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  1. Congrats Crunchy!
  2. Happy Birthday Macdaddy... You Old Charmer!
  3. I also saw this and took advantage of this! Good Deal thanks!
  4. I will look for you. Come in TS when I'm in there...
  5. I'm down like Four Flat Tires!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Kleine. Hope your day was great!
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Oh Man, this much damage with a tier 3 should be illegal! The second picture places me 3rd all time for the best match in this DD lol!
  9. Ever have a terrible team and you rocked the house? Try this one.... I shut the game off after this one, and I did not get destroyed... OUCH!!!!
  10. I'm afraid to ask what it is that's smeared into your Stash.....? It looks like mushed Gypsy Moth Caterpillar remains...
  11. Do you know what a period is or maybe a comma? I counted one period in over 200 words!
  12. I would not read that trash for all the Tea in China... Keep your Satanism please... My Soul to me, is priceless
  13. She was one of my favorite Female Vocalists. Top 3 for me of all time. Truly a one of a kind. Medication overdose is suspected?