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  1. Kilion

    Thank you!! I had no knowledge of that
  2. Kilion

    Hi guys, how are you? I had a doubt a few days ago I bought a computer Ryzen R5 3400g Gigabyte DS3H B450 Ram CRUCIAL BALLISTIX SPORT 8gb (3000) (SSD) 240GB PNY What happens is that it doesn't recognize me 8 GB, it only recognizes 6 GB I don't know if someone can help me I already tried for the msconfig
  3. Kilion

    Welcome to the forums> XI < It's nice to have you here
  4. Kilion

    Thanks Dadda2
  5. Kilion

    THANKS Hablas español??
  6. Kilion

    Thanks Nyx, no es mi culpa que te atraviese xD, y tranquilo se que es todo tuyo.
  7. Kilion

    Thank you for accepting me in this family.
  8. Kilion

    Thanks Idiot!!
  9. Kilion

    Thanks Thanks!
  10. Kilion

    Thanks FUNky
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