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Status Updates posted by 7Toes

  1. going for blood work up today then on oct 1 go for chest xray and ct scan to see if cancer is gone,this cancer scares me they can not treat this type has to be surgically removed....

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    2. Hogan


      good luck to you . hope every thing go's well 

    3. Spartacus
    4. Streetcleaner


      Hang in there Bro and fight this mother...!! well you know..if it calls for surgery, then cut it the EFF out ! This is what surgeons do.You can do this Toes my prayers are with you.


  2. lol nver mind i found it lol im a true idiot

  3. pssssst 

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    1. spinpuppy


      lolol.  The fuckin janitor needs to plug the fuckin server back in DAMMIT

    2. 7Toes


      yes i resorted to other servers on the internet lol


  4. shit happens



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