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  1. Hello How can it be that a certain player thinks he can take all the freedom he wants. He wants to determine who comes on which server. if you come to the server there are sayings like i don't play against the mother fucker and go . Since this person has certain friends, they also leave the server. and thus ruin the game. I think if, like in his case, you probably have mental problems or just can't play the game fast enough anymore, you should either keep your eyes peeled and play or not go to the server anymore. and even some mods see it that way. I won't mention any names there either
  2. Sven35i

    Never Forget those wich are Fighting for our Fredom. No mater where and for wich Nation. Those Pics are From the Last D-Day befor Covid and i was Proud as an Ex Soldier to talk to that WW2 Veteran.
  3. @MHsDaughter we all know you like it big
  4. sorry to hear about your mom passing, I went thew the same crap when my dad died in 2019 my older brother never bothered to call me before he died so I feel your pain and its sucks you couldn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

  5. Sven35i

    Hey guys in moment im not that funny guy on Server. My head is an bit Fucked up Sunday to monday my Mum Passed away. The shit is that i coud not say Godbey to her . We had trouble last 5 years. And so nobody told me that she had cancer and was going to die. Sorry when im not talking or just been fucked up on sever
  6. Sven35i

    gute besserung schnell wieder fitt werden und dann wieder zum zocken kommen
  7. Sven35i

    sorry Roxy but on this person the head Team has to handel its not the first time that he was reported. and sorry that i informed more then 1 person but when nobody is there to handel it
  8. Sven35i

    when he is in Spec mode and giving tips to an other player and i am still playing sorry but then ther is no time to go out an record
  9. Sven35i

    by the way it was on the map mp_hhk_sandman
  10. Sven35i

    Hey guys Slowly it makes no more fun to play with that Lecacal guy. I know he got already several warnings. But yesterday after an time in the round when i was killing him all time, he went into spec modus and told his other french friend all the time where i was sitting . And that i think is also an way to cheat . i Tryed to contact any admin but nobody was online. and on server i told him to STOP that . his Words no English Slowly i think he deserves an Timeout
  11. Sven35i

    my condolences to you and your family R.I.P
  12. Sven35i

    thank you all for the birthday wishes
  13. Sven35i

    now in the news the gun was loaded with sharp ( hot ) amo so not fake amo
  14. Sven35i

    then we shoud find an middel way it was 50 health now 65 so chnge it to 56 and that will be an good middelway
  15. Sven35i

    woud be the best or try to change the power of the wepons
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