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  1. Raiden

    NICE JOKE. Please give me the right Numbers for Euro Lotto. 65mio in Jackpot.??
  2. Raiden

    Check the Cars Cotrol Box with an OBD Tool. Many Mercedes have Problems with the Glow Plugs and Fuel Injectors.Your Vibrations may result from a non correct working Injection.
  3. Raiden

    Happy Birthday Plague.
  4. Raiden

    Happy Birthday .
  5. Hi Olive saw you many times .Thanks for your nice Replay. We will shoot us on Battlefield.
  6. Hi all . I am Car Technical Master and 28 Years in Job . If any Question for Europes ,Special German Cars is their please ask. I try to help as good as i can.Regards Raiden.
  7. Hi Guys . I am also Member in BAD Clan . We have Europes most liked and played Hardcore Server . Its running nearly full 24/7. Your all Welcome to be our Guest if your own Server is emtpy and you want some Fun.Special wishes of Map etc no Problem I am Serveradmin also. Origin Name : X-ZUB-ZERO-X.
  8. Raiden

    Happy Birthday.
  9. Hi,




    1. Raiden


      Hi Trailtrash hope your Fine Mate.

    2. Trailrtrash


      Hat aber lange gedauert mit der Antwort. :rofl:

      Klar, Mann.

      Alles gut.

    3. Raiden


      Ja bin nicht ganz fit mit dem Forum


  10. Raiden

    Hello i am Thomas from Germany and new on your Freeztag Server.I like the Teamplay and the Mod and hope for some nice Games with all you Mates there.My ingame name is Raiden.
  11. Raiden

    Hello and thank you for this. Yes really sorry about him he was only 38 Years.First he lost his left egg ,then he get an Infection during his Chemotherapy.It was a bad fight,that he sadly lost.Glad to join back and hope you will see that i dont cheat.
  12. Raiden

    This user has created an appeal with the following information. Sent by: Jogger Sent on: 17 July 2016 - 07:48 PM Game server: MW2 Freeztag In-game name: Jogger Appeal details: Hello Admins. I am banned on your Server for a Game ban from Punkbuster. The Problem is that i get the Cod from my Buddy that died .He gave me his 25 Pc games 1 week before cancer killed him.I really didnt know that his Cod4 is banned or why. After i spoke with an Admin in TS he told that PB never turn back bans.So i buyed a new game and came back on your server 4 days Later. After playing now 3-4 Hours i get a new Bann ,Maybe because i used the same name. Exactly i dont know what else i did wrong .I play evertime as good as i can for team and dont use cheats or hacks in whole life.Please give me a chance and check me whenever you want I AM NOT A CHEATER. I love your Freeztag Server and the Nice Mates who play there. Thanks Thomas alias Jogger.
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