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  1. Happy Birthday Zap!
  2. Got friends and Family in Mooresville NC. They are riding it out also. And for the Fake news portion of this story....
  3. There had to be some serious wind there or something else...
  4. Now the Joystick has a dual meaning literally!
  5. That is one hell of a Flamer! Must be from San Francisco.....
  6. It's him in a Gogo Mobile Circus Car picking up Chicks!!!! I never knew Frenchi visited California?
  7. This must be the same couple?
  8. Happy Birthday Lead
  9. I still can't see SHIT!
  10. Your Right! I'm alerted that I'm losing my vision cause I don't see shit in your post!!!!! DAMN OLD AGE!!!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. I knew it would be Cookie M. who Pitches and Elmo who catches....
  13. Reminds me of Bugs Bunny asking who is buried in Grant's Tomb to distract his enemy's..... Clip of Bug and Yosemite Sam... He actually asks the question later in this cartoon, but not in this clip. Too bad this is now banned (what a joke)...
  14. I thought you got a new Sig Sauer.....!
  15. Happy B-Day you old bastard like me!