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  1. monkie

    hope your recovery goes well
  2. monkie

    We got there my friend Welcome and enjoy
  3. monkie

    So sorry to hear that Elvis, his pain has gone and he is at peace now. i lost my mum 2 years ago, i know your pain be strong and remember your life with him
  4. monkie

    Covid, there in no point in reposting i posted the outcome in your first ban appeal. its time to move on
  5. monkie

    Hi Covid, i am the Admin that banned you. this was due to a new observation put on your file regards to your game play. looking at your record you have been banned 3 times, 2 warnings, 1 kick and an observation. you have been back playing and its starts again with an observation re you knowing where players are. you have disrupted game play under different names (you admitted in a message to an admin you changed your details to get back in so you could play.) you openly admitted someone in your household was cheating under you name your were told on each ban it was your last chance but given 3 chances. you have been back for a few weeks and the same pattern is unfolding. the evidance is plain to see. I feel its in XI's and your best interest that we part company The ban stands
  6. Good news that Rugger
  7. monkie

    stay positive Elvis, be strong for him, he is no doubt in good hands. we are all thinking of you and your dad x
  8. monkie

    my heart goes out to you x
  9. monkie

    that wing looks gooooood
  10. monkie

    Happy thanks giving to everyone over the pond. i hope you are all having a lovey time with your loved ones, families, friends and enjoying the festivities. its not been the best of times over the last 18 months but things are looking better and i like to think XI has helped us all in one way or another. Again enjoy your day all and happy thanks giving
  11. cheers merlin a great rotation as usual
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