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  1. Happy Birthday Big Guy! Hope it's a great day for you!
  2. Oh Bart, I did not know about this. So sorry for your family's loss... I used to be a Correction Officer a while back and had to quit because of the negative impact these shitbags of the earth had on me and the willingness of so many cowards who refused to look evil in the eye. Your Niece sounded like a brave soul who paid for her honesty with her life. Breathing the same air as those who do this kind of thing was too much for me to take... Someone like this deserves the full penalty of the law. Although getting over something like this is not completely possible, I only hope your family can come to terms with the loss as best as they can.
  3. A mini Go Pro would be awesome!
  4. Man this can't be true, does this really exist? Imagine notifying Police that your Ass Toy has been Hacked and someone is Harassing You Remotely which cuts into your Quality of Life!!!! Imagine Admitting the Plug into Court as a Piece of Evidence... Oh The Pain and Suffering... Wash This!!!!!
  5. Yeah, I kind of miss Gomerpyle's Southern Draw way of Talking, he used to make me laugh too... It was very fun to shoot him and wait for his reaction!!!!!!
  6. I own this card, Works Flawlessly....
  7. Make that his daily Reward!!!!!
  8. This is dated Oct. 4th so the article so the one Sonovabich posted is dated Oct 12th, so this may be action taken by the FBI to figure it out...
  9. Anything from any CNN Website must be under suspicion of being "Fake".... If true it would explain a few things...
  10. Why create a club for a game no one plays, regardless of whether we have a server or not if only a handful of players actually play? I was on the server in TS every night for about 6-8 weeks and saw around 4 players come and go total, so sorry if I'm skeptical. If there is a club I will join though.
  11. After the seeing how not many showed up to play before, maybe they are having a wait and see attitude...
  12. I was responding to the original post...
  13. Oh really? We will see how many show up to play....
  14. Happy Birthday Bud.
  15. as long as this Charming young man plays with this team, they will be dysfunctional.... He said "I would do it again, it's the price you pay to watch me"... Someone has a little perspective problem, wouldn't you say?