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  1. Ghostlupus

    After my first AZ no problems. After my second AZ shot I had temperature for one day only. Also had a pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis flare up two days after the second shot. Now all good.
  2. Ghostlupus

    Wishing you all the best in your life!!
  3. Ghostlupus

    OMG... used to love this game back in the days. I still have it on Steam. Will install it again later.
  4. Ghostlupus

    OMG... used to love this game back in the days.
  5. Ghostlupus

    Great news. You must be over the moon!!
  6. Ghostlupus

    Welcome PacMan and have fun
  7. Happy birthday 🎂:beer:

    1. RobMc


      Thanks my old buddy

  8. Ghostlupus

    Happy birthday @RobMc and @IceMan NZ
  9. Ghostlupus

    And don't forget having a double rum as well whilst doing so
  10. Ghostlupus

    1290 Single-Core Score 21769 Multi-Core Score 206854 OpenCL Score 120523 Vulkan Score
  11. Ghostlupus

    Welcome Draygunnar
  12. Ghostlupus

    Bratwurst of course. Guess where I come from originally.
  13. Ghostlupus

    I am always happy when people getting rescue dogs and giving them a nice loved home and a happy life.
  14. Ghostlupus

    How funny



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