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  1. 7Toes

    OMG not this guy again lmfao
  2. 7Toes

    just removed all my data from my profile sharing my info no longer
  3. 7Toes

    with my set up i get 500mbps down 25mbps up
  4. 7Toes

    snow flakes over here in the go old USA! are going crazy for Joe bidens free money...they think it grows on trees and wont have to pay it back?what a rude awaking they are going to get the whole world will.the debt is no way able to be payed back at this rate!which means the dollar is going to collapse and take the USA with it..then you know what that means the rest of the world will collapse like dominoes.so have the essentials and a place to go and be locked and loaded because others will want to take what you have!but there is a chance when Biden puts that 35-45% tax on our paychecks there
  5. 7Toes

  6. 7Toes

    once my girl friend ask me how this outfit made her look? i said great but you could lose a few pounds next thing i had a out of body experience looking at my body on the floor of the living room
  7. 7Toes

    you guys spending way to much i still use 2 old i phones and a lite bright
  8. 7Toes

    and both feet almost heald yea i might live to be 61 this year, my bday is 4260 thought when i was younger the things i did i would not make it to 60 lol
  9. 7Toes

    went to day for ct scan then my kidney doc good news cancer free so have get ct scan in 6 months yea
  10. 7Toes

    NOT speaking the truth Biden all read said taxes are going up 30-40% on the American tax payer..then they just gave billions away over seas for covid and one country we gave them money to knock down the deficit while ours climbs to the point of no return
  11. 7Toes

    the new world order is one step closer #>>>>>>>>>>>@(0) so bend over and just give 90% of your pay checks over so they can give to to illegals and such so sad but true happening all over the world now
  12. 7Toes

    you still watch fake news channels lmao
  13. just wait for Bidens first months in office they are gonna tax ammo even more also a large tax on guns and owners of guns,this way they don't have to mess with the 2nd amendment.they will tax ammo and guns so no one but the rich can afford them get ready hide your guns.also with him removing Trumps tax cut and adding another 35% out of your pay check you will barely be able pay for food rent ect ect
  14. 7Toes

    you should have ask for a blood test
  15. 7Toes

    here you go my fav BBQ RIBS
  16. need full load of ammo when entering the game reduce gravity a touch so you can jump on boxes and stuff
  17. 7Toes

    i have all game sound just no voices in game from other players but they can hear me
  18. 7Toes

    all drivers are up to date
  19. 7Toes

    i reinstalled cod waw patched it but i have a problem people can hear me on voice chat but i can not hear them i have tryed ever thing need help
  20. 7Toes

    my home town out house KY lmao
  21. 7Toes

    took about 3 seconds



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