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  1. VHS2

    Thanks a lot guys! Merci @FRENCHI Didier !
  2. Thanks @WldPenguin and team for the good work and time dedicated for the renewed pleasure of gamers! 👍 Thanks also for making the snow melt 😉
  3. Yes! Should have mixed up when connecting with the campers' server 😄 Impressive anyway.
  4. VHS2

    Happy birthday guys, Rob ! Born in January, good ones! 😉
  5. VHS2

    Happy Birthday @FRENCHI! Joyeux Anniversaire Didier ! 🎂🎂🎂 Avec un peu de retard...
  6. Was so sorry to read this very bad news (I'm also 59). I did not know Dadda, only playing with him on CoD4 and knowing he has a very special position in the XI team. And I regret that I did not have the opportunity to know him better (the language barrier I suppose), reading all this about him showing that he is a great person. My deepest condolences for his family and especially @sandradee2.
  7. VHS2

    Happy birthday! And merry Xmas as Well! Poor you! Were you cheated all your life with BD's gifts ? 🤔😁
  8. What's the difference between ignorance and indifference? I don't know and I don't care! What do you call a can opener that's broken? A can't opener 😁 Green's is my favorite colour. I love it even more than... Blue and yellow combined
  9. How do you call a pig with three eyes? A piiig
  10. VHS2

    Happy birthday guys! 🎂
  11. VHS2

    Could it be understand by a Frenchy having a poor English understanding? Or is the accent too strong? 🤔
  12. VHS2

    Welcome back Ph4t0m Jr! Yes, please, change your name and so the bullets will stop going through you without killing you 😁😉 Or maybe it's because I'm too slow, getting older and older each day and so slower and slower 🤔 Anyway, I can still try and cut @RobMc 😄
  13. VHS2

    Welcome! Not surprising that it's so short for French people since Nibbs is a short way to say things (aka tits) in French! Isn't it @FRENCHI?
  14. VHS2

    Happy one Pete!
  15. VHS2

    Oh yes! One can already see the mouse grasped by the right hand 😉. Congratulations!
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