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  1. icequeenherb

    Just remember that when you retire that I STILL out rank you! Lol. Congrats and fuck you! 😀😛
  2. icequeenherb

    Wishing you the best of luck and sending you positive thoughts @7Toes
  3. icequeenherb

    My grumble of pugs. Enjoy the ugliness in which you are about to see. Lol. Tank, Squiggy and Daisy.
  4. LOL!!!!!!!! Love? No, more like the truest of emotions of "I no longer want to stab you in the ear with an ice pick" . ????
  5. @EastCoast50 again.... the ONLY reason you decided to become an Admin is so you could for once in your life be the boss of me. ?
  6. icequeenherb

    Damn! I'm so thankful she's ok!!
  7. icequeenherb

    Admin FuckFace reporting for duty! LOL.
  8. icequeenherb

    Congrats to all! Except @eastcoast50. haha.
  9. icequeenherb

    I have always had a burning desire to plant poisonous spiders in his truck. Lol
  10. icequeenherb

    Are you drunk again, jackass? @eastcoast50 Lol
  11. icequeenherb

    @EastCoast50You may have more ARs than I do.... but I'm ready! You know I'm stocked up. Bring it!
  12. icequeenherb

    I should post an old pic of us. Fitting. Haha
  13. icequeenherb

    I know, right!? Haha. A group of pugs is referred to as a Grumble. I didn't mean to have 4 of them... 2 were abandoned rescues. Sweetest creatures ever! My partner at work has multiple morph ball pythons. She's getting into breeding. They're beautiful! As our your snakes.
  14. icequeenherb

    Daisy, Squiggy, Tank and Acorn



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