, still no reply. i kicked you to get your attention. you come back in and did not not ask any questions. 2- i asked you again to stop scrolling still no reply. so i kicked you again you returned and still no communication i then banned you, i have several videos that show you firing at shall we say a very fast rate. the rate is not custom with DM2 and looks very suspect! i would of been happy to discuss with you but there was a lack of communication on your part. if you say you were not scrolling i will give you the benefit. although this is not written in our rules we try to maintain a acceptable shooting method. your fire rate (for that rifle) was way quicker than i normally see in the game and you would not interact with me. may be good to read our rules. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honour, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code. please communicate with an admin when they approach you in the future. i will lift your ban, it may take 24 hours before you can play
  14. monkie

    hope your recovery goes well
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