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  1. RIP>XI<

    you can seing Dolphin few seconds when video start
  2. RIP>XI<

    I offer you a good beer to each of you my friends
  3. RIP>XI<

    i offer beere to all of you !!!
  4. RIP>XI<

    i will stay a member tks all
  5. RIP>XI<

    i will quit clan cant play with disfinfonction vision sorry !
  6. RIP>XI<

    Happy Birthday!
  7. RIP>XI<

    Welcome to >XI<
  8. RIP>XI<

    i play when i can bécose is a playsure play whith you love you all
  9. RIP>XI<

    miss you !!!
  10. RIP>XI<

    Welcome back Dawgy
  11. RIP>XI<

    love you all !! my famailly !!!
  12. RIP>XI<


  13. RIP>XI<

    i play when i can alwais a plaisure play whith you !
  14. RIP>XI<

    my vision are at 40% and y cant play so well but is a plaisure to playing whit you all love you !
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