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  1. Lovyan

    Right back at ya! We had displayed fireworks everywhere, All of our neighbors was doing it, and I was able to see the big fire works every once in awhile thru the trees... Pretty Sight to see!
  2. Just wanted to say Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone celebrates their 4th Safely... Please be Safe, And Continue to have fun...
  3. Lovyan

    Happy birthday guys!!! Make it a great one!
  4. Lovyan

    im glad their okay Yaccster.... Anyone else that have had it and survived that's awesome!! I know Wardog had Covid and was tested positive with Covid 19 but he survived and is doing fine now... There's been alot of people in the states in over seas that has had it and survived... its just the weak like Seniors that have past away, which is sad.... I hope it goes away soon!
  5. Lovyan

    lol im sorry
  6. Lovyan

    Welcome 🙂
  7. Lovyan

    How are you guys keeping your minds active? GTA? ARK? RUST? or just watching movies n tshows on Netflix.. Lately its been Five m, & Rocket League.. Ive been Curious lol Also is there any xi tshirts available? I know you used to have them... Also what are you guy's doing for the 4th of July? I'm staying home lol....
  8. Lovyan

    I know we've said this once before, but Sadly we have a connection... Mord's mom did pass away due to Coronavirus, but that was because one of the nurses Came in that had the virus, and spread it to Mord's mom and her roommate, then ended up spreading it thru out the Nursing home which was 48 patients at that point... This is why I do stay home, and don't go anywhere.. I am really worried about the fall...It's a possiability that the girls might have to be home schooled Im not sure, One time they say the students have to wear Masks while going to school, the other moment they are saying that they might continue to do some more E learning...And I'm totally okay with that! Seriously, I would rather stay at home, and do our Social distancing here... then be in public. it's still out there, just Remember to wash your hands, and use hand sanitizers... I shop online with Amazon and Amazon Fresh that way we don't have to leave the house, except mord still has therapy every once in a while.. but right now waiting on medicaid for more sessions for his shoulder... I Really hope none of the XI Friends n family members get it, I saw Mord's mom having a hard time breathing it was sad... Anyways have a great day and stay safe 🙂
  9. Lovyan

    awee thank you J3ster... what servers do you play??? just curious...
  10. Lovyan

    Lilmordjr And Meeko a few weeks ago.
  11. Lovyan

    lol love it that everyone is doing good!!! Just being bored as usual, been playing Diablo 3.. got a bigger hard drive with Mord, so now Mord can get the new update on COD.... I see some of you play Ark....J3ster, do you play five m if you have gta? just wondering...
  12. Lovyan

    Havent had this discussion in a while, how is Everyone doing since pandemic started? stayed home, wear a mask, no mask, who cares? lol Mord is the only one that goes out pretty much, Ive stayed home since the beginning.. Just wanted to check in and say hi to all the iddiots... missed everyone, wish there were more people on teamspeak to chat with..
  13. Lovyan

    i just saw it after i questioned it lol laggy brain.
  14. Lovyan

    Welcome to Xi I hope you Enjoy our Servers 🙂
  15. Lovyan




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