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  1. Good Morning!! I Cant believe No one has Asked this question.... What is Everyone's Favorite Movie or Halloween Tv show? My Favorite is Hocus Pocus And Beetlejuice... But Ive been watching some of these Halloween Contests on Food Network Section... and especially when they do the pumpkin Carving... Gives you ideas lol
  2. Lovyan

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
  3. Lovyan

    so cute!!!
  4. Lovyan

    You can count me in... ?
  5. if you need a knifer count lilmordjr in lol... Any Slots Enough for Mord or Johnny??? if they wanted to play..
  6. Lovyan

    Good morning Guys! Hope All is Well ?
  7. I'll come play, its just like our normal Freeze tag right?
  8. Lovyan

    Congrats Lunkster!! your always going to be Lunky to me no matter what name lol...
  9. Lovyan

    I hope your son has fun with the xi members, how old is he? Just curious lol.. he can join LilMordJr And kick some Butt ?
  10. Lovyan

    I think you need to message Rugger.. Am i correct? @Ruggerxi
  11. Lovyan

    good luck...
  12. Lovyan

    Awww Im Sorry for your mums Death, Seriously, just take your time.....We'll be here for ya ?
  13. Lovyan

    Looking good Timmah... Hey, mask needs to be over the nose.. lol ?
  14. Lovyan

    I really hope She doesnt have Covid-19.. I have seen some people have covid 19 it sucks... Prayers for your family.
  15. Lovyan


    lol thats funny.



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