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  4. I Wanna like it 1000 times, if I could.
  5. I would like the mod to have the ability to set every ones player config the same, everyone has the same max packets, max fps, same foliage settings etc, so like PB use to do just with out the PB issues. Console deactiviert in game for everybody I would like to see every time someone jump around the Map without climbing a Wall or ladder or something else , they are turned into a Pink Bunny and can't move several seconds The Snipers are not balanced. In contrast to the many disadvantages, snipers have too few advantages ( for example: why is my Sniper out of Range and the otherone can kill me with a Saric or with a fucking Pistel over the whole map, little ammo, short time to aim, no roundfiew while aiming, aso, aso, aso) Helmet and Flagjackets it feels like only 1 out of 5 attacks are working for me if the combat medic is shorter, we dont need it. Sometimes the difrend is too short New Spawn protection is Bullshit we can walk over the whole map with a semtex in my Hand but the other granate explodes while walking. Killstreak is ok If I mute somebody a Massege should be seen in the game OK. Thats for the first time. Cu Idioz
  6. Close to perfect answer
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    Trashy`s Humans.
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    Fantastic The actor superstar plays a singer songwriter superstar And the singer superstar plays the shy underdog Great job. Thx for that movie
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