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  1. 18th March 1977? You're just 13 days older than me hehehe 🙂

    1. Roxy!


      Ladies are never older 😜 


    2. T-Rex


      hahaha so true :D

  2. Roxy!

    Hi all

    Hello Welcome to the forums!!!!
  3. @LOCO map_LUNA2 need to be removed ... big issue w players dead and shoot and kill out of their ice cube.
  4. Congrats!!!!! Muchas muchas felicidades!!!
  5. Thank you for your appeal, we will analyze your request. Please be patient, this will probably take a bit longer as we see a lot of people involved. I suggest you do not make multiple posts that do not help us to improve the player experience or the management of the servers in general, also those don't help to resolve either your particular situation. Thanks in advance.
  6. Roxy!


    Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... younger than you probably
  7. Roxy!


    Hey Bando ... tell us where are you from and what names you were using before just to remember you. And yes I saw u in game earlier I notice that you are not new in our servers. Im glad you are back and join us, people is always welcome back
  8. Big fan of Roxy.... the minute she comes to the game, the whole world just lit up. I'm sure she is very refreshing nice easy going & funny person...🥰

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