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  1. Is there another COD4 tournament planned plz? @[email protected]@[email protected]! @FRENCHI, @Quint and I were very disappointed for not being able to participate to the COD5 tournament, mainly because not having the game 😁 And we have a revenge to take on @Predat0r who was very lucky the last time...
  2. VHS2

    Suis pas un spécialiste mais tu pourrais par exemple poster une photo sur ce site spécialisé : https://www.geoforum.fr/topic/30109-mineraux-de-l-aveyron-region-midi-pyrenees/ ou aussi copier ta photo dans Google et faire une recherche d'image pour voir s'il existe des pierres comme la tienne. Dans le moteur de recherche tu cliques sur image puis sur l'icone de l'appareil photo dans la fenêtre de recherche et puis tu vas chercher la photo que tu as prise pour faire une recherche d'image analogue.
  3. VHS2

    Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse mais pierre qui bloque si ! 😁 Rolling stone gathers nothing unlike blocking stone! ☄️
  4. VHS2

    Elle est "bones" ! 😄
  5. VHS2

    Meeeoooowwww! As would "say" my cat after being left alone for hours! Stay and I won't say anything wrong anymore about Ikea! Truly! If you really want to quit, then would it be possible for you to hand out all your medals? Preferably to me? 🤩 Anyway, it was nice to play and meeeeoooowww with u. I have to stop there cause my keyboard is all soaked 😥 CU in another life 🐱 since it is well known, Cats have 9 lifes... So long Kitty! 🇩🇪🇫🇷
  6. VHS2

    Hello Kitty! you have got VHS2's greetings, even if it's not as exciting as @FRENCHI's ones! By the way, have you got some pictures of your trial as JB's girl with @Roxy!. Just to check and figure out how it looks...
  7. VHS2

    Aaaaah! Ok thks Loco and @Angelz
  8. VHS2

    Tks! Here is the link:
  9. VHS2

    @Predat0r Tks Pred for the tip but my graphic card driver is already updated. @Angelz Tks! I installed the lastest update of Flash player but it doesn't change anything. @FRENCHI Merci Didier mais rien n'y fait. Les vidéos ne s'affichent toujours pas dans cette rubrique du site. @KaptCrunch Sry, I didn't understand your point. There is something weird because the two videos above in this discussion are displayed!... Don't understand
  10. VHS2

    Thanks @deerejon for your annswer! In fact, I don't have a problem at copying/pasting videos. My problem is that I can't read the videos posted by others. They don't display within their posts. I can only see the text posted.
  11. VHS2

    In fact, I have got the issue on the section "This is more Frenchi's style". No video displayed
  12. Hello Idiots! I've got a problem with YouTube videos posted on XI website which don't display. Do you know why and have anyone got a solution plz? I have got the problem both on Google Chrome and Edge. Thank in advance.
  13. VHS2

    The "French ship" was built in Saint-Nazaire to promote the "friendship" between UK and France @RobMc
  14. VHS2

    Hey Alpha Dog! Well... come and fight!