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  1. greywolf2

    Hey SOB i was clearing out old bookmarks and saw XI, decided to come by and see how all is doing, If you need someone to division up with when no one is around hit me up. I have up to tier9 ships ingame name timbergreywolf2
  2. greywolf2

    Wow lol i just stepped off my spaceship and read this! Guess what? they said on the Web that 9/11 ever happened, We never walked on the moon, and most of all We Are Not Really Here! Conspiracy theory is just that, Some one makes a statement of any off the wall subject and get 1 person to believe them and Bam. Do i buy into the Cern created the earthquake? Not a chance in H*&^ Oh and as a Disclaimer: This is my Opinion Let me guess You believe the XFiles was a true show
  3. greywolf2

    Wow a 8hr drive, not a member anymore but may look you all up if i head that way.
  4. Thanks Sammy for the info, And Hey Markoff just trying to enjoy some fun on the freeze---- Introduced the MOD to ruger when it was still somewhat new and it has been a long running mod, thanks in all part to the many XI players
  5. Was in a great game in the MM2 freeze and was in 3rd place, 8- 10 below me non members lower score and i was redirected. I know lowest gets the boot but not when that high up.. Oh well
  6. greywolf2

    I know the rules of booting lowest non member from the server to make room- but maybe you should fist kick the spectators first before booting others. 3 matches there were 4 spectators when room was being made, at the end 2 were still spectating and still they were kicking players. But in the end i know that non members just have to deal with it, just thought i would post, And Hey Ruger!
  7. Evenbalance does not support COD anymore------ So unless you have the PB folder (PB files in the AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4 directory) you can also udate them from a active server. If you are running Win7 there are several (if i remember 5-7) places you have to ensure is updated.
  8. greywolf2

    I knew Boomer as he landed in XI Had many fun times on the server as well as in TS. He was a map maker and did ones Just for XI. You will be missed more than you can imagine. May the lord take you in and rid you of your pain and May heart felt prayers go out to your Family and Friends. A truly good man!!!!
  9. This will not happen as then you may or may not get a few temp bans for reasons not needed. Admins will take care of issues.
  10. greywolf2

    guess that decision will have to be up to the senior admins here..just make an appeal post in the appeals section..post everthing u have here and see what happens... Best we can do is look into this and in no way can we remove the bans. Our servers stream so as soon as (if we did) remove a ban it would be reinstalled. And in no way will we circumvent the streaming. If we do pbbans will remove our streaming status. This is on EB and PB to solve the issues they are having.
  11. greywolf2

    Very nice.
  12. Well I will chime in for just a quick note. With all this vast knowledge you say you have, as well as purchasing cheats (your words) to study and better understand them. Post me a video of these cheaters that are on our servers non stop. Not a day goes by that you get on our servers that there is a cheater on there,and yet my pm box is empty, not a video of this person cheating. Hell I can say everyone that kills me is a cheater, But if i ban someone i do what i do best, get evidence rather than belittle and bad talk others. I just went through most of your 187 posts to see if there was video's. My pm box is open for buisness and is always ready to see the latest he is a cheater video. Otherwise just play the game and have what is intended here at XI ----------------------------- FUN
  13. Tell them to talk to a admin if they got a concern otherwise tell them to shut the fuck up. If they can not understand that pm a adim the names calling you this so we can deal with it. If you do not bring it to a admins attention we can not do anything, unless we see it.
  14. greywolf2

    Ok Everyone I am going to stop this post. The Seniors are working on this and trust me everything you have posted--- I have and more. Let us do our job. If you have anything you think is relivent to this issue send them in a pm to me. We are not going to have a he is or he is not guilty out on the main forums. As i said topic is closed. Send your concerns and info to me in a pm.....
  15. greywolf2

    They gave the guy a try out I believe with the Jets Nothing has been decided on yet if it went good.
  16. greywolf2

    This is so all will Know. We are looking into this If you have any questions or concerns pm me or any Senior admins as we are looking into this now.
  17. I have banned him will let him come to the site and explain why he does not play
  18. greywolf2

    Well 775 miles away it may be reachable-not sure will look into it later tonight on the calender
  19. greywolf2

    Welcome to your new house
  20. greywolf2

    Mule the cards are pre loaded the first half all the deck cutting and shuffle If you watch the top section of the deck is always put back on the top.... The last part Not sure yet...
  21. http://www.political-humor.org/overheard-on-th-vhf-guard-frequency-121-5-mhz-while-flying-from-europe-to-dubai.shtml
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