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  1. Ghostlupus

    Good to hear from you Monkey. Take care and look after yourself!
  2. Ghostlupus

    OMG... only just saw this. When I was still living in Cologne, (i25 years ago) my friends and I were going to Amsterdam nearly every weekend. It's a great and friendly city. I would be up for it. ?
  3. Ghostlupus

    Can't be easy for you. Stay strong and hope you get better! ?
  4. Ghostlupus

    Welcome Oliver
  5. Ghostlupus

    Merry xmas Blackrose and all. Have a wonderful and peaceful time ?
  6. Ghostlupus

    Oh.... ja.... and the all over a sudden you are having a grand kid. OMG.... I am getting old lol
  7. Ghostlupus

    Ja, know the feeling. My oldest is now 39 years old and he is still my baby LOL He hates it when I say this ?
  8. Ghostlupus

    Great piece of music! ?
  9. It is this time of the year again. Full of reflection and positive thoughts for the coming year. Made some xmas cookies to my grandma's recipe. Brings some memories back. Can't do without them on xmas ? Wishing you all a great time !!!
  10. Ghostlupus

    Hello Dawn ?
  11. Ghostlupus

    I will be there. Only 2hrs Underground. ?
  12. After reading all that I need an early Rum ?
  13. Ghostlupus

    Hello and welcome ?
  14. Ghostlupus

    Welcome Raden ?



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