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  1. monkie

    the wifes new ride
  2. monkie

    welcome and enjoy
  3. monkie

    my pal Harvey and one for you witches_teat spotted the 3 rd pic last year while away!!
  4. monkie

    welcome witches we had a few good games on the weekend👌 i suspect we will have a few more😁 enjoy
  5. monkie

    didn't think we had orgasms at our age Rob🤣 welcome Ian, lovely part of England you live. my daughter goes to Hertfordshire university👍
  6. monkie

    just played it and i like it👍 its good with a lot of players in the game as open to lots of kills and deaths of course. i think it would be good with around 8-12 in with rifles too as lots of grass to hide in. the only comment is couldn't shoot through the grass had to wait for a clearing or jump up. but nice map Markoff
  7. monkie

    been away my friend back on the game tomorrow. have you missed me😁
  8. monkie

    will be nice to see you with your tags pal. see you in the game👍
  9. monkie

    happened to me about 2 weeks ago Goa5t. it was in the DM2 it was after a critical windows download and gforce download. i want back to a earlier restore point on my computer and it went back to normal. i assume the the windows download has happened again but i did not do the gforce one again and ive not had any problems since (do you have gforce?)
  10. monkie

    Happy birthday from manchester Mr Crowe. enjoy, see weekend for early morning combat??
  11. Be very very quite, I'm hunting monkey!

  12. monkie

    cheers pal. would i ever
  13. monkie

    now that is a truck. dont get them like that here pal looks amazing
  14. hi everyone  profile change to family time as feeling like part of a family now, loving the server:thumbsup:

  15. all the very best stay positive. you will be back playing before you know it.
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