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  1. monkie

    Please note: this ban appeal has now been dealt with please repost with any views
  2. monkie

    S-04 you are not on a permanent ban. The ban is a temp week ban The ban is due to you continually verbally attacking a player accusing him of hacking, wall hacking etc until the player left. I have seen screen shots of you insulting another player. your past record to date shows several observations, kicks, warnings and even a temp ban for the exact things we are talking about as well as others. your attitude towards other players needs to change! you will not be allowed to drive other players away. the temp ban stands until 09/29/21 7.26pm on your return please abide our rules below 3.1 - The Code of Conduct XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. You need to check your sensitive feelings at the door when you come here: if you don't like it, don't look at it or don't comment on it. If you believe someone has broken one of our rules, let an admin know and we will take action as needed. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honour, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code. XI does not tolerate harassment, including allegations of cheating Our servers are open to anyone including highly skilled players who may come to dominate on them, which can result in claims of cheating or other harassment. When game admins have satisfied themselves that such a player is not cheating, they should immediately respond to such accusations or harassment with a warning. If it continues, the player, whether or not a member of XI, should be kicked. If he comes back and continues that behavior, he should be banned for seven days, after consulting a head admin. Continued such behavior will result in a permanent ban by the head admin only. XI does not allow personal attacks. This is another area where your discretion comes into play. Players who curse each other after a kill for instance, are not necessarily engaging in a personal attack. If you're in doubt as to whether something spoken or written to another player was other than just two players who know each other merely trading insults, then ask A personal attack is when a player engages in a continued dialogue - written or spoken against another player or players, which in your opinion clearly intends to harass or disparage those other players. This includes remarks which disparage by ethnicity or country of origin - we are an international clan and do not tolerate ethnic attacks or slurs. A player may be upset over being continually killed by another and call him some profane name - that may be overlooked as something said in the heat of the game. But if he then continues to do so in a harassing manner, it is a personal attack and he should be warned. If the behaviour continues, kick him; if it continues, ban him.
  3. monkie

    anyone up for sometime in October?
  4. monkie

    welcome to the family, enjoy
  5. monkie

    Hi all, been talking to @Ghostlupus and @Striker and thought it would be good to catch up for a beer or two over the next month or two? thinking over London area as most from there. let me know if you fancy it. it would be good to catch up for day/ night session
  6. monkie

    Hi All, well its a sad day today so i want you lot to cheer me up!! i lost my best pal of 12 year this morning harvey my very loyal doggie. had the best 12 years and loved every minute but it was his time so come all show me your special pal cheer me up with your love for your furry friend
  7. monkie

    gutted to hear this, top guy i can still hear him belly laughing when he shot me 6 or 7 times on the trot sniping me. we laughed for weeks after that. he always brightened up the server. what a sad loss. my deepest condolences to his wife and family x
  8. work truck and playtime bike
  9. how sad it is when we lose one of our family, reading the above makes me proud to be a member of this family and he will be looking down on us knowing he was loved and will be missed by all. fly with the angels and r.i.p x
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