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  1. lTplkey336

    maybe it's a really , really big phone.
  2. lTplkey336

    Hurry up Shaun, Essie is still waiting for your recon. Hope to see you on soon.
  3. lTplkey336

    It's great shooting you. See you tomorrow on the server. Oh yeah, don't worry about your english, there must be at least 4 or 5 languages spoken at any given time on the server when you play. Somehow everyone understands bits and pieces of all the languages, and everyone has fun . Welcome and come on teamspeak.
  4. lTplkey336

    Hurry up back Shaun, Essie needs a recon. Hope everything goes right for you and you get your pc back and working. Kill you later with my marty!
  5. lTplkey336

    Billy , I bet those speakers really shake the walls when you turn them up.
  6. lTplkey336

    No it only corrects the problem for the user of the bind, not the people who do not have privy to the bind, but then who cares about them, they can fend for themselves. That is what you are more or less saying. If it can be incorporated into the game program so that everyone has it then I would love to see it . No one likes picking up another gun etc. while trying to thaw .
  7. lTplkey336

    thats what i was thinking. Shaun, how would that not be considered a hack since it clearly gives you an advantage over everyone who is not using the binding code.
  8. lTplkey336

    Magnificent seven It was full of stars.
  9. lTplkey336

    I will say a prayer for you and the family.
  10. lTplkey336

    God bless you!
  11. lTplkey336

  12. lTplkey336

    I will say a prayer for her and your family
  13. LOL, You must really like making all those sigs , Kudos to you!
  14. lTplkey336

    Totally agree with Grumpy. I enjoy playing on your site . You are fair and treat everyone the same whether you are a member or not. Lots of fun and thank you. GAME ON!
  15. lTplkey336

    It probably would have been cheaper to put your pc tower out the window, its a cool 32 F outside by me lol.
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