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  1. lTplkey336

    I just couldnt resist lol!
  2. lTplkey336

    Bio and you call Beast a player? lol
  3. lTplkey336

    Sounds like it is from the other post about a person going into spec and specking for his friend as to where peps are hiding on other team on cod4 freeze tag.
  4. lTplkey336

    Its safe Bio, just hide the ketchup!
  5. lTplkey336

  6. and also with you Crunch.
  7. LET me see Hammer has said the vax caused covid, 5 g cause covid then without wasting my time looking at it about the article on soylent green I take it that humans have now become the food supply for us. And u listen to this LUNITIC Crunch. Think you better reevaluate something. Cant help those who dont want to help themselves. This is my last post here so no need to respond. I leave you to your mentor Jim Jones ohh I mean Hammer and I hope you didnt forget your roll of quarters for when the aliens come to pick you up and take you to the promise land.
  8. Come on now Crunch , didnt you used to put your hand on the tv tube so that Jimmy Baker could heal you? lol
  9. lTplkey336

    I am so sorry Elvis, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  10. Maybe the wealthy tyrants you often talk about have finally found you and are going to start messing with you lol!
  11. lTplkey336

    So sorry to hear, my thoughts and prayers to your family.
  12. lTplkey336

    Stay in the house where it is warm Crunch, thought you guys were in lockdown again anyway. It will melt someday lol.
  13. Crunch, did you used to have a friend named Jim Jones, just wondering?
  14. lTplkey336

    Hope to see you in game with some shiny new tags Oxen!
  15. Do you have something a little bigger?
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