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  1. Roxy!

    OMG ... you start drinking early today 😂 !!!
  2. Happy Belated B-Day my dear friend!!
  3. Roxy!

    Lil !!! Super super super cute ... and Congrats!!! 😍
  4. Roxy!

    mmmm who can be ??? 😜
  5. Roxy!

    Dear GG... I told you privately already but I guess I will allow myself to create a little of drama here with your departure from the Adm team 😜 Well I would like to start telling you how much I appreciate having you as head admin mate, we learned a lot from each other and above all, we learned to work together with our differences (although they were not so many I think we both thought similar). I remember we started as Head Admins with the main goal to eliminate the complaints, personal attacks and bad moments that were lived and expressed in the middle of the game- server and even that cost us a lot (new nicknames not really nice, a lot of headaches and lose some friends) I think we achieved it. Now in the server, we can hear more laugh and fights and became more pleasant and much more fun than at that time. So thanks to my dear GG for helping me and helping the admin team achieve that great goal take us time but we did it girl and so many others little a big issues we deal with it. I can write pages here but well I will just tell you THX. I know that complaints continue on the website, but well that's the way people like to express and finally how they decide to live their lives, and that's something we can not tell them what to do to be more in peace. I would have liked that they would have been used the same beautiful words and thoughts that everyone wrote to you here for your hard work and effort - which you really deserved- in those moments when they created rage post or pm but I still believe that is possible someday. It would be very interesting if some had this role for only 5 minutes. Anyway, I believe also that I had an excellent partner for this job, I have won a friend in the process, I am not only very grateful for everything shared with you but also for everything you have left for this clan with example and dedication. Angus made a better description than me and I totally shared it so on that one +1. I will miss you a lot @Gatorgirl XOXO I will shoot you soon girl and I talk to you later.
  6. Roxy!

    Welcome to the forums Ronin ... o deberia llamarte Juan no se me perdi despues de que lei que eras de Colombia ... bienvenido amigo que bueno tener alguien mas de Sudamerica. Mi nombre es Roxy y soy de Argentina yo suelo jugar en Cod4 porque un adm alli asi que espero verte por ahi pronto. Disfruta mucho de nuestra comunidad te va a encantar!!! Saludos y 🍻 !!!
  7. Roxy!

    Mmmmm it's really quite interesting your explanation I like your intro and welcome to the forums and I hope to see you in Cod4 MW2 someday... enjoy our community.