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  1. Roxy!

    George Welcome to the forums its nice to see you here. Btw... dont listen @McGrim
  2. Roxy!

    Welcome to the family Froggy!!!
  3. Roxy!

    Just when I started to enjoy kill to killing you... coincidence or fear??
  4. Roxy!

  5. Roxy!

    Welcome to the Forums!!
  6. Roxy!

    Welcome to the team !!!!!
  7. Roxy!

    So sorry to hear that my conodlences to you Thunder your Family... thoughts an prayers are out for you.
  8. Roxy!

    Im thinking Im gonna to visit you 1st ... that looks great Drimp Dont be afraid ... I dont bite yet ... lol... Plus you told me your city its the best so get ready to show me that J'ai étudié le français pendant mon adolescence mais je ne parle pas très bien le français... j'ai besoin de le pratiquer. Vhs tu te prépares aussi car la France est sur ma liste de pays à visiter... dans quelle ville es-tu ? Thx Exe I really appreciate the offer... when the time comes I will set up my travel route and as France is definitely on it... I will contact you!!
  9. Roxy!

    Hello Froggy, I have been a lawyer for 20 years ... in 2013 I got my doctor of laws degree in my country. I was professor at the University for a few years. I dont think to many know it but also as part of my hobby and investment I flip houses... yeap I love to do that is my creative side, I just done last one a couple month ago. I see beauty in the most horrendous pleaces....I like to pick every details and decoration to transform them. But this beautiful pandemic changed the style of work that I made at my firm... it became less exciting so I guess it came to make me renew myself like the phoenix ...thats why I have started working on a new project that will radically change what I do ... if everything goes well I will sell my part of my firm and became to a eternal traveler sooner that I thought, so wish me luck. PS. XI MEMBERS my malefic plan it is like Julio Verne, Around the world in eigthy days hehehe and visit your countries/cities ... get ready!!! @Sourtap @P!nk @Lunkster @[email protected] @FRENCHI @Oliveu r gonna to be the 1st ones =D
  10. Omg Im so sorry to hear this ... My prayers and thoughts are with his wife and family. RIP 7toes.
  11. Roxy!

    have you seen those teeth?? ... be careful... Roxy normally bite
  12. @Kitsune .... I am the admin who took note of the last of your incidents. I say the last because to be a person who say doesnt like drama, you already have more incidents with clan members and provoke issues than most of the people I ban. It is not my style bring up this public but enough is enough. I should not give you explanations of how the process btw a register user accuses a member of the clan, especially because you were an administrator once but it seems that you have skipped several chapters of the Admin code that we have, so I will explain to you again your complaint was discussed with the rest of the head admin team and elevated to the seniors to make the final decision in the case. So please so don't assume or tell the members that no one solved your problems because that will be ignorance or a lie. So without much hope that you will back down and stop sowing suspicion about the actions of the administrators, and like Rugger says I hope you find a better place where you feels you fit.
  13. Roxy!

    Hello DetectiveCondom thank you for being patient, although I don't think you understand that the admin job our group needs time to deliberate on the evidence against you. Fyi I am one of the head admins in Cod4, those who know me know that I do not take the ban decisions very lightly, I played several undercover games with you yesterday after our team receive complaints about the possible issues with your style of gaming. We have several videos taken by me and others that prove you were not only glitching inside objects, you also decided to ignore the request of several clan members asking you to stop doing that (all recorded on videos), beside that your attitude on our website doesn't help to much your current situation, even with all that the admin team watch the videos of you and the majority of us are agree that the ban should stay. This message will be up for 24 hr until you are available to read it.
  14. Roxy!

    Prayers are out for you and you family... sorry to her this IceQ.
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