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  1. Lovyan

    ive noticed theres been a few xi members that have the game...sounds like it could be popular game
  2. Lovyan

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1926981674 I think this was the last game we did.
  3. Lovyan

    Welcome to the Clan!
  4. Lovyan

    awe vakten we'll need you lol
  5. Lovyan

    I'll be on Cod4 team, that way I can get lilmord lol
  6. Lovyan

    Congrats Sourtap.
  7. Lovyan

    I know shes not a xi member, but we always include her! she loves all the xi members just as much as her friends and family.. Deanna turned 17 today! I cant beleive how old she has become, she only wanted Lapis Lazuli bracelet and Disney + for her birthday, the bracelet will have to wait a little bit... only cost a couple bucks but coming from Hongkong China lol...
  8. Lovyan

    Happy birthday Athena!
  9. Lovyan

    Happy birthday
  10. Lovyan

    thank you ...
  11. Lovyan

    ill take 2
  12. Welcome Penguin!!! I know you work hard on what you do
  13. Lovyan

    Awe! shes gorgeous! no epidural? what a trooper! Mine wore off right when i was gonna have Deanna, felt it all! so why have drugs at all lol anyways im glad everything went great
  14. Lovyan

    Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! Lilmord will be off for a lil bit because she brought home a 0 on math paper... you'll see her in a few days.
  15. Lovyan

    Have fun!
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