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  1. Spartacus

    The problem is Hxtr really wants to spread the word about what he has done his homework on and he believes is factual and can be misunderstood. The 2nd problem is, sometimes he is too heavy-handed in doing so and gets frustrated. But understand, he means well to all, that I'm convinced of. He will return, he is a friend and truly a character!
  2. Spartacus

    The sign should say "Don't Tase Me Bro!!!!"
  3. I actually got this. Must admit it took me over an hour and I did take the hint on first writing the chart after having to restart 3 times due to my sloppiness. Hint make a chart like the Video.... It keeps you able to see the logical choices.
  4. Spartacus

    Your Mama is so ugly, her self portraits hang themselves!
  5. Imho a 12 gauge Pump Action Riot Shotgun is the best choice with a short 16" barrel. Mossberg or Remingtons make great examples...
  6. Spartacus

    "The Boogie Man made me look twice..."
  7. Spartacus

    Oh my 7 toed friend, I have not forgotten.... All countries are 1 generation away from Slavery. Tell your kids
  8. Spartacus

    Yup I saw that today... Enjoy your freedom here in North America, for if you are not careful, it can be taken away also....
  9. Spartacus

    Yup! So many Hypocrite Much?
  10. Spartacus

    Wow! Some crazy sized Bees there. That bag I knew right off the bat was too small!
  11. Spartacus

    He was a good man. Anyone who makes it to retirement as a Corrections Officer deserves a Medal, because after doing it myself I can tell you it Ain't Easy. I will especially miss Mac bitching at me for laying trips down in his favorite camp places. He was always fun to torment. Or when I would snipe him and he would yell "Horse-Shit!"... Now may you rest in peace Macdaddy>XI<!
  12. Spartacus

    Hoping and praying Mac hangs on....
  13. Spartacus

    I prefer to refer to people as "Richards", it's just a bit more classy
  14. Spartacus

  15. Spartacus

    LOL I will keep a close eye on the tops of those trees for a chance @MikeB Encounter like in the old days! 🤪