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  2. Handcraft!
  3. Joyeux anniversaire Didier ! Mieux vaut tard que jamais :-) Tiens une belle Renault F1... en légo
  4. I don't know if we must laugh or cry! Europe is midway between USA and North Korea... Hopefully, the missiles would fly above the Pacific ocean...
  5. Joyeux anniversaire Corsica ! (bis)
  6. And don't drop it in the toilet...
  7. @FUNky Even when your battery is dead after one year of utilization as it is the case for most of the Iphones? I know it because my wife and some of my children had one of each generation. Keep on with Samsung, a phone that doesn't discharge before the end of the day after few months...
  8. Joyeux anniversaire Corsica !
  9. I wish to inform you all that Kitty knifed me a lot before we started the game and, then, I was not in a very good shape! Quint played with his nose (do not ask me what he was doing with his hands ) and Frenchi played only with one hand since he was milking his cows at the same time... Since we are good losers , we have to admit: OK, you won! Well done guys!
  10. PS: unfortunately, Thunder could not join the game. So, it was 3 vs 2 and, even like that, it was not easy to win! Thks to Zombie and Gump61 for having accepted to play anyway and for having put us into a cold sweat!
  11. And the winner is... Tks Quint and Frenchi for your skill. Tks VHS2 for having been there!
  12. Lol! Never heard of or taste this drink before. It seems to be a me-too product of the Maggi sauce made by Nestlé (but that one is made with vegetables only. No beef )
  13. I am sure that this one won't be a repetition! lol! It is meant for @FRENCHI & @Quint
  14. The link has been changed... Here is the video that I posted!
  15. To boost myself in the morning. Ô Girls !