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  1. It's because he was tired. It was just before going to bed... (see the chat) Is Cheyenne an AKA for KillerKitty? Or maybe he has a thing for German ladies 😉 PS: Pred, from now on, do u only play on the server 1? Being the reason why we don't see u on the other one?
  2. VHS2

    Welcome Skyler! U probably already knew it but, now it's official, you've been acknowledged as an idiot!
  3. VHS2

    Have nice holidays Hammer! Enjoy! We will miss your posts during this week. But do not lean too much over the table for breakfast. I heard that the edge of the pancake is in San Francisco (on this side of the World)
  4. VHS2

    Yes Harry but u forgot to write that they also put Nessy there (from the Loch Ness) frozen in a very big ice cube. Even XI can't defrost it, so imagine... And yeah, u can't go to Antartica because, from up there, u can see that the Earth has a shape of a (American) football balloon (or rugby balloon for Europeans) (because seen from the side) proving then that the Earth is indeed flat! Anyway, thanks Hammer for this big laugh! Very nice topic!
  5. VHS2

    I am not Groot
  6. Obviously, my favorite player is @FRENCHI because of his lovely French accent when giving information and saying jokes in English in game And, of course, being French, he is a very good player! PS: thanks to @SweeperMan for the idea and sorry for having stolen your post! (Hope it won't bother you )
  7. VHS2

    Seems very good @Timmah!! Only one advice though. Go to the store, your cupboards and fridge are empty (but the lasagna plate)
  8. VHS2

    Cheer up @Giggles! You are so young. It can't be too serious. Hope so anyway! I will pray for you and to be able to hear again your lovely laugh in game ? And will have a special thought for u tomorrow. Just 4 u
  9. VHS2

    Carrèment à poil @FRENCHI ! lol (translation) More naked, u die!
  10. VHS2

    happy birthday wood pecker!
  11. VHS2

    Welcome to the clan and cu on the battle field for the "blitz krieg" of course! ⚡⚡⚡
  12. VHS2

    Happy birthday! It's a nice day. It's also the feast of my patron saint ?
  13. VHS2

    Congratulations StinkO! As a welcome from the French Idiots
  14. VHS2

    Since they made the mistake to accept me as a member, they are much more reluctant to welcome new members ?