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  1. Judge

    Hope she recovers soon.
  2. Judge

    You're an idiot for joining this clan. "Welcome" kenmen
  3. Yup i delete all maps and download them again.
  4. Thanks to bring the mod online 😛 But i get kicked 3 times in 2 rounds now.
  5. O yes FUCK YOU Google
  6. I don't understand that the complainants of the new mod got their way. I find this a disrespectful witness towards Sammy. I love the new mod. Finally I could also win. And yes he could still be improved. But all in all bad decision to remove Sammy's mod.
  7. Amen Sammy you are the men 😛 Thanks for the hard work. Now i can also be the nummer one in my team 😛
  8. Judge

    Stop the drama and start playing.
  9. Judge

    Happy retirement an now join the server so we can Kick Your a**
  10. Judge

    Thx 😛 I had a great birthday. Karting and eating with the family
  11. Error again Yesterday the seam 😕
  12. I getting name mismatch an gun mismatch an get kickt every round now 😕
  13. The sound is extra important to me because I'm almost blind. so unnecessary noise makes it difficult for me to play. Also colors that blend together do not make it easier for me. But I love that something new is being tried. Thanks for that sammy
  14. Judge

    Yesterday with more XI idiots played on the test server. But because of that, the regular server is no longer full. Too bad because COD4 was always well occupied. The reason I still play is because I always can play here



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