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  1. Lovyan

    Hey All, Just to let you know if you guys are interested... Destiny 2 is free to play, Also you can buy silver to get free cool items on the store they have... But Also MordBlack, Wardog and I are in a clan named Xtreme iddiots on there, so if you want to join us any time, just let us know ... Thank you, https://store.steampowered.com/app/1085660/Destiny_2/ Lovy
  2. Lovyan

    oh my goodness!! Shes too stinkin cute!
  3. Lovyan

    Holy camoly! I cant beleive it! lol long time, As Im sitting here trying to write this lilmordjr is a little creepy stalker and wants to say hi to you, and also it took you this long to figure the web out? sheesh... the web didnt start out till like around the 2000's and you joined 2009? lol thats just a funny giggle... just sayin hope you post more often make more friends and stay awhile psst Lilmordjr cheers on your my friend! Ms Language Police behind me
  4. Lovyan

    awee i knew something was up the other day When i came in to say hi to you guys in ts, I hope you dont leave, Also would love to keep in contact your a great person... wish you wouldnt leave... I hardly come on cod4 because of drama sometimes that happens there trust me people are just so mean... It was nice meeting you... hugs and hope things get better so sorry things got rough.
  5. Lovyan

    do they have an xi server? or you have to add the person like maelstrom.
  6. Lovyan

    i didnt realize there was a bumper sticker till like the other day.
  7. Lovyan

    thats cool
  8. Lovyan

    Seriously no bracelets? lol
  9. Lovyan

    yeah i looked and the store wasnt on the right like it normally is ugh @YACCster Thank you for the help! you guys are great!!
  10. Lovyan

    I have vizio they are also good tv's.
  11. Lovyan

    welcome to the forms glad u made it !
  12. I think this topic kind of belongs to yaccster and Piglo, Deanna lost her classic stuffed animal, at walmart.. so i was going to get her another one, and order a couple of baby tshirts for it.. but i couldnt see the regular xi tshirt store like i have in the past... any thoughts?
  13. Lovyan

    was listening to this yesterday, and the girls Lilmordjr and Deanna didnt know what it was! hah, maria was a little more knowledgeable because of our friend The_Cube he plays it... but i thought it was funny kids dont really know our music..
  14. Ohh! Im so Jealous! I love yellowstone, ive been there... pictures!!
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