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  1. lTplkey336

    Sounds kinda Racist to me Sammy , Is that where we are going?
  2. lTplkey336

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I will says a prayer for him.
  3. lTplkey336

    Its amazing to see how filthy rich people squander money for their own amusement when so much good could have been done with it.
  4. lTplkey336

    Hmmm, dont know why but all thats going thru my head right now is about how Mr. rich Bezos comments after his little flight into space. He commented about how thin and fragile the ozone layer is and that industries should be producing in space as apposed to on earth t6o save the ozone layer. Yet its OK for him to burn thru the ozone layer helping to deplete it and selling tickets for future regular fantasy flights for the rich. Thats OK cause he is rich and allowed to do what he wants.
  5. lTplkey336

    Maybe they are using smoke and mirrors to make it sound like they are taking suspicion away from the 1%ers and then come in from behind and screw them all when they least expect it and when they think they are safe. Hmmmm
  6. lTplkey336

    Just like getting your motorcycle license by driving around a parking lot for 2 sessions , then letting you loose to drive in traffic by yourself. Got to be some rude awakening.
  7. lTplkey336

    Its a different time we lice in now. People hear a gunshot and the next reflex is to scatter and run. Just the other day was on the news that there were gunshots fired outside in the street in front of a packed major league baseball game. It cleared the stadium.
  8. Not to get off subject but the conspiracy thread has just surpassed page 5 on its way to 6 pages . Unbelievable!
  9. lTplkey336

    Still think it was a mafia hit on Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe heard about it ahead of time so they had to off her too and make it look like suicide.
  10. I have got to find my fishing pole, know its around here somewhere.
  11. lTplkey336

    It may take years of investigating, but if it is found that there was wrong doing in the collapse of that condo in Florida , I believe someone will be responsible and hey, maybe he or she will kill themselves while waiting for trial, and that would be OK with me. Then everyone can start a new thread debating if they really killed themselves, or they were murdered to shut them up for what they knew etc, etc, etc. And if that fails, someone can always say the person was spotted at walmart and really didnt die.
  12. lTplkey336

    Krunch I cant believe you brought this thread back from the dead lol!
  13. lTplkey336

    Krunch you probably dont have any bugs cause your prime minister will not open the borders to Canada from the U.S so they can not cross over to you.
  14. lTplkey336

    lol kids



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