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  1. Lovyan

    Happy Valentines Day
  2. Lovyan

    Just seeing this, Congrats!
  3. Lovyan

    Happy birthday to all Birthdays
  4. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday
  5. Lovyan

    Happy birthday!
  6. Lovyan

    Happy birthday
  7. Lovyan

    Happy birthday dude
  8. Lovyan

    Welcome Scarlet!
  9. Lovyan

    I just thought it'd be cool to have junior accounts and keep it the way it is but have junior tags..
  10. Lovyan

    yeah gotta be 18, but since we got good amount of jr's thought it would be cool to change that
  11. Lovyan

    LOL She said it was you that kept calling her Queen Kniefing LOL
  12. Lovyan

    Hey Just Curious, Can't the Juniors Get Tags like the adult iddiots? like we have awards and tags for defrosting, kniefing, and whatever thing we have done on game, I just think the little kids should get something also? Like LilmordJr should get the Queen Kniefing Awards LOL Just a thought
  13. Lovyan

    Happy birthday Maron
  14. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday Baroon