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  1. AbuXI

    Welcome to the fold ....
  2. AbuXI

    At lunch give her a toy mini & see the reaction then later at the dealers. Man you’ll be king for at least 30 mins before you screw up again
  3. Thanks for stepping up bros. You & your peers make it happen for us idiots.
  4. AbuXI

    80s baby, all the way. Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music, U2, such a great decade.
  5. Crossing over from COD4 FT to say thanks for stepping up & supporting this great community.
  6. AbuXI

    White Gold - awesome. Second set of 3 had pace, drama and opened up the other world so much. Giants!! Read these avidly. Now year's later more books published. Try Julian May's series starting with the Golden Torc - another rollercoater ride back & forth across time & space.
  7. AbuXI

    Too many to name but if you like fantasy ... The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (S Donaldson) & The Sage of the Pliocene Exiles (J May). These series are multi book and a great read.
  8. AbuXI

    About time too!
  9. AbuXI

    RIP Starfire. Rest easy big guy. Keep running & gunning wherever you are. Condolences to his friends, family & gaming buddies.
  10. AbuXI

    I'd been playing COD4 since 2008 and tried BF but didn't like it. I used to play on the GBR servers (crossfire, regiment) and I see a few ex-GBR guys here in XI (salute). GBR was run by a couple of guys royboy and SgtRude. I worked away from home and played for hours every night but not weekends (that was family time). We'd be in xfire chatting away all night. They were good times and I rose to be the most senior server admin (JAG). Then the clan collapsed as the owners were pocketing the server donations. A few guys reformed as TSS (the sole survivors) but it was short lived. I looked around for another clan and came across XI and joined the party. So many names have disappeared but so many have taken their place. 22 Sept 2014. That was they day a lady admin (Gator/Pink/Giggles - one of those 3 - I've tried to erase the memory) called me, a shy young man, into a private room. Badda boom, badda bing. What happened there will remain private but I've never been the same since, and carry a permanent XI branding.
  11. AbuXI

    It's the end of times.
  12. Rename post for clarity please …. “How to mute Wildthing”
  13. AbuXI

    True! Me too but when you know it's your last one & are used to it every year ..... that old cowboy's about to disappear into the sunset ....
  14. AbuXI

    Hi whole life & family have been messed up by Hollywood. Open marriage, weird kids & 2 careers at the end of the road. Did you see how old he was in the last Bad Boys movie? Chris Rock is paid to be up there to make the Oscars memorable .. so of course he will say some controversial things. Assault is assault and Smith is lucky Rock didn't press charges. Smith was good and funny but he's so over now.
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