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  1. BTW the I found out how to customize your joystick/gamepad controls in the game so it's not greyed out anymore: In Battlefiled 1: Go to Options -> Controls -> Control Schemes On the left side, where you have "Air Vehicle Buttons" etc.: Select "Custom" for each row instead of "Default". Now you can edit the Joystick controls in Options -> Key Bindings. You still need an XInput compatible controller (or emulate one like shown above) though.
  2. daviddwigh

    I should be able to participate, unless my work schedule changes.
  3. daviddwigh

    I would play if I am available.
  4. daviddwigh

    Thank you all for your warm welcome. I hope to have a long relationship with XI.
  5. daviddwigh

    Great emblems.
  6. Wonder if this will work on other vehicles that are stuck???
  7. daviddwigh

    Gave you a plug.
  8. daviddwigh

    Tried it and it works like a charm. Thank you Damit.
  9. daviddwigh

    Did you mean Second Insult?
  10. daviddwigh

    Nice to know they appreciate their players. Just hope they fix everything.
  11. daviddwigh

    So Damit you are the head BF3 Admin? Good info for all.



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