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  1. Judge

    Nice I have already 10+
  2. Judge

    Happy B Day Rob 56278894_2244208942512828_5207709427641090048_n_267073937567784.mp4
  3. Judge

    Safe fireworks for you Idiot vuurwerk.mp3
  4. Judge

  5. For those who will not receive a ticket from this address in the coming days. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. "Sound Hail Gewoon" Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.mp4 Mijn video.mp4
  6. Judge

    Noooooooooo J/K welcome idiot
  7. Judge

    Just started playing it. But first impression is great game
  8. Judge

    Welcome you are a Idiot Now.
  9. Judge

    Happy B Day PETEEEEEEE
  10. Judge

    YES finally NG4 welcome You idiot
  11. Judge

    Joke maker "Who is max verstappen" He is currently the tastemaker of F1. Jarloezie has nothing to do with this. Lewis is a great sportsman. But Max performs just a bit better. Lewis can only beat Max because he drives the best car on the field. You know when I got a dislike for Lewis. From the moment he blames others for not kneeling start race . Why kneel to something if you have nothing to do with the matter. I am white but do not feel guilty for things that have been eaten by other white people in the distant past. I don't look at color or origin. The only thing I have trouble with
  12. Judge

    Max and Lewis are the best drivers on the F1 field right now. Have a lot of respect for these two racing. But socially, I think Lewis is underhanded. That's why I couldn't resist sharing this video. No hate and I am not racist but white and I am not ashamed of that. Love the sport F1
  13. Judge

    Moi en welkom ?



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