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  1. I keep looking at White House but sometimes there are issues with weird invisible walls when you try to shoot which makes half of the map useless. I can always give it another go! I can have Toujane added whenever we need it so if I take a map out for any particular reason such as its not liked then I will replace it with Toujane.
  2. Good evening folks, New rotation for TDM server is now live, and the maps can now be downloaded. Here are the maps and the rotation if anyone was interested: Run and Gun: mp_cvcg mp_curra_tuscany2 gsm_megiddo_v1 mp_alienscape_v1 mp_bazaar mp_construction mtl_hobbiton CTF: mp_ccd mp_alburjundi mp_fgm gob_italy2 mp_ao_beta mp_devils_den_beta3 Sniper: ifis_platform2 mhz_bridges_day3 sps_artic_island_f sps_snipers_toys mp_tl_sniper_v2 mp_sf_dickeshill fr_mouse3 mp_insanity mp_memin "gametype tdm map mp_bazaar map ifis_platform2 gametype ctf map gob_italy2 gametype tdm map sps_artic_island_f map mtl_hobbiton map mhz_bridges_day3 gametype ctf map mp_fgm gametype tdm map sps_snipers_toys map mp_cvcg map mp_tl_sniper_v2 gametype ctf map mp_toujane gametype tdm map mp_sf_dickeshill map mp_ccd map fr_mouse3 gametype ctf map mp_construction gametype tdm map mp_insanity map mp_alienscape_v1 map mp_memin gametype ctf map mp_devils_den_beta3 gametype tdm map ifis_platform2 map mp_curra_tuscany2 map mhz_bridges_day3 gametype ctf map mp_ao_beta gametype tdm map sps_artic_island_f map gsm_megiddo_v1 tdm map sps_snipers_toys gametype ctf map mp_alburjundi gametype tdm map mp_tl_sniper_v2" There should not be any clashing maps if you have been keeping your main folder clean If there are any issues, and I am not around to resolve them that day please notify me ASAP and I can remove or replace any maps as required.
  3. Window and I just screw around every now and then, I don't know why! I've always got my friends backs. Yea I get frustrated in the game, and with the people at times, but each and every one of you guys are my friends, and I will always have peoples backs. Even Windows back, sadly There might often be times where I can be an asshole but in all fairness everyone has that capacity; but everyone I know says I'm a lovely person. Just not when I am tired or in a bad mood I should just have a bowl and go chill. I've worked hard on the server, for years now, always thinking of ways to keep it fresh. I think what we have now thanks to all the input from yourself and the others, we have a good thing going with the rotation and the settings. I can't please everyone, and that's still something I am getting used to! The less I care, the happier I am! I can get almost all fixes done on the server in a few minutes, like rotation errors and some settings and I've said a few times that if there is something happening, and I am not around to fix it in game, PM me and I will look into it ASAP.
  4. I don't know it now because dad and I don't talk much now, but he was Noddy when he was in the clan. Working on it! That is something to get this year, and a long holiday.
  5. Nah, that's just a picture of Windows usual score in game. SHITE
  6. I think the republicans are a brainwashed cult of complete lunacy and childish ineptitude, but that's just me. You should see what most of the republican politicians say on Twitter, its a goldmine of bullshit and entertainment, and a LOT of political extremists. That stupid march they all did last year on a political building was nothing short of a terror attack. Extremism doesn't have to be religious, or from external sources like the Middle East (which we had NO right to be in). Your biggest enemy is the one from within. I will say, that Republican supporters/cultists cry over spilt milk, and try to make everything swing their way, and act like complete children. Very quick to blame someone else, and make a big song and dance about it. The tough thing is, that people will believe what they want to believe, and when you have been exposed to a certain way of thinking for such a long time, you get conditioned to believe that's what is right; someone's political agenda fits what you would like, and what you believe should be right; but it doesn't mean it IS right. Though, this is someone from another country with their own shitty government, watching yours fall apart at the seams. You're all welcome to believe what you wanna believe, and I believe your entire country is fucked, and shit out of luck. Just like ours! Not to cause problems or offense but your government, much like mine, is ran by people too old and out of touch and very much in a class division to understand what the country needs. Don't give me the tripe of "they're older and more experienced." Our Tory party is such an out of touch, money grabbing and toxic scum sucking group that have no idea what is right for this place. As long as they line their pockets, its okay right? The older generation are a lot less accepting of change and new ideas, and want things how they were, not what they are or may be. Where as my generation, and the ones that follow are more accepting and open, championing inclusivity. Though saying that, we have our share of people that take it wayyy to far and make it all about them, and think that everything said against them is a personal attack and play the victim card. Those people piss me the hell off. Though, what can I say, I am an outsider looking in, and its different when you're in the situation!
  7. Making maps for CoD2 is something I would love to do, but I can't get my head around the tools!
  8. I play MW2 quite a bit, im not that good but I enjoy playing it! Activision ID thingy is WhiteRaven94#1999176, or you can find me on Steam under the name Cosmic_Goat
  9. Congrats Weed! I don't speak for CoD4 admins, but as an admin myself, welcome to the team! It's always nice to have more hands, and thank you for saying how smooth we make things feel behind the scenes. It's a thankless job but it pays off to know that people appreciate it! You're in good hands on the CoD4 Moderator team, and they'll help you learn the ropes
  10. Are there more plans for events on that server? That was really fun
  11. Rj-11 is another one that goes AFK for rounds at a time. Is it possible to set it so players that are idle for too long get moved to spec automatically? Or will that effect frozen players too?
  12. I'll be there! You can try to pry my sniper from my cold dead hands
  13. They stopped doing dedicated servers years ago - I think Black Ops was the last one with dedicated PC servers. The games have no dedicated servers, and they most definitely will be played in a year; it's a massive game, and even ones from a few years ago are still being massively played. There are people in the millions playing the games, recent or not
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