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  1. Lovyan

    LOL, Really Unchileno? Really?! lmao, TRat Wanted me to do it hah :P Oh and btw it wasnt my mic that was quiet i was talking quiet, got a sore throat ....
  2. Lovyan

    Here we go, Sally, & Dada...The Other Server wanted pictures of limord when she was little... So Sharing a little Love :) Also the other picture is of Mickayla & Deanna I think Back July of 05.
  3. Lovyan

    I think its pretty neat that they found something like this, just makes us realize there more ......
  4. Lovyan

    Welcome OB1! Glad you can Stay
  5. Lovyan

  6. Lovyan

    Happy Birthday to whoever was Celebrating it that Day...
  7. Lovyan

    Dude you scared me! thought this was real for a second lol
  8. Lovyan

    Welcome Zappy! I was wondering when you were gonna join lol
  9. Lovyan

    Did Anyone want to share a House together?
  10. Lovyan

    Thank you so much, we have a small poodle but not very Camera doggy lol
  11. Lovyan

    Molly is the First Picture, Shes a Full Bread Hound Dog, Sabby is Boxer Lab, And last one was Mr Piggy who past away a couple years ago.
  12. Lovyan

    lol I Enjoyed Sharing Room with Taco And Boots, was fun so was just Curious