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  1. I'll definately be there for a little while.. Thank you for the Invite!!
  2. Lovyan

    Does Anyone Play Rust or Ark on our Servers? was Curious.. Thanks, have a great day.
  3. Lovyan


    thank you guys so much for thoughts and Prayers trust me they are much needed
  4. Lovyan


    Really Quick I just wanted to say that Mordi Went into Surgery around 11:07am Eastern Time.. He should be out of Surgery within 4 hours or so.
  5. Lovyan

    Happy birthday!!
  6. Lovyan

    lol aweee poor piglo.
  7. Lovyan

    I was just wondering, I just gotten a game.. n I was wondering would Xtreme Iddiots make a server for 7 days to die? Have a wonderful day
  8. u guys still play? I have the game, i just really dont know how to play it lol
  9. Lovyan

    Hey guys just wondering, do you all play Rust Still? i just havent seen you post anything in a good while. i played maybe a couple times, mord was teaching me then just seemed like he quit out of no where. seemed like an interesting game.
  10. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday...
  11. Lovyan

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
  12. Lovyan

    I just want to Wish everyone a Happy Birthday And Merry Christmass!!
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