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    I'm in SA end of May, we should meet up!
  3. CrustyBreadRoll

    Happy Birthday!
  4. CrustyBreadRoll

    Oh THAT white suit!
  5. CrustyBreadRoll

    What is a 'camo cloak'?
  6. CrustyBreadRoll

    My favourite flower!
  7. CrustyBreadRoll

    Ha ha, thank goodness not! It will give me nightmares!
  8. CrustyBreadRoll

    Found this thing in my mom's garden - think it's called a 'milkweed locust'. Creepy. It was dead though, I made it 'pose' for me
  9. CrustyBreadRoll

    OMG, help us, Miley is here!
  10. CrustyBreadRoll

    That is awesome!
  11. CrustyBreadRoll

    Happy Birthday Sally!
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  13. CrustyBreadRoll

    Hehe, why thank you sir! I would like to take part please