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  1. There's lots of different views on replay Kickin
  2. Was on a roll lol too drunk to pay attention to the blue line. Scroll through to about 15 minutes in and watch from there and put on 720p
  3. Chicken Dinner no kills lol me and kickinDatAzz
  4. I think PUBG just put a lawsuit on them for copyright Infringement.
  5. yup
  6. Cool old video check it out!!!!!
  7. I'm kind of curious how you get a chicken dinner with 0 kills?
  8. Got this on black Friday sale $33 badass game hard ass hell though very hard but nice. Check it out! https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
  9. $trEEcLe@ner has wanted to be a clan member for a very long time and I know him. He would be a good part of >XI< he's been here longer then most of our members please look at him $trEEcLe@ner! good dude !