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  1. Awesome!!!!! YAY
  2. I got to meet @spinpuppytoday in Gettysburg! - Herbie @icequeenherb
  3. Awesome. What days? I will be around. I doubt @EastCoast50Will meet for a beer. He'll have some excuse. #pussy. Haha
  4. Ha. That literally makes no sense but still lol
  5. Nah.... It's all good. Friends who enjoy giving each other. Lol
  6. Wishing u the best!
  7. @EastCoast50 has a new friend . Ha. Sorry, had to
  8. The sound of 3 snoring pugs! And some Iron Maiden in the background. Ha
  9. Prayers and thoughts to her and the whole family. Be strong. Fight hard. God bless.
  10. A long time ago!!! LOL. :-)
  11. I guess I should've worded that differently. haha!! Damnit.
  12. Patiently waiting for 2019!!!! What are your thougts as to how it's going to end???
  13. @EastCoast50 I thought you weren't playing because I'm now starting to beat you off and on. HA. Sincerely, the Ex-Wife of Fuck Face Fifty. ;-)