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  1. VHS2

    Great news! Very happy for you! Don't be surprised if you see features getting out of the wall after the meds. It's what happened to me after having a (too?) big dose of morphine derivative after the surgery
  2. VHS2

    Congrats for the new toy! I have a MSI Optix AG32CQ (curved) and I am very happy with it!
  3. VHS2

    Happy Birthday! Oh the @MISERY!
  4. VHS2

    Happy Birthday guys! Joyeux anniversaire @AthenA! Avec un peu de retard à cause du décalage horaire
  5. VHS2

    Happy Thanksgiving for our American friends!
  6. VHS2

    Hope that you will heal soon Wild!
  7. VHS2

    Hi Bamm! So sorry to hear that you have to go through this surgery. I had a cancer in 2017 and also had a surgery to remove an organ, but a little lower than you. It was very heavy, also with a reconstruction. I stayed around 5 hours in the operating room. Then I stayed for a while at the hospital but the recovery was OK and not too painful. So, I hope it will go as well for you! Very friendly
  8. VHS2

    Congrats LtFireman! you have got the no-kick ticket!
  9. VHS2

    In order to assess the interest of investing, could you post a picture of your "fart harness" so that we can figure out how it would look, either insert in a cow or in yourself if you don't have a cow nearby?
  10. 20221021_183207.mp4 20221021_183207.mp4
  11. VHS2

    Joyeux anniversaire Domi ! Mieux vaut tard que jamais
  12. Yes agree but, sometimes, you have to acknowledge that it is not so EASY! for everybody
  13. VHS2

    This one not bad either sung by a young guy who died few years ago with miopathy (quite an achievement because the miopathy destroys the lungs)
  14. VHS2

    @Timmah! the original one from the musical Starmania sung by the French singer Daniel Balavoine
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