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  1. VHS2

    Get better very soon! Wish you a prompt recovery. If u don't hear me very well, it is not an issue since u won't have to silent me anymore in-game.
  2. VHS2

    Happy Birthday guys!
  3. VHS2

    Happy Birthday Major!
  4. VHS2

    Welcome to the forum! Small is beautiful! Women don't say so, though... Dwarf! Dwarf! Dwarf!
  5. VHS2

    Merci les amis ! Thank you my friends!
  6. VHS2

    @Timmah! was kidding, as in game. No hard feelings
  7. VHS2

    Don't flatter yourself!
  8. VHS2

    At first, I thought that the blue thing was the cat litter But, indeed, it wouldn't have been so good for the ambient air.
  9. VHS2

    Translation: Merry Christmas!
  10. VHS2

    Good luck in your new job! Btw, does T&A stand for Test and Adjust, Time & Action, Targets & Achievements, Travel & Accommodation or (but doubtful) Tits and Ass?
  11. VHS2

    @Izumi Moderate idiots? Good luck for that! Congratulations anyway
  12. VHS2

    I built mine in 2013 (and others with/for my children later). My one advice is to choose high end parts, even if it's expensive at first because, in the long run, it's money saving. My computer still perfectly works and is quite powerful. I only change the GPU (for a Gigabyte GTX 1080) at the end of 2016 and add a SSD 2To in June 2021. It's not the case, of course, if you always want to be at the edge of the PC technology... But is it really useful depending on your needs?
  13. VHS2

    Very sorry! In these difficult times, remember the good times you had together to soften the pain.
  14. VHS2

    Happy Birthday guys! Joyeux anniversaire @AthenA! HB @wildthing and, as a gift, a much better health very soon!
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