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  1. PainKiller

    Yea I agree, its a no. If you're gonna be racist, take it somewhere else. I'm not the admin for this game but that's my two cents
  2. PainKiller

    Just remembered about this, thanks mate
  3. PainKiller

    Sweet, I'll need some help setting up the mod and connecting again
  4. PainKiller

    Do we do medals for Pettiness? I reckon we should
  5. PainKiller

    Don't leave because someone has a problem with you. That's their problem not yours mate. If they wanna be butt-hurt and not join because you're here then that's up to them. They need to grow up and get over it.
  6. PainKiller

    Wakanda Forever!
  7. PainKiller

    omg ah well, I guess I can just play on a friends server
  8. PainKiller

    Dern it. Well at least there is ARMA 3 when I get it. Its no problem
  9. PainKiller

    So I finally built my new PC and it runs like a dream and I am very happy with the £800-£900 saved up and spent on it. I have reinstalled Arma 2 and the DLC but I need some help getting back into the servers and playing; like what steps I gotta take and all that
  10. If there's one thing I want gone from the mod its that damn trophy system
  11. PainKiller

    Loader and I are in there every now and then, I'm in there maybe once a week. I only really go on when Loader is about really.
  12. PainKiller

    I read that as "I'm overcome with excrement" but I guess that can also work
  13. PainKiller

    Lookin' good timmah!
  14. PainKiller

    Building an AMD machine. AMD Ryzen 5, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 650 watt gold PSU and my current GTX 960 GPU. I will get an SSD at the end of the month
  15. PainKiller

    I've almost finished building my first gaming rig just the RAM to go and she's ready. Of course, I do need to get a new SSD and SSHD but mine still work perfectly fine, same with my GPU but they will be upgraded over time. Best of luck and I hope it works well!



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