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  1. But would you drink that beer in the pool?
  2. Oh yeah I forgot to say that you would need to get a pin reducer because most old school headphones have a quarter inch jack.
  3. I use an old school pickering stereo headset made for listening to a stereo radio from back in the 70s . Just sayin if everything new dont fit you look for something old . I guarantee this would fit you and last forever.
  4. Not that this is the place to dispute it but how do you dismiss all the people who were there and watched it happen in real time. I'm sure they were not paid off by the government.
  5. Will a man in a time machine from the past come and visit us to find our we now live underground and are called Morlocks?
  6. According to XIs Bio from Belgium, French fries where invented in Belgium and not France.
  7. Fact, you cant cut a hole out of a piece of paper. The hole just keeps getting bigger!
  8. Did you know all odd numbers have an "E" in them when spelled out.
  9. Are there shipping costs for Ali EXPRESS that off sets the prime delivery?
  10. Alan, listening to that verse put chills down my spine, sounded so familiar to me.
  11. Good read Baldie love the pics, you have a beautiful family, thank you!
  12. Welcome Mane, if you ever venture over to cod 5 freeze tag , we have a lot of Europeans playing around 2pm EST in the states. Would love to have on our server
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