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  1. Lovyan

    Happy birthday!
  2. Lovyan

    Now if Only I can get LilMordJr to shave her legs! LOL
  3. Lovyan

    I think that was his first time LOL
  4. Lovyan

    This is the bet that Wardog>XI< Had with LilMordJr>XI< lost my bet against maria 😛 challenge was, cod 4 who could knife who first, i lost, had to shave my legs, if she lost she would have to eat stuff she didn't like for a whole week
  5. Lovyan

    Happy birthday!
  6. Lovyan

    Congrats Kage!!! Maria said somethin to me about this earlier lol
  7. Lovyan

    Amazon.com has really good deals, small tablets and you can put kid proof protection....kinda cheap
  8. Lovyan

    I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, & Hulu, There's your cable !
  9. Lovyan

    Thank you Rugger
  10. Lovyan

    Happy birthday!!!
  11. Lovyan

    Rocket League is awesome game, very hands on... it's only $20 dollars on Steam, very fun you can play with some of your friends if you like..
  12. Lovyan

    Prayers funky! Im Sorry things getting rough... *Hugs*
  13. unlimited sounds more fun lol... oh and lilacorn lilmord said you can tell me what its about? evidently she forgotten haha, but she had fun! Teenagers = Short term memory loss LOL
  14. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday unagi_pie!! & Also Predator
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