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  1. algebrat

    At first i wasn't sure what game this was but that was good!
  2. algebrat

    I was on but not the banning admin. There were several attempts to inquire about your >xi< clan membership status with no reply and you did not belong to the site. You are now under an account that is not in xi as well. You were banned due to impersonating a member.
  3. algebrat

    Oh snap I'm like a dude now 😮
  4. algebrat

    it's not about the music... it's what you're listening on.... my KEF Q300 are so pretty when they play baby shark for the 100th time in a row... kids are great aren't they?
  5. algebrat

    Age: 31 Weight: 140 Height: 5' 10" Bench Maxout: 3.5 yr old Reps: not as many times as she wants Deadlift Maxout: 3.5 yr old Reps: same as before Squat Maxout: I don't i lift my leg, male not female duh
  6. algebrat

    Is this an advertisement for why discord is the superior chat platform??
  7. algebrat

    Does this confirm half life 3?!?! I feel like it must.
  8. algebrat

    Of course i did. I like ice cream. You c. Keep your beer though ? I'm a kid inside...
  9. algebrat

    I don't drink so i make no claims to validity... But white Russian is milk and vodka right? Maybe something like that might be better? Ie ice cream and vodka. Also a ROOT beer float is root beer and ice cream so it's almost the same thing right... Just need to add some roots some how to the equation.
  10. algebrat

    Not so sure that's a tiny shark...
  11. Nothing... What are you offering?
  12. algebrat

    I don't know where the beer is here... I'd have to ask people... I'm too poor to drink
  13. algebrat

    naa that's where you visit frequently @_derXos_ ?
  14. The link below is where @Helio lives. it's pretty obvious when you look at it. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Helio+Realty/@26.434126,-80.7457667,8.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5b275c04232eeae1!8m2!3d26.3502641!4d-80.0708457
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