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  1. Hey piunk!!!!!

    1. P!nk


      hey Rock! Soooo???? are you unbanned? (you were banned, right?)

    2. ROCKMAN


      I was? I'm not sure now?   do I care? no.... I'm sure if I was it was because a snowflake had their feelings hurt.

    3. P!nk


      lol snowflakes have feelings? But don't worry, i won't wake up anybody... no need to be afraid i would speak before thinking 🙂


  2. Hammer time!!!!!

    Hey ole man how ya been?

    1. TheHammer


      good i hope all is well with you also 🙂


  3. !fu @ROCKMAN lol

    1. J3st3r


      How have you been buddy?


    2. ROCKMAN


      Pretty good I guess? early retirement due to an injury... more time to game... How about you?

  4. why am I still banned? 

    who do you need to consult with before removing the ban?


    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: cod4 When did you get banned?: 12/9/2017 What was your in-game name?: ROCKMAN What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: I got banned for speaking to fast and twisting my words around by accident! There was no ill will or intent made by it. It on only hurt who's ears it fell upon. But because the admin herd a terrible word, she had to ban per XI policy, it was a complete fumble of words. Please lift my ban.
  6. Wow, that pic hardly looks 15 years old. 

  7. I know what your pondering in your picture! should i get two cherry's on my sundae or one?

  8. To many old maps together, it needs to be broken up. playing the same maps for 2 weeks in row? I couldn't wait for the weekends for map rotation.
  9. Our team is composed of Kidslayer , Neonom and myself.

    Make a great wish man!

    Happy Birthday have a good one Rock :yahoo:

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    2. Cliffs_Edge


      i'm all good Rockman how you been not seen you on here for sometime why? hope all is well...

    3. ROCKMAN


      I am out of work due to a pinched nerve, I bought a new cp. but having trouble trying to use cod???? need a really good nerd friend to help me sort it out.. Been playing titanfall. do you have that 1?



    4. Cliffs_Edge


      tell me the problem i'll sort it out what is spec i'm waiting for my new PC normally i would build my own but could not get the parts cheaper.. Sorry to hear your outta work Man that suks hope your leg gets better...

      Cliff         See you in my sights 🧐

  12. Happy Anniversary of the day you were Born Rockman!!!  Hope you have a Wonderful Day Sir!!!


    1. ROCKMAN


      Thanks man! where did you get that picture of me???


    So sorry for your loss,
  14. !FU Rockman just saying lol

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