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  1. Sven35i

    when i set the klick in that field i hear my self on the PC spekers but the other side dont hear me X-bandit tryed it on Team viewer
  2. Sven35i

    its not the fire button the button komplet left side i have on the side an other button
  3. Sven35i

    in Game it´s mous button left side voice chat in game is on if you habe Team viewer and Time you can check my settings
  4. Sven35i

    it works when i turn on the mic ans i here my self on the PC speekers usb is working no probs with hardware manager its plug and play
  5. Sven35i

    still not working it sucks
  6. Sven35i

    it is on i changed nothing
  7. Sven35i

    somehow i dont no what happend now i cant hear peopel talking in game i only hear the sound of the game ( shootinge nades ) but no talking
  8. Sven35i

    if sombody who is realy good in thos things woud help me with teamviewer wod be cool i dont get those settings somhow and it realy pisses me of that the mic is not working
  9. Sven35i

    i dont find anything do you have teamviewer??
  10. Sven35i

    Its turned on
  11. Sven35i

    it is switched are you good in pc things?? and do you have Teamviewer
  12. Sven35i

    HEy everybody i Need HELP i bougt an new Headset and an Usp Port for it So that i coud use it al together But Mic is not working any ideas???
  13. Sven35i

    Thats why he has also Instagram
  14. Sven35i

    he is also by Instagram Carspotting_Siegerland by the way he is also an XI junior member ;-)
  15. Sven35i

    Hey guys i Need some help on the Facebook side of my Junior. Some big car seller her in our Town will not work together with my Junior course of the numbers of Likes. They are saying we need more Likes even if the other carspotter are making not so good Pictures. I think he is making realy good Pictures for his age of 16 years. Please let an Like on his FB side to help him . Thanks Guys https://www.facebook.com/Carspotting_siegerland-528601084008708/
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