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  1. EXCUSE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Welcome to the forums I'm glad you join here also... shoot you in game
  2. I told you already ... We send Maxima to have a Queen and SPY!!!
  3. I know ... but Argentina is so beautiful isn´t? Plus We have penguins ... @WildPenguin
  4. Hello, Welcome to the Forums!!!
  5. Congrats and Welcome!!
  6. Ghost so sry I couldn't read this before ... I still in my vacations in Spain going back soon if I'm on time to send it ... please give me by pm the address and I will send it . It's so cool idea!!!
  7. Well, I like TAMPA more than others ... but also I will say New Orleans and Charleston are pretty good places.
  8. Wow, Angus... now I'm sooooo missing you guys, you make me cry silly!!! I thought that was only Penguins job!! I'm so so so glad to be part of this party but especially part of this Clan!!! This Fest was beyond to all my expectations!! So many interesting, funny and amazing people... It was my placer met you all!!
  9. Wow... really really happy for you and your wife... God is always there for us and you really can tell that ... Also very impress for your words sometimes people can not realize what you just did Btw your house looks awesome ... enjoy it with Debra ... hope to see you in the XI party to celebrate w both of you!!
  10. Hey, that is a good idea and will be amazing see you in that Roxy´s role play.
  11. Sounds awesome I recruit you @StormCrow and we need somebody else .... btw @Jeroen v.2 you are welcome only if you can handle me sweet voice ... or anybody else who wants to be part of our team.