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  1. Roxy!

    Prayer are out to them!!
  2. Roxy!

    Hey ... do I know you??? Oh wait yes I do .. even personally ... Thx to complete this Hells!!!
  3. Roxy!

    Welcome to the forums ..... but wait a second ...who are you??? never hear about you .
  4. Roxy!

    I think I can make it
  5. Roxy!

    I played it a few times ... if you join let me know I can try it with you.
  6. Roxy!

    P... P.... Priceeeeeeeeee ... @pricebe patient and yeah I already have it... you will love it could be worst BUT I had mercy on you this time......Blackrose will tell you soon
  7. Roxy!

    CONGRATS!!! Im so happy for you and your family... best wishes!!!!
  8. Roxy!

    Dont cry for me Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!! That was another mod and ages ago!!!!!!!!
  9. Roxy!

  10. Roxy!

    I will try to be there on time
  11. Hello Roxy. I play COD4 Freeztag for a couple of years now. I think, you know me from this server.
    Sorry, my english is not very good, but i may ask for a membership here. I wanna be an Xtreme Idiot. Trailrtrash and Stinger are vouching for me. What do i have to do to get a membership?
    Best wishes from Roody (Andreas Weber) from Germany

  12. Roxy!

    I was who ask you to stop calling that way to Apolo, 1st SAX OF SHIT HACKER... exaclty what you said its not a propper way to call a non member who it is not your friend and dont even know you 2nd. calling hacker to someone seriously its not allow in our server 3rd. Play like you have the right to do 1 or 2 cuz you suspect that he is hacking and others also suspected doesnt give you the right to attack other and do not be respectfull 4rd. I just ask to not do it and here you are running to show with more proof that your intention was perfectly accuse and attacking him wit
  13. Roxy!

    Hello everyone, I appreciate your comments, although some were of no help to manage and improve our clan. @Snow White I appreciate you letting our clan know that you continue to be attacked by another player. I ask you to go to any admin or head admin next time in order to avoid these types of messages that do not collaborate. The reason why we made the following decision together with the Head admin team has nothing to do with the vulgar words released on the server because if they are the context of the game they are allowed. As long as they are not excessive or badly intended. Thi
  14. Roxy!

    Good luck Ghost!!!



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