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  1. Hello! I have quite a strange problem. I cannot hear any enemy or friendly fire on the COD5 Nam server. It started yesterday. I can hear my own gunfire but no one else's. I restarted my game. I restarted my computer and then I reset my game to factory settings within the game. Do you have any insight as to what the problem may be? Thanks in advance! ENG4INE
  2. Nice pistola, Hombre'.
  3. I don't know whether they hack or not because I kick both of their asses regularly and would hate to get accused of such a thing myself. However, I have noticed for quite some time now they have an uncanny ability to take a server down from 24 to 2-3 players within one map rotation, that's not cool. Also previously if you ran off so many players and ruined gameplay for others (referring to iguess and BBQ) those people would be removed from the server's for the betterment of the player's on the server and to keep it filled. Although it seems a lot of things have changed with time, It use to be hackussations without video or admin proof would be met with a warning or kick. Nightly people who know better (XI members not even BBQ or IGuess) accuse other's of such things to the point they too run player's off of the servers with their bitching and complaining. The rules are few and simple, but it seems some people including our member's don't care if they ruin it for others.
  4. I keep getting an unhandled exception while I am the only one on the server and my game is crashing. Where is everyone tonight?
  5. ENG4INE

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  6. ENG4INE

    Very sorry for your family's loss, Belted. Praying for you all.
  7. ENG4INE

    Welcome to XI!
  8. ENG4INE

    Welcome to the >XI< shad0wKiller>XI<!
  9. ENG4INE

    Congrats Sir!
  10. ENG4INE

    WELCOME! Geeze it's about time...
  11. ENG4INE

    WELCOME! Geeze it's about time...
  12. ENG4INE

  13. Thanks to all the XI members and guests for helping me out during my first BF4 games! I had a blast, you will definitely be seeing more of ENG4INE. Hxtr thanks for the game buddy.
  14. Thank you @@hxtr! Almost have the game dowloaded! Thanks to everyone else that has share info/advice on the topic. I'm looking forward to being the BF4 noob!
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