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  1. papithegun

    Have not been able to get to the server where I can play the multiplayer with the members. Any more suggestions to get there? thanks
  2. papithegun

    Appreciate all responses. Look forward to playing with all or some of you.
  3. papithegun

    Thanks for letting me know. Will try to log in tomorrow.
  4. How can I play multiplayer with our members? Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks
  5. I want to say that the covid virus has really messed up our world. Very sad to hear that two of our members have passed away due to the virus. Only thing that no one can say for sure is how it affects different individuals. I tested positive for the virus in December. Being high risk, I was very concerned. Well, being incredibly lucky, I had no issues and after 2 weeks in quarantine, I returned to somewhat normal life. What puzzles me is that to some people the virus is deadly and to others is not. How can we predict this? I sincerely hope that someone comes up with a rational answer. To all members, please be safe and careful.
  6. papithegun

    This is really sad that players have to cheat to win. These are games for fun and entertainment.
  7. papithegun

    I would love to but unfortunately I can play in the morning. sorry
  8. papithegun

    Just wanted to say that for us really senior folks, the last year has been a hard struggle. We have survived though and we plan on going forward to beat this thing and put it behind us. I wish all a safe day.
  9. Will do my best to join the meeting. Thanks and be safe.
  10. papithegun

    Just want to wish all our members stay safe during these trying times. Hope that the new year brings us relief and tranquility to all. Papi
  11. papithegun

    Thanks for the info. How do I look for the tag in the game. I have been playing Multiplayer and War zone. I am still very new but I like the game very much.
  12. papithegun

    Thanks for the information. Will do.
  13. The game I have always played is BF4, but I just got Modern Warfare and I would like to try our server. Please let me know. Thanks
  14. papithegun

    Been a long time since we talked or played together. Wonderful garden. Hope all the little darlings are doing well. I had my 6th grandchild in May, a beautiful baby girl names Stella. Now I have 3 girls and 3 boys. Wish you and all your family the best!!! Stay safe
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