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  1. Sorry to hear this Smeg, my prayers are on the way.
  2. Welcome to the Forums Kisses, and finally girl. If you are working with an admin great he knows what to do, But if not contact me I will be your sponsor!!!
  3. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO discriminatory, we don't wear sweaters at Christmas, it's summer here so we always wear bikinis. Anyone who is below the equator understands me, right guys.
  4. Wow this is so amazing … you just put together 2 of my fav things sea world and pictures. A perfect combination LOVE IT!! Keep sharing your pics w us!
  5. Kissy Kissy? :lol:

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    2. J3st3r


      I was on a very tight budget when I built my PC. I cheaped out on the motherboard and power supply which was a huge mistake. I bought better stuff to rebuild it that should last a long time but I had to RMA my memory. I did buy decent memory but the cheap motherboard killed it. I'm on my ancient laptop rite now. It barely plays Youtube Videos. I tried playing COD4 on it but I got like 10-15fps on the lowest settings. I'm going to buy a decent used laptop that can play COD4 just to have for emergencies like this. lol  I miss playing with you gals/guys very very much.   

    3. Roxy!


      Ask the guys there is always somebody that can deliver to you some pieces that they have extra and maybe can help you. Just a few nights ago a member was telling me that he wants to gift an extra headset that he had to a guy on Costa Rica that he can not afford it. A lot of us have extra pieces that may help you. Tell us what u need and I make the post for you. 

    4. J3st3r


      Replacement memory just shipped out from G-Skill in California yesterday. I should be back to gaming by this coming Wednesday or Thursday. 

  6. hello roxy i´m back 


    1. Roxy!


      Awesome welcome back Pedrito!!!

  7. 18th March 1977? You're just 13 days older than me hehehe 🙂

    1. Roxy!


      Ladies are never older 😜 


    2. Marshall


      hahaha so true :D

  8. Roxy!

    Hi all

    Hello Welcome to the forums!!!!
  9. @LOCO map_LUNA2 need to be removed ... big issue w players dead and shoot and kill out of their ice cube.
  10. Congrats!!!!! Muchas muchas felicidades!!!
  11. Thank you for your appeal, we will analyze your request. Please be patient, this will probably take a bit longer as we see a lot of people involved. I suggest you do not make multiple posts that do not help us to improve the player experience or the management of the servers in general, also those don't help to resolve either your particular situation. Thanks in advance.
  12. Roxy!


    Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... younger than you probably
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