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    00 model trains .fishing . boating. camping out doors .handy man.riding my sled in the winter. biking

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  1. some thing tell me we are all in hell . and maybe going to heaven . and i know i been good
  2. not in my time i hope . may be some time down the road.
  3. Im not going to be on  this week . taking some time off . lol taking the grand kids for a well deserved vacation .  hopefully i survive with out any stress. then im home to find out if im getting treatment aug 1 ????? .

    1. Ruggerxi


      Keep me updated! Good luck 

    2. Hogan


      im back more tests this week

  4. Hogan

    thats good to hear. joint the cancer group . i kmow the feeling
  5. i did have a good day off as every day is the same 4th july . did you

    1. fbi_open_up


      nice and quiet the way I like it.

    2. Hogan


      lol me to .

  6. Hogan

    that is what happen . see you soon hogan
  7. Hogan

    Happy Easter johnny . thinking of you and hope every thing turns out ok. im still waiting to see my doctor in may to find out my progress is . yea that dame c word is the worst to hear for sure.
  8. sorry im a little late getting your birthday wish out . happy birth day maz . must of got your computer up and running or got a new one . still playing on line . and what game are you playing cod www at war .

    1. Mazdarati


      Sorry I just saw this Hogan , thank you and yes i'm still playing waw5 

  9. Hogan

    FU CHILE dont change a thing
  10. Hogan

    Thank you for all the wishes just heading out to ride my sled
  11. Hogan

    yes i'm the same on my iphone 6+. 1 use chrome
  12. Hogan

    happy birth day johnny hope is a good one
  13. Thats a bull shit news with no water or green and a lot of trails and wavy lines
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