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  1. lTplkey336

    I'm happy for you sir.
  2. lTplkey336

    Guess your known as the hospitality state.
  3. lTplkey336

    Thats was the first thing to come to my mind is that it was coors, just leave it there.
  4. lTplkey336

    So you are saying there was a shrinkage problem? lol
  5. lTplkey336

    Hey , thats where all my 401K money is disappearing to. Government taking it to pay of their debt for vacations , private plane rides , etc, etc.
  6. lTplkey336

    My thoughts exactly Labob. Where's all the debt money coming from, China, our best buddy?
  7. lTplkey336

  8. lTplkey336

    I guess that you never found out what was making the noise in the truck lol.
  9. lTplkey336

    I wish I owned a snack store right next to where you live Jointz, Id be rich!
  10. lTplkey336

    Thanks for the pics, loved them!
  11. lTplkey336

    Thats Hilarious!
  12. Snitz, I wouldnt suggest taking any walks with RobMc!
  13. Dont they got to hurry up and turn to butterflies so they can migrate south for winter. Or do they caterpillars weather the winter till spring?
  14. Thank you AthenA, I feel much better now. Will pass the word along to those who wanted to know.
  15. lTplkey336

    Puppet Master?
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