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  1. Ghostlupus

  2. Ghostlupus

    It is always a great loss. I know how you feel as we have lost two great friends due to old age. Warm wishes
  3. Ghostlupus

    ^5 yesterday. One more year to go to well deserved retirement. Saying that, now working only 3 days/week for another year. Keep up the good XI community. You are a great bunch of people
  4. Ghostlupus

    It has been far to long now. Time to meet up again. Around or in London sounds good to me. When? Tomorrow? lol...
  5. Ghostlupus

    Ver sorry mate. Our Molly is now 14 years old and getting on a bit. (like me)
  6. Ghostlupus

    Welcome c
  7. Ghostlupus

    Omg, sending my thoughts and prayers to the family. Rest in Peace 7Toes>XI<
  8. Ghostlupus

    @RobMc hope you referring to me as a world class player
  9. Ghostlupus

    I just can't see the point of cheating when playing a game. It takes all the fun out of it.
  10. Ghostlupus

    After my first AZ no problems. After my second AZ shot I had temperature for one day only. Also had a pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis flare up two days after the second shot. Now all good.
  11. Ghostlupus

    Wishing you all the best in your life!!
  12. Ghostlupus

    OMG... used to love this game back in the days. I still have it on Steam. Will install it again later.
  13. Ghostlupus

    OMG... used to love this game back in the days.
  14. Ghostlupus

    Great news. You must be over the moon!!
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