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  1. Lovyan

    looks really nice... i think you were complaining of an old pc in game one night... glad you got it upgraded.
  2. Lovyan

    lmao Athena.... I know theres alot of members, im sure they are tons that need 10 and 20 year tags.
  3. Lovyan

    if you do every 2 years ? shouldnt i and Mord get a couple of dog tags? lol
  4. Lovyan

    so everyone going over seas this year?
  5. Lovyan

    I wanted the 49ers to win since they slaughtered Greenbay... It was a good game
  6. Lovyan

    Wow what a game! what Team were you on?
  7. Lovyan

    wish we could go but with 4 adults lol its tooo expensive for us! but I hope you guys have fun, I had fun the last time I was at London when i was about 15 1/2 years old loved it!
  8. Lovyan

    love the xi ladies tshirt
  9. Lovyan

    Do you guys remember doom back in the day? lol
  10. Lovyan

    Rest in Peace John! I think its awesome that we were mentioned in his obituary..Thank you for writting such a beautiful Obituary. I think he would have loved it.
  11. Lovyan

    love the photos
  12. Lovyan

    So Sorry we lost another good Member, I Really dont remember him that much, but hey you always got to walk the dog lol...Anyways And Bud Im glad your around still, miss you.. Rip Johnny.
  13. I Really dont know him personally but the name rings a bell... Sorry we lost another good one.
  14. Lovyan

    @six_gun That was so funny with the drama queen award funny :))
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