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  1. Roxy!

    Welcome to the family!!
  2. Roxy!

    Ignored x 2! Lol Welcome
  3. Roxy!

  4. +1 Thx to contact us, as Loader said you did the correct thing contact us about the experience you are having in our server. We will be on the subject and check it out. Thx!
  5. Roxy!

    Awwwww he is a beauty!!!! Well if I have to choose I like better Fitz so I vote on that, BUT but if I have to suggest a name, as a good Hispanic girl that I am and since Chihuahuas are of Hispanic origin, I suggest CHICO!! Lol I love that name, well I actually love it when you guys try to enunciate that sounds cute too hehehe
  6. Roxy!

    Merhaba Teki'nin kardeşi, iyi ki buradasın. Her zaman ilginç, dünyanın farklı yerlerinden insanlarla tanışmak benim için bir zevk, umarım yakında kardeşimi yenmek için takımımda görüşürüz
  7. Roxy!

    Me too weed I was getting so exited and then the trucks hahaahah
  8. Roxy!

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Roxy!

  10. Roxy!

    You and your familly are in my prayers.
  11. Roxy!

    Taki TAKI.... Im sooooo glad that you join to the website. Shoot you soon
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