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  1. Thanks a lot for the b'day wishes. Having major hangover right now. Getting too old for drinking that much Rum. Thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday Ghost! Hope you had a nice day :-)

    1. Ghostlupus


      Thank you. Got really drunk and having major hangover right now :sick:

  3. Nice one Monkey but never mind the football. Still will beat you in the game. Well..... at least sometimes when you are half asleep in the morning.
  4. Happy birthday| Better late than never
  5. I will be there, hopefully with my friend...... but....Killingman is right.... where is the Berlin Award?? :-)
  6. Hey all Wherever we stay and whatever we do it will be an exciting time for me anyway. Don't get to the US that often. There must be beer tho Don't know anything about Nashville so will be relying on you guys. Sure it will be great!!
  7. Killing parachuting is great fun. Campers, well... just find and kill them too.
  8. Duesseldorf, great city. Love it. Cologne as well. Like the coffee shop idea in Amsterdam. Praque also great. Well, in my view it doesn't matter where we go as long we stick together and having an amazing time as the last time. We are idiots afet all, so it doesnt matter where
  9. Ja... have the same problem this morning. Thought first it was my computer but then found out others have the same problem. very annoying. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon. Happened yesterday as well but could connect after a while. Have a good day beloved idiots
  10. Merry Xmas to you all. Did a bit of computer maintenance yesterday and fitted new cooler . Everything is running fine Hope you had a great time||
  11. Merry merry Xmas to you all!
  12. My dear idiots... wishing you a merry merry Christmas. Hope you all have a great time!!
  13. I have been in Austin, Texas a numer of times. Always was great.
  14. Hello idiots. Hope you are all well and everything is singing and dancing. It's been now a few weeks when I was in San Francisco and omg.... the money was pouring out of my wallet. But the trip was good and my wife and I have seen a lot in just four days. Whale seeing, Alcatraz of course and the famous peer 39. The cable car was something else. No way they would allow this in the UK for the glorious health and safety reason. Have put some pics on taken from my phone. Can't get the camera to work so more to follow. The chap my wife is talking to was William Baker, the last surviving Alcatraz inmate. Overall he spent 50 years in prison overall and is now in his 80th. Still was a great trip. Next trip will be in Texas (Austin) when I am going to see a very old friend of mine. Happy shooting!
  15. I am starting saving now!! Like spinpuppy's idea of a cruise. Sound fun but it doesn't really matter where! It will be good anywhere!!