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  1. monkie

    Welcome to the family. Enjoy
  2. monkie

    Love your intro welcome to the family
  3. monkie

    Welcome to the family
  4. monkie

    congrats to you both more so to your lovely wife as she has to put up with you😂 only joking pal. hope you both have had a fantastic weekend celebrating
  5. monkie

    Welcome enjoy and have fun👍
  6. monkie

    Happy birthday all, have a great day!🎂
  7. monkie

    @RobMc Im am Manc or Mancunian if you would like to use the full title. my surname "corser" comes from shoe makers in france. so am i a franc manc. who knows
  8. monkie

    been there myself with the little ones.dark times!! it will come good they are the ones that count. Welcome back and enjoy
  9. monkie

    thankyou Cat, shes a brave one she broke both bones one displaced over 16% and her elbow. she is having a nightmare as she is normally so active but the cast should be off in 5 weeks! just in time for school😂
  10. monkie

    Just noticed my little girl in the video with her pink cast on having broke her arm on day one of her school holidays (2 day before we come away)🤕
  11. monkie

    Hi All, im on holiday in France and have just stumbled across a D Day celebration in a small town called Avranches 20190731_190605_99128260620.mp4 20190731_190605_99128260620.mp4
  12. monkie

    the wifes new ride
  13. monkie

    welcome and enjoy
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