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  1. monkie

    The server is back on people
  2. monkie

    Cheers street and your not far wrong with the FT, i need a lot of practice for the next one🤣 good to play in a team so your not kick my arse lol off to watch man city tonight. up the blues as we say
  3. monkie

    Yes thank you rose and merlin. it was great fun, we definitely need to do again. it was good to see the different styles of play. @Morris replay bring it on😉 but remember everyone who tyson beat never wanted a rematch😁 joking apart thank you all for making the effort, looking forward to the next one
  4. come on people we have a battle going on Sunday and im going to be blunt i feel let down by DM2 !!!!!!!!! FT have a full team and are willing to play DM2 but its looking like we dont care. come on its a few hours on sunday lets have some fun.
  5. monkie

    Good to hear toes. No get sniper rifle out not!!!
  6. monkie

    welcome to the mad house
  7. monkie

    Yeah I agree Rob it is a bit late for the UK boys
  8. monkie

    @RobMccome and help us in DM pal
  9. get yourself on the DM team pal just let Rose know on the other post
  10. so this is what we have as of right now..please correct me if your name is on wrong team DM Streetcleaner monkie Sikon Black_Cat13 labob _derXos_ FT Zombie GUMP61 Beest Biotech E-raser Morris SlowFry CrazyGirl AthenA ShaunZAR major-mark63 merlin yeah your there, we need that knife😆 labob and derxor have stepped up but we need more more more lol. put the word out when your in game📢
  11. we have 4 of us listed as wanting to play in the tournament!! come on DM team lets have some fun. we need some more players
  12. monkie

    your right @Streetcleaner COME ON DM
  13. monkie

    Saturday sounds a lot better, im up for it. DM team
  14. monkie

    10 years wow. Great to hear
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