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  1. bluebear02

    what driver
  2. bluebear02

    I was playing on the server and I noticed that my mic wasn't getting picked up. I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this issue. it works outside cod4 on discord and TeamSpeak.
  3. bluebear02

    Recently my microphone hasn't been working in Cod4. It works in discord and TeamSpeak and works when I go into my computer settings and test it from there. Its only cod4 that it doesn't work in. Can anyone help me with this problem. It will be much appreciated. Sincerely bluebear02
  4. bluebear02

    i want points
  5. big improvement to my computer but i cant fit
  6. bluebear02

    Good Afternoon Today my mic wasnt working for some reason. it was working fine yesterday. i dont know what is wrong can anyone help me with this issue?
  7. bluebear02

    Nope XD
  8. bluebear02

    Hello My Name is bluebear02 and i play on the the server and i noticed that the mk46 grip was disabled but i can still use it for some reason.
  9. bluebear02

    Ok I'll try that
  10. Hello When ever the switches to a new map i get this message from the game. can anyone help me with it Sincerely bluebear02
  11. bluebear02

    Okay I was just wondering. im also running into a problem on when i want to play i cant because i keep getting redirected. Im only able to play between 10pm to 12am which is when everyone else is playing as well.
  12. i have a thought that keeps coming to my mind is. my thought is "Im wondering how to become a member of the Xtremeidiots clan". Thank you for your time Somebody
  13. bluebear02

    Do you know whats wrong
  14. bluebear02

    Im having the problem again
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