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  1. PJ_Bolger

    Thx guys
  2. PJ_Bolger

    Hi everyone, Just back from holidays yesterday so i said i would come on the forum. I am married with 3 children one girl and 2 boys, 27,25 & 18 so they are not children anymore. I was a member of a few clans before namely the {8th} Infantry and then the |BG| Clan and of late the [OGHF] Clan all of which i was a senior admin. I used always play COD4 but now i am hooked on Call of Duty WW2,/ I am retired due to ill health and look after my youngest son who is still in secondary school. Love gaming and computers and F1, so hopefully see you guys in game soon. All the best from al
  3. PJ_Bolger

    Hi there just to say a quick hello from all in Ireland. Stumbled upon you guys on COD World at War server the other night and love it. Just to say i have registered and will be playing a lot here i hope. In the process of getting a new computer but for no i will use my son's old laptop,
  4. Hello everyone and very pleased to have registered, see you in game.



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