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  1. Trailrtrash

    So sorry for your loss. Queen
  2. Trailrtrash

    Thank you all for your whishes
  3. Trailrtrash

    Happy bday Window and Zaubermaus
  4. Trailrtrash

    I think the Smaws are much stronger
  5. Trailrtrash

    is a good weapon against scheiss bunyhopper but it's gotten better with the bunnyhoppers
  6. Trailrtrash

    Hey Coop.......congratz.
  7. Trailrtrash

  8. Trailrtrash

  9. Trailrtrash

    Alles Gute und viel Gesundheit
  10. One less on my hackers list Keep it up!!!!!!!!
  11. One Betty but 2 tubes? I take tubes
  12. Thx that you checked it. That it takes a long time to get the guns up again is sense and purpose if you want to make shit bunny hopping unattractive. As it is now it is ........ I have no opinion. Unimportant change. Not the NORMAL players need a new server (without shitty bunny hopping) ..... the kindergarten players need their own playground and should leave the adults alone. Or leave everything as it was. Not funny but I'm strong enough to live with it. Unfortunately. Maybe time for more ACE-Mod. There is hopping totally ok with the low gravity and put down the weap



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