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  1. AbuXI

    Hey and a big ole FU.
  2. AbuXI

    Hey George nice intro ... looking forward to the T20? Wild is bad and loud & it usually is Frenchie's fault so those bits are accurate
  3. Thanks for this Yacc. Some real legends Past & Present ........
  4. P!nk dearest I don't think our friends get sarcasm ....
  5. AbuXI

    Keep cooking Timmah. I live for those vids
  6. AbuXI

    Well my leave is over and I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Been a real blast this last few weeks. Thanks especially to the early crew who play in the mornings (Frenchie, Timmah, Snuller ...) Cya in Oct/Nov. Take care of each other & your loved ones. So many have passed ... 7Toes RIP bros. Abu.
  7. AbuXI

    So beautiful. Enjoy.
  8. AbuXI

    me likee likee. good job.
  9. AbuXI

    Enjoy every second of your time with him. Kudos to you bros for showing such love.
  10. Where do you keep ya nuts Rob
  11. AbuXI

    Sorry for your loss Queenie. Praying for him & those who mourn his passing.
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