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  1. treehusk395^7 husk395 these are the only names I see..same person, no warnings...not sure where this is coming from, this may need to go into COD5 Admin until hashed out @ X-RayXI
  2. oh man I think the isolation is getting to you....but I know you are my bitch in game...on a side note..FU
  3. that being said, now know other admins will be watching. if you really want to become a member.. join the forums{which obviously you have}..participate and have fun
  4. I never post what I truly think or feel , why...because I have someone to talk to. Always remember the WEB isn't a free expression, it does have repercussions
  5. congrats, maybe one day I can get there. I actually just looked...I was here before you...lol
  6. Depends where you hit them, usually the vulnerable spot is the rear.
  7. You stay , that person will probably leave anyway with a butt hurt feeling
  8. connect to one of the DM servers so it loads the MOD and see what happens.
  9. My latest acquisition, definitely not my favorite Fleetwood Mac LP, but since I seem to be collecting them sort of a must. Album 21 of my Fleetwood Mac collection
  10. The one I put up is on sale for same money as the crosely and would probably be a better unit.
  11. yes, there are a bunch that do. I personally don't recommend them but it is what ever someone is comfortable spending. There is Crosely which is one of the more popular ones, can get that here in town at CTC. Woodstock has this one https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/it-modern-bluetooth-turntable-0440290p.html?rrec=true#spc
  12. Just a table? You have a stereo set up already to be able to connect one to? There are actually a fair number of older used ones for sale in our area on Facebook and Kijiji. Depends what you really want to spend, there are also some deals on brand new ones out there.
  13. My son-in-law was still using a Crosely so last time I went up gave him my Dual 1209 and one of my spare subwoofers.....made him happy. Speaker wise I have a feeling i will go with a set of Paradigms.Just biding my time
  14. damn mice...I know they could not have been yours......
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