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  1. Condolences to the family, friends and even the clan members here who knew blackbart
  2. RIP>XI<

    condoleances for his wife and all friends >XI<
  3. RIP>XI<

    congrats and beautiful baby !
  4. RIP>XI<

    Happy Birthday all have a great day
  5. pas vraiment mais merci !! de toute façon je joue de moins en moins ma vue diminue
  6. RIP>XI<

    Thoughts and prayers
  7. RIP>XI<

    Welcome to the forum !!
  8. RIP>XI<

    Best of luck and your drive and be as safe as you can
  9. RIP>XI<

    thank you all
  10. RIP>XI<

    thank you !
  11. RIP>XI<

    can i have one ?
  12. RIP>XI<

    its work thank you for help !!
  13. RIP>XI<

    same for Cod 4
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