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  1. Judge

    Mooi voor Janke en mij maakt het niet echt uit welk weekend (dag) in Amsterdam. Zolang we maar ergens lekker op het terras kunnen zitten en lekker een steak kunnen eten 😛 ps @EDDTHEDUCK stil waiting Barcalona medail
  2. Judge

    Yo wat gaan we doen ? Kaaskoppen. Even een datum prikken.
  3. Great call. Politics are like gasoline on an open fire. I am a politician and play here for my relaxation. If I want to talk about politics, I will go somewhere else.
  4. Judge

    ?? Total Members 12,133
  5. Judge

    ???? Amsterdam ??? @EDD THE DUCK ??? I like the idea
  6. Concrats an next time kick @Roxy! when she is on spec "the hole" day.
  7. Judge

    Amsterdam sounds oke to me, September mamby ? @EDD THE DUCK ?
  8. Likes to play on the cod4 server. But with the night maps that is made impossible for me. So no night maps if possible. I'm almost blind and it's hard enough for me to play.
  9. Judge

    They remove the video :?
  10. Judge

    Moi mien jong 😛
  11. Judge

    Holy "shit" welcome it is nice to play whit you on the server Cod4
  12. Judge

    Janke an I wil look what happens. But for now we are out the list for this year. Is EDD on vacation that he is not responding?
  13. Judge

    Otherwise we just do a Dutch XI meeting. I think there are already quite a few. Now with the BREXIT we all have to apply for a visa and change money.
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