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  1. Happy B-day!!
  2. Well I’m concerned about he is watching GOATslayer butt ... oops
  3. The server crashed at 3:10 Est time with the same map mp_rd3. We push the map and server works fine. Waiting for Dadda so he can remove it.
  4. !fu @Pimp noob u little ...sñijhgwlkjfhwlekjfhwlejfhwlfkj ... just saying!! X 2!!!
  5. Hahahaha how you know that about me?? Didn't tell anybody yet ... I'm leaving the 21st of this month ... more updates soon when I get the confirmation
  6. WOW!!! and agree w Blaze terrifying also
  7. Welcome Laneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  8. Happy B-day!!
  9. Hey, Coop happy belated B-Day!!! I hope you enjoyed it!! see you around!
  10. She will be in prayers