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  1. Can i join the idiot clan i think i have al the things i need
  2. Ok mate hoop cu in game
  3. Hey is deleting iT now and reinstal iT hoop iT wil fix the problem
  4. A mate of mine did bye cod4 on steam now he did download the patches but when he wants to instal iT the patches dont find the game
  5. Hello i am back in the game i did have a game break of 3 years i start to play on you server a Bouth 8 years a go my old name was ben74 and was a Member of ezcompagnie now i am back to try to kil you all again but its hard to kill you lol i am out off practice so i hoop i can get my old game styl back again see you all in game
  6. i think its working thanks for the help great tool
  7. ok found it dos it pud the downloads in the right map on COD4
  8. its only on the new server i have that problem i have down load the downloader wat cani do with it?
  9. what downloader? i cant find the maps in tne download
  10. evry time i need to download a new map on the new server i have a 12kb/psec and my game shut down and i cant find the problem
  11. i deleted pb and instal it again and with the download from her thanks
  12. yesssss finally its working
  13. yes bud dont knowe howe to fix it
  14. yes i have tried it
  15. i tried 3 days to update pb i watch 40 videos and 3 days i cut past koppie deleted extract removed put in bud bp stil kick me out of the game if some have an idea pleas tel me i don't know what to do any more