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  1. VHS2

    Hello ! Welcome to the fora! Btw, what does @Vindieklause mean? CU on the battlefield
  2. VHS2

    No thanks, I am jerking alone...
  3. @RobMc Thank you so much for having me promoted to the rank of Jerk 😜 which is truly a much higher level than Idiot in the community! And, indeed, I deserved it! Thank you also to my parents, my family, my friends and all others I couldn't name here without whom I wouldn't have reached such an achievement!
  4. @RANDALL Can't you post a vid in which I don't leave after 2 minutes after being killed by your random nade. It looks like a ragequit lol!
  5. VHS2

    Well, I am reading the answers of this post and mimicking RobMc's emojis reactions... Also I found a very nice musical website and will put some links on the topic: "what are u listening today". Enjoy!
  6. VHS2

    Don't have a FB profile but I understand from Icequeen's post that u are(were) not well. I wish u a prompt recovery!
  7. VHS2

    Welcome Exotic cat. Enjoy!
  8. I think that Rob's question was aimed at Chris about whether or not he rose to it... OMG I got infected by the robonavirus!
  9. Thks! It's a girl No more a baby though. She is between 13 and 14. We don't really know because she used to be the neighbor's cat (they have got 3 or 4 more). She chose to put her luggage down in our home about 3 years ago, adopted us and never left. Now, we live at our cat's... The neighbor doesn't know how old she was when they got her but she stayed with them around 9 years before leaving (we reckon she left because she was harassed by the other cats). She is very (too) sweet and then is chased by other cats. @RobMc Plz Rob don't add any comment about the way I handle the neighbor's pussy cat...
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