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  1. 9 in stock at London Location
  2. thanx guys....
  3. Yes, that is my daughter playing once again

  4. Beers, Spin (well maybe not Spin...he is grumpy) and Barnes ( just cause I love to irritate him)
  5. I have had good luck with the Linksys it replaced
  6. good thing I miss alot, unlike extra
  7. Damn time is flying by

  8. I have 2 of these and they work fine, save money too
  9. on this reinstall I dragged my PB folder from old HD to this..then ran an older version of PB Update I dl'd and was good to go
  10. I usually just go in and copy the COD WAW folder out of the user data section and save it to another drive, install, run WAW, shut it down and drop the complete folder in on the new install. Profiles...maps and mods are all there. Done Documents...AppData...Local...Activision..CODWAW... must have view Show Hidden Files and Folders enabled in Folder/File Options
  11. Congrats guys
  12. Thanks guys
  14. would love to, but can't commit due to my shifts, I'd either be starting work at 3 or finishing work.
  15. I think the map skuz is talking about is corregidor