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  1. Roxy!

    Thank you for your appeal, please be patient while the banning admin gets back to you.
  2. Roxy!

    Hello DetectiveCondom thank you for being patient, although I don't think you understand that the admin job our group needs time to deliberate on the evidence against you. Fyi I am one of the head admins in Cod4, those who know me know that I do not take the ban decisions very lightly, I played several undercover games with you yesterday after our team receive complaints about the possible issues with your style of gaming. We have several videos taken by me and others that prove you were not only glitching inside objects, you also decided to ignore the request of several clan members
  3. Roxy!

    Prayers are out for you and you family... sorry to her this IceQ.
  4. Roxy!

    Woohoo Party!!! Im in!!
  6. Roxy!

    Hi welcome to the forums!!
  7. Roxy!

    Welcome to Xi Family!!!
  8. Roxy!

    Prayer are out to them!!
  9. Roxy!

    Hey ... do I know you??? Oh wait yes I do .. even personally ... Thx to complete this Hells!!!
  10. Roxy!

    Welcome to the forums ..... but wait a second ...who are you??? never hear about you .
  11. Roxy!

    I think I can make it
  12. Roxy!

    I played it a few times ... if you join let me know I can try it with you.
  13. Roxy!

    P... P.... Priceeeeeeeeee ... @pricebe patient and yeah I already have it... you will love it could be worst BUT I had mercy on you this time......Blackrose will tell you soon
  14. Roxy!

    CONGRATS!!! Im so happy for you and your family... best wishes!!!!



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