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  1. KillerKitty

    Thx guys n gals, i will miss u too. It breaks my heart to leave but its necessary to go on in my private life. U can delete this account as im not going to use it any more. Thx for the offer anyway. I know u will be bored in TS now. But hey, the name is free now. ? Wish u all the best and much fun. ? bb
  2. KillerKitty

    Hey guys, thru some changes in my life i decided to quit gaming and being member of XI. To the seniors: plz delete my profile, i dont need it any more. Thx in advance. Thx for the fun times and hope u do well in future. Cya, Kitty
  3. KillerKitty

    Happy belated Birthday Timmah! Hope u had a great day, some awesome cheesecake and popsickles sry for being late
  4. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday, hope u have a faboulous day
  5. KillerKitty

    hope u have a great day
  6. KillerKitty

    just gone for a few days and still causing new rumors... i need to think about a new identity actually they r looking for the new JB girls and @Roxy! and me were offered the roles, especially cause of "yellow bikini szenes" we said we were busy enough to keep an eye on our idiots here, so sry guys. btw. greetings from @FRENCHI.... eeerrrr... i mean TO Frenchi.... didnt see him in while too... be nice guys, ill be still watching u every now and then.... lol
  7. KillerKitty

    and there the dutch invasion goes on.... more from the dutch mafia, eh? well, welcome to the family, allways good to have more females here to make the guys more crazy than they r already
  8. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday Deckard Hope u have a great day and to cu soon in game again
  9. KillerKitty

    i dont use fb but gl with it, hope u will get the support u need
  10. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday Maz, enjoy ur day
  11. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday u lazy git, hope u have a nice day tho
  12. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday Chris-Cross hope ur bday is awesome and u celebrate alot
  13. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday Bear, hope u have a great day
  14. KillerKitty

    congratz.... but u r still an idiot enjoy ur day
  15. KillerKitty

    thx for the offer ok... my Smart does this strange noise (er klappert hinten links, vermutlich ist ne Verkleidung lose, kannst du das fixen?.... sry guys, dunno the translation for that) and my Peugeot 508 Hybrid makes noises and the right back (maybe the suspensions or shock absorber ", der dschiebelt so").... no, just jk, i know i need to go to the repair garage, but thx anyways.
  16. KillerKitty

    welcome to the forums
  17. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday Surge, hope u have a great day
  18. KillerKitty

    Happy Birthday NightRaven, hope u have a great day
  19. KillerKitty

    hope u have a great day
  20. KillerKitty

    good news.... u still can spend time with him, he is not gone yet, so u can tell him how much he means to u. enjoy every minute - not everyone is able to become that old. and i can just say +1 @bds1961 hang in there gurl, even the sad moments make u stronger, it just takes some time.
  21. KillerKitty

    great job
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