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  1. icequeenherb

    and part time "orderer of samiches!"
  2. I'm a better shot in real life than in COD. Haha. Who else has hunting pics to share?
  3. icequeenherb

    They're totally jealous Spin!!
  4. icequeenherb

    Be safe buddy!
  5. icequeenherb

    And you still have no idea.....
  6. icequeenherb

    Yep..... I got yours in the divorce! HAHAHAHAH. Boom. I win. lol
  7. icequeenherb

    Absolutely in fun... usually. haha. I'm glad we're making you laugh. But stop calling me Shirley!
  8. icequeenherb

    Shout out to @Angelz for the awesomely idiot-approved sig! Since @EastCoast50 has everyone convinced I attempted to poison him on several occasions I found this fitting! haha. @Mr_Wick and @spinpuppy... you guys still want that sammich? The ugly ass dog is my beloved Herbie that is part of my moniker. Thanks again Angelz! YOU ROCK.
  9. icequeenherb

    Actually I cooked his snakes and fed them to him for dinner. Haha.
  10. icequeenherb

    Damnit Beers! Hahahahaha @eastcoast50
  11. icequeenherb

    Thanks again @spinpuppy. Haven't seen you lately.... hope you're doing well and are working on your tan! Haha
  12. icequeenherb

    Hahahahaha Wickster!!! I would totally make u a sammich!!
  13. icequeenherb

    Some of that is actually a true story!! Hahahahahaha. @eastcoast50
  14. icequeenherb

    Jackass!! Haha. However.... you are correct @EastCoast50
  15. icequeenherb

    Haha.... confusing name, I know. I'm a chick. Most in XI call me Herbie. Long story.