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  1. AbuXI

    This gets my vote for the 2020 post of the year. Made me LOL.
  2. AbuXI

    Hubba hubba ...
  3. AbuXI

    I see I'm not the only one wondering ... WTH were you waiting for!!!! Welcome NG!
  4. AbuXI

    Gratz Bros ... life will take on a whole new wonderful meaning. Enjoy each moment before it's gone.
  5. AbuXI

    Hey Biggie. Nice one. Get those tags christened!! And ofc ... welcome to XI with a BIG FU!
  6. AbuXI

    Sorry to hear this news. Great pic of a great guy I’m sure. RIP.
  7. AbuXI

    Welcome to the forums. Enjoy the servers, respect the badge, respect the rules and get a mic & join the banter. PS fu.
  8. AbuXI

    Knifing Boss monster takes waaaay too long. Don't like the fact you bump each other & not pass through.
  9. AbuXI

    I did and so did Acidfly???
  10. AbuXI

    XI allows pretty much everything but from what I've seen over the last 10 years thou shalt not break the golden rule (side observation). Rest is for the admins.
  11. Hi Idiots, I've tried this perk and I can see frozen opposition players with the monkey icon. When I approach the player, the game says press F to steal perk but nothing happens. F is set to "use" in my options. Help?



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