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  1. Lovyan

    Totally cute
  2. Lovyan

    wow nice trees!
  3. Lovyan

    Thank you GG for being an awesome Admin! I think you should stay put! But I hope who has taken over your seat is about as good as you your Awesome
  4. Lovyan

    That would be great
  5. Lovyan

    That was Really fun last night!!! Had a blast Rampaging Shooting all you iddiots Even lilmord lol.... I was just thinking maybe we should do that Like Once or twice a month that way Acemod isnt so Dead sometimes, keep it alive... I think that would be fun! AceMod Rules
  6. Lovyan

    lol lilmord says you still owe her a game, and she also Says Happy birthday!
  7. Lovyan

    aww i hope things go well, i know its been tough with this one...
  8. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday! hope you have a great one
  9. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday TSW 8.5! Hope you had a great one...
  10. LOL Timmah! Btw this was on WRAL news station... And probably ABC11 here in Raleigh, its Crazy I would had flippped out! but He wanted to go again! Crazy Mo fo haha
  11. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday! Happy Slaughtering :))
  12. Lovyan

    you can get rid of this post and keep the other one... it did a double
  13. Lovyan

    Sorry the photo didnt go thru in the other post.
  14. I know Deanna isnt a Member, but she was at the XI Fest this last Fest, and I thought all of you would know Happy Sweet 16th birthday Deanna!! Hope you have a great Day At School.. Btw She loves Art... Last photo Deanna thought it was funny that lil mord jr was getting into trouble lol