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  1. PainKiller

    Not played that in so long! Started it and did a good bit but then just ended up not playing it. Might have to try and pick it up again at some point
  2. PainKiller

    I think Hammer dropped his tin foil hat!
  3. PainKiller

    Depends what you are after really, all MMO's have similarities and some have very stark differences. It's always been that WoW vs RuneScape fight. Personally, I hate WoW. The story was janky and all over the place and it made no sense what so ever and I could never get on with the way the quests are done or the way that the game played. I tried and it was just a no from me. Now switch to one of my favourite games of all time, RuneScape. I love everything about this game. For me, I am a lore hunter and a lover of a hell of a good story. The story in this is told slowly over time following quests that are split into different catergories depending on what you want to do in the game and you are free to do whatever you want to do. The quests aren't "fetch this" and "kill that". The longest quest I had to do was over 4 hours long and it was so worth it, the story was well done and it all made sense and I actually knew what was going on! Another one took about 5-10 minutes. They all end up becoming intertwined near the end as well which I really like. That is my piece on it though, I find it tough to explain my favourite games, for sure. But one thing you need to remember is what you are looking for in it. Is it the world? The setting? The lore, the combat, all of that. So many variables
  4. PainKiller

    So that means no sniper maps? Dammit. Guess we'll have to settle for the ONE sniper map we have in rotation 😭
  5. PainKiller

    Just curious if anyone here plays Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale made by Respawn Entertainment, the makers of the Titanfall series. If you do, feel free to add me on Origin and we'll play My Origin in PainKillerXI-94
  6. PainKiller

    We'll both do what we can in time for next weekend and see what we can fix. The redirect is sluggish and has been since the webby was down so give it some time to settle out
  7. PainKiller

    There are no problems with the packs themselves, loader and I tested them all yesterday. I pulled them with a couple of download failures but I got them in the end. What you need to make sure you do is what Window does, as soon as it connects, quit then reconnect. There are some intermittent problems with the redirect yes but also you can blame the CoD2 Master Server owned by Activision because that's a crock of shite.
  8. PainKiller

    Thanks for the heads up, Duc! Keep up the hard work, we all appreciate what you do
  9. Just a heads up, I have gotten the new map packs sorted for the TDM server but due to the redirect being down yesterday, @loaderXI was unable to get them on there so unfortunately we will be running a stock rotation for hopefully just today (Saturday) until we can get it working. There is one old map pack on there we've got but there aren't many good maps in it but I'll see what I can get together for a temp rotation! I promised a new rotation and map packs this weekend but they'll be a little late! Sorry about this and I hope you're all okay with it ~PainKiller
  10. PainKiller

    For me it's the website homepage loading times, it's atrocious and sometimes it takes a long time to connect, I hope it can get sorted soon
  11. PainKiller

    I'll get around to it today or tomorrow don't worry, I've not entirely forgotten
  12. PainKiller

    That's because Loader did a whole new map rotation but I have no idea why it tried to download for about 10 minutes! That's not right! @loaderXI will be your best bet. If it's for TDM, I haven't done much to it for a while
  13. PainKiller

    But where will I get my easy points from?
  14. PainKiller

    Yo, anyone got the popcorn? Love watching me some drama in the forums