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  1. I believe it was an apple - I did google "chemical composition of an apple" but it's hard to know what's right and what isn't in this day and age with the amount of information and misinformation on the internet. Anything and everything in this world can kill you eventually. Unless taken in moderation I guess. Grapes ferment in your gut so when you eat a whole punnet and fart, you'll smell it for sure
  2. I'm just waiting for natural selection to take them out. Ever heard of the Darwin Award? There are a few people I know of that should recieve one.
  3. That doesn't really have anything to do with that I said but I'll humor you just this once. In regards to the datasheet, you need to remember that tests are conducted in very controlled environments and if you look at the measurements of the chemicals used as well as the size of the animal it was used on, you can see how effective it is or is not. No wonder the data came back like that, they tested doses on small animals. If there were results for tests on karger animals, I bet the results will be completely different. I always say they should test things on humans that are on Death Row. That way we get more valid results and as they're on Death Row it'll be two birds with one stone. he chemical in question would even be dangerous for humans if taken in very large doses. We are a much larger animal and so we can take much more into our bodies; smaller animals not so much. Some snake bites kill small animals outright, othertimes it'll just give a human a really sore arm, or perhaps hospitalisation. Did you know that if you eat too many bananas it can kill you? Alcohol is also a poison but some people will quite happily chug that back until it addles their mind.
  4. I've just given you the chemical composition of an apple
  5. Would you put any of this in your body? It is the chemical composition for just one thing. Just curious if people knew what it was. Ethanol Propyl Acetate 2-Methylpropyl acetate Propanol n-Butyl acetate 2-Methylpropanol 2-Methylbutyl acetate n-Butyl propanoate n-Butanol n-Pentyl acetate 2-Methylbut-3-enyl acetate 2-Methylbutanol 3-Methylbut-3-enyl acetate 3-Methylbutanol 3-Methylbut-2-enyl acetate n-Pentanol n-Hexyl acetate E-Hex-3-enyl acetate Z-Hex-3-enyl acetate Hex-4-enyl acetate E-Hex-2-enyl acetate n-Hexanol Z-Hex-3-enol E-Hex-2-enol n-Hexyl-2-methylbutanoate n-Heptanol Camphor n-Octanol n-Oct-2-enol 1-Methoxy-4-(2 propenyl)-benzene
  6. PainKiller

    So sad to hear about this! Utterly devastating You and your family look after yourself in this difficult time, okay? We'll still be here when you're back; no rush at all.
  7. PainKiller

    If you can spare the money, buy a replacement mobo. Best to get the same model you already have, so your PC won't freak out over hardware errors. If your board is semi warped, I'd say you're pretty screwed
  8. I don't think anyone has "woken up" yet, either. I check here every morning just for a good laugh and it never fails to disappoint! The only thing that I believe in is natural selection. How some people made it this far is beyond me.
  9. PainKiller

    I thought you were always a bitch. Well at least they found you a home! Gratz on the early retirement
  10. PainKiller

    Really sorry to hear this. It's never easy knowing that one day you'll lose a loved one but no matter how it goes, you'll get through it mate. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. We're always around to shoot when you come back - take all the time away you need, alright?
  11. PainKiller

    I know Pman, and I appreciate the input. I won't be putting a lot in, and still keeping the 1:1 rotation we already have, I will just replace a TDM or two with a CTF - that's all. I'll see what I can put together and get some admin input.
  12. PainKiller

    Top of the team, right where I belong Thanks to everyone for coming along and making it a great weekend as it always is! I hope to change up the TDM server a bit now following some ingame feedback with the CTF maps - I will see how I can add those to what I'm cooking up for the January rotation!
  13. Telling it how it really is! Bloody well love it!
  14. Like how I have been saying, it is twisting words and opinion to match their own agenda. The thing is though, no one really knows whats is wrong and what is right. My opinion and view is different from someone elses, which is different to someone elses. Doesn't mean I am right, and they are wrong. Or vice versa
  15. Gonna echo pete here; we can all believe what we want to believe and quite frankly - these posts are just rife with stupidty and ignorance. You will make absolutely anything fit your agenda and you all really think you're gods chosen. Yea chosen bunch of fucking idiots you all spout crap like this, and expect everyone else to follow suite. Please stop posting things that misinform, mislead and put others at risk due to unfounded lunacy. Ignorance is bliss, we know, but this type of ignorance can kill. I have family that have worked in the hospitals through this entire pandemic. My aunt is a respiritory nurse, so she deals with patients that have breathing issues, and the like. My mom saw people being taken out all through the day. Dead. My other aunt, well her ward was converted to a covid ward and was bursting at the seams. My ex partner, she worked in the local hospital too. During the peak, she wouldn't know where she would be; she could be in any of the three covid wards. Daily she'd be beside herself woth worry, daily she's see people die from complications. Covid may not have been the killer but it certainly helped. It weakens the hell out of your body and other things just finish you off. We have a new variant because that's how viruses work. They adapt, and they evolve. Their main function is to infect, and survive - if they cannot adapt then they die. Why do you think we have a new flu jab every year? It's because the flu virus adapted and this years jab is last years strain so we can try our best to fight it. I'm double vaxxed and I am glad I am. I will proudly say I am. It is helping me protect my loved ones, my colleagues and my friends. A vaccination's job is to help prevent the worst of the symptoms and allow your body to fight it; it is not an instant cure. Prevention is always better than the cure. That's why cases are still high. People are getting it still but a lot less people are dying. There will be some confusion around this time of year as it is cold and flu season however I believe in protecting others as well as myself. In regards to these "anagrams" as marshal so eloquently puts it, these are actually letters from the greek alphabet, so once more, using anything you can to suite your agenda.
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