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  1. Welcome you deserve it.. happy to have you in the team.
  2. Since I cant click Like neither ... Like also
  3. Roxy!

    Some of us ... includes me
  4. Roxy!

    RIP Johnny. I had the placer and honor to meet him personally in Canada and spend the entire day with him and Charlene visiting forts and musseumms. Amazing personallity and great spirity. Rest well you deserve it ... your familly will be in my prayers. 😢😢
  5. Thx @WldPenguin. Can you please check the !like command? It is not working in this rotation or at least its not showing the regular message.
  6. Roxy!

    Hi ...the GUID you are give in us it is not the correct one ... his guid info doesnt match with our original info about BigRed... His original game and GUID doesn´t look he is being Banned for us. Now the new info you are giving us it´s not showing up at all ... try please to connect to the Frztag server 1 to see if works your game in that server.
  7. This is the most shocking unreal and sad knews I recieved. Dadda was not only a member or a Senoir he was for me one of my dears friends in here. Sandra my prayers are with you and your family. RIP my Dear Friend DADDA. 😭😥
  8. Roxy!

    Welcome JR 😉
  9. Roxy!

    Welcome Little NOT A JR voice like I told you 😜 ... sorry but it sounds creepy to me the ¨Jr¨ with your deep voice lol.
  10. I restart the rotation at 1pm est. Enjoy it!!
  11. Roxy!

    Congrats...😍... She is lovely!!!
  12. Roxy!

    Welcome to the forums!
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