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  1. other is show a screen shot of confirmed purchase
  2. if not see the new drive, need to format it to your setup being current NTFS, SCSI
  3. the new era of build house on stilts coming soon TSW sorry this is a common thing now around the world, hope all are safe of the aftermath.
  4. Congrats to the back ground workers respect and honor Sr Bellcour and Rugger
  5. your case (safe) is fine as long you leave the covers on case, note PSU is on the bottom of case Note: PSU wires must match the PSU from its original box for they aren't all the same from another PSU you will have set it up that the fans are blow out back, 2-3 top fans blow out and front is blow inward Note: on the outer fan housing will see a arrow of turning blade and flow of air for parts need air flow or air change in the case. to get positive flow i would tape up the pounced holes on backside of case and the top blank fan hole if using only 2 fans there the monitor supports AMD graphics, so buy a AMD graphics card, inside case can use Intel or AMD parts
  6. What screen using ? is another question. Intel or AMD base system? want cheap, best build yourself, select parts that work together, for PSU calculate 20% more wattage needed for headroom. the most money is spent on graphic hardware and will last 5yrs in gaming world top end Note: 24Gb ram both cards and Intel cards pass on those for are made for XBOX specs LoL Nvidia MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G ($1650USA) AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX ($1379CAD) feel free to ask on your journey of DIY
  7. thought TBB on writers strike, keeping a sharp pencil for when he goes back to work.
  8. Dorman Intake Manifolds 615-188 Intake Manifold, Plastic, Stock Replacement, Base, Ford, 5.4L, Each Part Number: RNB-615-188 summit racing there 2 types dorman in stock (4) another ATP 2 week wait an cheaper.
  9. you forgot sun glasses for those LED's are bright on this monitor LoL
  10. that was MtDew who stated a 1k PSU, always calculate power draw of whole system and add 20% for headroom is my way of building a system. nice build thou
  11. Baldie when gaming how hot is the air coming out @ rear fan ? good to see that all panels are on case to get air flow
  12. Don't talk with your mouth full LoL
  13. Baldie what Screen going to use with it ? mite have to upgrade that too not say Motherboard ? for the chip set supporting what PCI ? your CPU supports PCI.4 and DDR4
  14. yes they do if not you will have to repave / format the data storage
  15. Toronto Maple Buds more like, sure ain't leafs
  16. more like they wanted to be on green grass of fairways of the golf course and not play on the ice
  17. Striker that's the price you pay when striking too many files
  18. Hmmmm maybe tied to your game name profile on server , are you saving it from game control panel ? other is network use these ports Ports To Forward On PC – Windows. TCP: 28960 Copy. UDP: 3074,28960 Copy. Ports To Forward On PlayStation 3. TCP: 3478-3480,5223,8080 Copy. UDP: 3074,3478-3479,3658,5223 Copy. Ports To Forward On Xbox 360. TCP: 3074 Copy. UDP: 88,3074 Copy.
  19. gee Doc that's some diagnostic, they worked great eating the scabs off me legs.
  20. lost of short term memory thought, good looking legs, hearing or is it thought process for to wipe that dirty deed of laboratory brain washing of Vax's . less we forget Maj Marks sorry.
  21. action speak louder then words
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