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  1. Anyone who wishes to play, contact me.....
  2. Spartacus

    Krunchy, A ventilator is an express ticket to death. You go on one of those in a "Light Coma" and it's Buh-Buy. Please don't even think about doing that....
  3. Spartacus

    Not sure if you reply is sarcasm or your trying to say Science is Fact. If your response is "Fact Based" Show me the Study that's peer reviewed and Tested that Masks have any effectiveness on Covid. I wear an N95 Mask for the last 35 years in my Job, I can tell you they are not what you think and they are Light Years above surgeons masks.... An N95 Mask stops down to a 5 micron particle, yet covid is sub .75 microns. Wearing a mask is not about Covid, it's about CONTROL... Prove Me Wrong, The CDC Has No Proof That Masks Help....
  4. Spartacus

    All the True Patriots are Disappearing in the USA.... Fight till the end Bart! May the narrow Heaven's gate be open to you my Brother if you Fail....
  5. Spartacus

    Bart recruited me here.... Sorry, but he will be missed. Hoping Bart's wife recovers. Very Sad...
  6. Spartacus

    The Building in Miami Imploded like Building 7 on 9/11 that magically fell by "Fire".....
  7. Spartacus

    This was McAfee's last message He got this tattoo to say if he died in Prison that He Got Whacked
  8. Spartacus

    John McAffe last message.mp4
  9. Spartacus

    TBB my question was, exactly which appendage would be holding the towel up for her?
  10. Spartacus

    Peter Green was an Innovator of Sound, Never ever got the credit he deserved... Les-Paul plus Marshall Plexi = Heaven!
  11. Spartacus

    ? People are whacked... I remember when I used to hear people say "This Car cost me so much it better wipe my ass too!" but a B.J. machine is over the top. Talk about Distracted Driving!
  12. Spartacus

    A Belated Thank You To Everyone!
  13. Spartacus

    The contradictory BULLSHIT has me wondering why the fuck I did not leave The Peep's Republic Of Ct Long Ago. I Will Be Voting with my Feet Soon as Possible.... Scumbag, Unelected, Fucktard, Lefty's deciding who works and who does not, peoples entire family run businesses will be lost, while the Governor Sits in his Ivory Towers...
  14. Spartacus

    You and The Mrs. Keep up the Fight with this Bart!
  15. The Pandemic of 1917 is very interesting, unfortunately we really don't know the real numbers on infected vs deaths due to the info blackout in Europe with the WWI conflict still going. Neither side wanted the opponent to know how bad it was. But if you compare the numbers for infected to deaths it is similar to most Virus episodes we have had before . It is said 500 million infected and 20 million dead which makes that 4% of the infected dying. Fortunitely Medical treatment has come a long way since then. Many died of Aspirin Poisoning then! The Pneumonia kills 20 to 30,000 people every year, the only reason why I know this is, is because it nearly killed my 5 year old son in 2005. Pneumonia kills .5% of the infected that are reported. The regular Flu Kills .1% of the infected. The H1N1 in 2009 and 2010 Hospitalized 300,000 people in the USA alone and between 17,800 and 20,000 died from it, depending on the source making that percentage of deaths per infected at .66%. 1,800 of those dead were Children. We do need to take this seriously being this appears to be twice as dangerous as Pneumonia but it would be nice if the Media would stop Freaking People Out.... Nothing Sells Better Than Negativity! Let's All Carry On And Do Our Very Best! We Will Beat THIS!
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