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  1. papithegun

    Well, my new PC still not working properly. I let some techs from HP do some things and all they did was screw things up. Oh well!! Going to the beach tomorrow for 2 weeks, and there I won't be able to play. I will just have to get a tan and do lots of fishing. When I return I have someone that REALLY knows about computers come and FIX mine so that I can go back to playing again. It sucks. Happy Memorial day to all the idiots and hope to see some of you on the Battlefield when I return.
  2. papithegun

    Finally done, I can now play (hope) BF4 in our clan. Will be on the server this afternoon.
  3. papithegun

    Glad to see BF4 server again. Will be there tomorrow since now I have my new computer working.
  4. I just found out that we have started a new BF4 server. I will be on the server as soon as I can get my new PC going. Just got it last week and are now putting back all programs and games. I will be there for sure. Thanks for letting me know
  5. papithegun

    Will the specs as soon as I return. Thanks
  6. papithegun

    XRai. Thanks for all the information. I am traveling for the next 10 days, and as soon as I get back I will do the fixes to see if I can get the games going again. I really appreciate it
  7. papithegun

    I will follow your instructions and hopefully all will be well. Thanks
  8. papithegun

    I really appreciate you getting back to me. I will follow your instructions and get back to you. Thanks again
  9. papithegun

    Can you help with my new problem?????????Thanks
  10. papithegun

    I really need someones help right now. Forget about the joystick. I normally play 3 games regularly: BF4, Sniper Elite 4 and World of Warships. All of a sudden when I am playing either BF4 or Sniper Elite, both games just CRASH!!!!!! It started with Sniper and now BF4 is the same. Is this a video card issue or computer issue? Any help on this will be extremely welcomed and appreciated. ?
  11. papithegun

    I appreciate the offer, but I actually bought a new one and when I tried it, it did the same thing as the old one, so I returned it to Logitech and got my money back. That is when I bought the Thrustmaster which I have not been able to configure. It takes a PHD in computing to configure it, so I guess I am just an IDIOT!!!!!!!!
  12. papithegun

    I have contacted Damit but I have not heard from him. He helped me in the beginning to set up my Logitech and it worked very well but when it went bad, nothing has been able to get it working. I have tried all the suggestions and unfortunately none have worked. Will keep trying though. Thanks for all the comments.
  13. papithegun

    I still have issues with the joystick. I have given up on the Logitech, and I reluctantly bought a Thrustmaster 16000M against a lot of folks advising that I shouldn't. Well, I still cannot configure the damn thing and it is driving me crazy. I still play BF4, of course without flying. Still hoping someone out there can help me set this thing up. That is why I am an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and proud of it.
  14. papithegun

    I have not been keeping up with this issue. Any support needed to get a server going, let me know. Even if it is in Europe.
  15. papithegun

    I was traveling so I am late in wishing every idiot a very happy Xmas and a very successful new year. ?
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