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  1. hey is sombody form the XI members also playing Pokemon Go ??? if yes pleas kontakt me per PN special the US members
  2. By the way who cares?? If 1 falls many more will fall So we all will be Fucked up
  3. Was an great Win for the Rest an an Big Ass kick For US
  5. sounds instresting Team Germany ;-)
  6. I love you To DESSY
  7. welcome to the Clan
  8. Also an Happy NEW YEAR from Germany
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Yesterday we got 20 cm Snow in about 1 hour . So i had an long Break with my Bus for over 4 Hours. I hope others know how hard it is just to stand around and wait until the Work is Over
  11. Joyeux anniversaire
  12. Merry X-Mas to All members and Players on the server. Have an great X-Mas eve
  13. sorry to Hear that Best wiches for you and your Fam And alsways Head up Live goes on
  14. oh Australian NAVI sounds for an good job
  15. Somtimes an lot of idiots are in the Bus