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  1. Hahahahahaha. Oh we did!
  2. I hope your birthday cake isn't poisoned @EastCoast50. HaHa. Happy b-day FuckFace50
  3. Damnit beers...... I'm gonna miss all the ways you enjoy killing me!!!!! Haha. Enjoy your time and travels!
  4. Hi there. No, not on teamspeak as of yet. Look forward to seeing u on the servers!
  5. My AR put her into submission! lol
  6. Older and salty?! Haha
  7. Hello all! I did a brief intro several months ago but was asked to post a bit more info. I am IceQueenHerb, not to be confused with the original and ruling queen @Icequeen. I'm just plain old Herb or Herbie. haha. I live on the east coast of the USA and have been playing on the XI servers since February; I've improved some I still get slaughtered on a regular basis. I have really enjoyed playing against a bunch of fun people on XI. Sometimes I get laughing so hard I can't shoot. You all are awesome. Although I go by Herbie I am actually a female. Long story. I'm a mom, in my 40's, an old lady, a soon-to-be grandma and generally an asshole. I look forward to seeing you guys on the servers.
  8. @Icequeen omg.... your eyes!!! They're hypnotic!! lol. ~Herb
  9. Just hanging out with Swayze! Ha. ~Herbie
  10. @Zombiefart what cat ears are were you talking about? Or cat face? haha. You must've been drunk. lol . - Ice Cream Lt. Dan!
  11. I'm the tan guy with white hair and a blue plaid shirt!
  12. Awesome!!!!! YAY
  13. I got to meet @spinpuppytoday in Gettysburg! - Herbie @icequeenherb
  14. Awesome. What days? I will be around. I doubt @EastCoast50Will meet for a beer. He'll have some excuse. #pussy. Haha
  15. Ha. That literally makes no sense but still lol