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  1. icequeenherb

    Happy birthday my friend @spinpuppy I hope you get a samich!
  2. icequeenherb

    Yep! And thanks
  3. icequeenherb

    I hope Santa shit in your stocking. Hee hee
  4. icequeenherb

    Myself and little IceQueenHerb jr
  5. icequeenherb

    Yea, and her mom's is on 12/20. Expensive ass month for me. Haha
  6. icequeenherb

    Hahahaha. Thanks, I think. Granddaughter arrived Christmas Eve. Everyone is healthy and happy.
  7. icequeenherb

    Happy birthday! I always hope to kill your ass at least once a game. haha.
  8. icequeenherb

    Welcome fellow Idiot!
  9. icequeenherb

    Absolutely adorable !!!! The cutest Thanksgiving pic I've seen yet
  10. icequeenherb

    What @EastCoast50failed to mention is that is a flying squirrel that I trapped and trained to specifically attack him. Oh and yeah..... I'm the one who pushed him down the stairs in his workshop. My bad. lol
  11. icequeenherb

    Hey @Largecarz You need me to slash @EastCoast50 tires again or slip him some more Cyanide? I absolutely have your back! 😋
  12. icequeenherb

    I will 2nd that statement! lol
  13. icequeenherb

    Daisy and Acorn are pictured as well
  14. icequeenherb

    Those faces!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
  15. icequeenherb

    If Tom Turkey presents himself in my crosshairs I won't be able to control myself! Haha.