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  1. papithegun

    I have contacted Damit but I have not heard from him. He helped me in the beginning to set up my Logitech and it worked very well but when it went bad, nothing has been able to get it working. I have tried all the suggestions and unfortunately none have worked. Will keep trying though. Thanks for all the comments.
  2. papithegun

    I still have issues with the joystick. I have given up on the Logitech, and I reluctantly bought a Thrustmaster 16000M against a lot of folks advising that I shouldn't. Well, I still cannot configure the damn thing and it is driving me crazy. I still play BF4, of course without flying. Still hoping someone out there can help me set this thing up. That is why I am an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and proud of it.
  3. papithegun

    I have not been keeping up with this issue. Any support needed to get a server going, let me know. Even if it is in Europe.
  4. papithegun

    I was traveling so I am late in wishing every idiot a very happy Xmas and a very successful new year. 🎉
  5. papithegun

    Still without a joystick or able to fly. Hopefully something will come that will fix the problem. Thanks to all
  6. papithegun

    Krackennuts Where did you get what you are using. I still cannot do any flying with the mouse and board. Thanks for getting back to me.
  7. papithegun

    Ok guys. I tried all the different suggestions, like the battlelog Hide, uninstalling Logitech software and use windows drivers, and still was not able to fly properly. Only thing I noticed, is that when I go back to the logitech software and do the test and calibration of the joystick, once finished, I cannot apply the settings. Therefore, I think that my only solution is to get a different joystick since I suck using the mouse and keyboard to fly. If anyone else has any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. papithegun

    Thank you for all the replies. First of all, I do not agree with the comment about Logitech customer service being one of the best. I talked to them for a period of over 1 week. After all the fixes they recommended they finally said I needed to buy a new one. I did, and when I plugged in the new one, it also did not work. When I asked for return and refund instructions they came back that they did not show my order number. I bought it Nov. 22. So I had to scan the order and send it to them. Still waiting for the reply. As far as Damit, he is the reason I joined XI, because he set my joystick up almost 3 years ago and it worked fine until now. Will try the battlelog fix to see what happens and I will inform. Since I love to fly, any suggestions for an alternate joystick that will work?? Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  9. My initial issues in BF4 of weapons cycling and firing by themselves has been corrected, but I cannot use my joystick to fly in BF4. Any suggestions on how to fix this or change joysticks?? I have discussed the issue with Logitech and I even bought another one since they said mine was bad, except when I plugged in the new one, I still could not fly. Returning the new one. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Many thanks
  10. papithegun

    How do I get him?? Appreciate your info. Right now unplugged the joystick and getting ready to uninstall the software. So for game is working except flying.
  11. papithegun

    I am ready to give up on this issue. My original issue is resolved. The issue with not being able to fly is very frustrating and I am ready to give up. My joystick is quite old. Could that be the issue? Would another joystick like a Thrustmaster solve the issue?? HELP PLEASE.
  12. papithegun

    To all of the IDIOTS that responded, specially DAMIT1, I actually managed to fix the issue of the cycling of the weapons and the firing by themselves. I talked to a KNOWLEDGEABLE EA customer service and his instructions fixed this problem. In key bindings, remove all the joystick keys for soldier and vehicles. Once I did this and also unplugged the joystick and plugged it directly into the computer USB the problem went away. Then another problem developed. Now I cannot control the helicopter or the airplane. Have been communicating with Logitech and I also did all they suggested. The weapons problem continues to be solved, but I still have the flying issue. I talked to them this morning again, and I am waiting for their reply. Will keep everyone informed. Thanks to all that got back to me. Happy flying to those that can and Happy Halloween to all.
  13. papithegun

    Thanks for getting back to me. No issues with any other games. Just BF4. It is driving me nuts.
  14. papithegun

    Three days ago, when I started playing BF4 all weapons, soldier and vehicles started firing by themselves and I could not control them. Also in the soldier layout, weapons started moving also. I contacted EA support (they suck) also Microsoft and nothing. I uninstalled the game, re installed it repaired it, and still nothing has changed. Any one of you computer experts have any idea of how to fix this? EA support said they had never heard of this. I would appreciate any help on this issue so that I can continue to play the game. Thanks in advance.