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  1. Yes agree but, sometimes, you have to acknowledge that it is not so EASY! for everybody
  2. VHS2

    This one not bad either sung by a young guy who died few years ago with miopathy (quite an achievement because the miopathy destroys the lungs)
  3. VHS2

    @Timmah! the original one from the musical Starmania sung by the French singer Daniel Balavoine
  4. VHS2

    Weld done!
  5. VHS2

    @Shadow You've got a French leg, though...
  6. I didn't find an idea for the tee-shirt but found the music for the fest, as a "fil rouge"
  7. Even if some say otherwise, I think it has a lot to do with the ping and the ensuing lag. The later I play in the day, the worst are my results since, from around 8pm (CET), guys arrive with much lower ping and less lag, I suppose. Even if I swear a lot (mostly in French), I enjoy playing and being crushed by very skilled players (with not only low pings).
  8. VHS2

    Nice photos gallery!
  9. VHS2

    Welcome @Outsider! Now, you can change your name to Insider!
  10. VHS2

    Happy Birthday @P!nky! (sry, a little bit late)
  11. Ooo.. ooo... ohhh! Ni.....ce.....eeeee. Ca.....annnnn weeee.......eeee.....eeee pl...pl...ay.... ayayayay... iiiiiiitt.....tt fro.......ooom......mmmmm Fran......an....ceeeeeee azzzz.....zzzzzzz.... wel......ellllllllll?
  12. VHS2

    Indeed, in France, we play snooker with a "queue" de billard
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