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  1. Yup it's no Fun. I have deer in my yard every day and have developed a 6th sense on when they wanna jump out in front of my vehicles Hit only 2 in twenty years, Both on a Christmas Eve too!
  2. Happy B-Day Bart... Many more to you I hope!
  3. Key and Peele have a sweater they could send to you..... Nugget Sized!
  4. Your wish is my command Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkp3m8vTq2wIVQluGCh1M7AtKEAQYBCABEgJr3PD_BwE
  5. Should be fishing for Chicken of the Sea like this Dude and forgetting about those Tender Nugs!
  6. Nice Ride.... I have owned several Novas... Two1967's (One an SS and One a Hardtop) also a couple of early 1963 6 cyl. Winter beaters... Nova's were great as an affordable Muscle Car years ago, now gotten pricey like most all others...
  7. One More from the King of Stealth.... The Kamikaze.
  8. Cool, so that's what he has been doing when not Destroying Enemy Ships with me in Wow's? Belated Congrats!
  9. Thanks Everyone. I have been really busy lately and just saw this post today!
  10. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your travels!
  11. So California's Surgeon General warns against Coffee? Shit I'm Glad I don't drink Coffee in California! More Psychobabble from the Usual suspects....
  12. Now That is One Big Meaty Chud!
  13. Prayers for your Family my friend.
  14. Sure! I got a can of Whoop-Ass in my back pocket ready to go!!! Just like old times!