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  1. SnullerDk

    Happy Birthday to you all,
  2. SnullerDk

    have fun and take care of family there
  3. SnullerDk

    Hope Janey and hers family take care
  4. SnullerDk

    sorry for my bad English
  5. SnullerDk

    thank you all for the response, I did not say that one should not jump, I said that people who come the jump ends all the way through maps that shoot to the right and left is not fun, to Timmae I do not always sit passively in the spawn, I also run around and jumps, maybe just not as much as anyone else does, wpq has tried to be on this server with no jump, it is not fun, so I think I will close it here
  6. SnullerDk

    The game is not funny anymore , there are so manny Bunnyhoppers in freezetags, and they coming and jump rigth into your face run around and jump shoot bummm you finish, not fun sorry guys i know this is not only me some means that
  7. SnullerDk

    Bye bye Abu cu when your back and thx for game
  8. SnullerDk

    Rest in Piece
  9. SnullerDk

    woooow congrat Giggles with your grandson
  10. SnullerDk

    sorry to hear iceq
  11. SnullerDk

    yea Rob I can, and can still buy this some Kaptcrunch show , the first bacon i dont no , have never hear of this
  12. SnullerDk

    Happy Birthday Bazza
  13. People some can jump 6 feet and still sho ting is fuc..
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