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  1. AbuXI

    Stay strong girl. Friends & fun just a server away!
  2. A real shock. His last post on Friday really brought home what a great guy he was. He loved you so much Sandra. Thoughts & prayers ....
  3. AbuXI

    Hi Bob ... welcome to the club.
  4. AbuXI

  5. AbuXI

    welcome to the madhouse.
  6. AbuXI

    Don't you dare disappear from the servers Giggles! That laugh of yours .... amazing This is supposed to be your happy place, a have from the madness of real life .... Abu
  7. AbuXI

    Dear XI, if one individual epitomises the definition of "eejut", it's Red. Red it's about time you came on the Forums. Welcome buddy Abu
  8. AbuXI

    Prayers & peace of mind to you all ....
  9. AbuXI

    Hi Perle, nice to see the intro ... long overdue. See you in game buddy.
  10. AbuXI

    Great idea. Good luck.
  11. multiple map crashes - no common trigger????
  12. AbuXI

    Have a good 'un.
  13. AbuXI

    Welcome. See in the FTag server!!



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