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  1. What a great film!!
  2. Ghostlupus

    Nice one. She will keep you very busy. Great breed!! 👍
  3. Ghostlupus

    Hi and welcome. Not too many idiots here on the forum. 😎
  4. Ghostlupus

  5. Ghostlupus

    Hmmmm.... ok. There was a giraffe sitting on a tree and knitting a bicycle. Then a piano flew by and said "You can't smoke here. The giraffe answered "Why is it 09,30 already??
  6. Maybe beers had too many beers. Go on beers, have another beer and Ricko and I will have another beer too beers an top of the beers you have beers. Be happy. Live is too short! Would be nice to have some completely new maps as well? Going to have a early beer now. Ricko, you joining me? Just in case beers can't have another beer or had too many beers already. Always a good laugh playing against you.
  7. Ghostlupus

    Ja, what a setup. I have the RTX 2080ti as I need it for 3d rendering (work) but wont need an upgrade for many years I hope. Was a bit of a waste of money....
  8. Ghostlupus

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Ghostlupus

    Having a quiet one this morning and Klaus Schulze "CELLO" will do nicely. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!
  10. Ghostlupus

    Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you... 🎂
  11. Ghostlupus

    Welcome Zappy
  12. Ghostlupus

    Happy happy birthday 🎂
  13. Ghostlupus

    Ja, ok. Maybe I had a little bit too much Rum yesterday. Point taken Rob 😂
  14. Ghostlupus

    As a world class player, the only thing I had to do was to get myself killed to stay in mid field. 🤪 Just be happy and be the good folks you are. This is what makes this server fun to play! ❤️
  15. Ghostlupus

    I am in anyway but as always have to book late due to my job. Can't wait. ?
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