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  1. AbuXI

    Have a good 'un.
  2. AbuXI

    Welcome. See in the FTag server!!
  3. AbuXI

    Have a good 'un frenchie.
  4. AbuXI

    Hey guys lovely to see some old faces and many new one too. Working life keeps me travelling but when I'm back in the UK on leave, I'm online. Thanks to those admins who voted to reinstate my tags and an extra shout out to Roxy, Rugger & Rockape for sorting out my tags. See you in the freeze tag server.
  5. AbuXI

    RIP bros.
  6. AbuXI

    At long last! Ya got some tags to hide your modesty now! A big welcome for you!!
  7. AbuXI

    Hi Mike . Welcome.
  8. AbuXI

    welcome - I keel u soon.
  9. happy bday but aint kissing any cheeks mate ... any cheeks! I'll leave that for the french and democrats!
  10. AbuXI

    Hi Aussie - wb and enjoy the *banter*
  11. AbuXI

    Hey Ho & welcome.