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  1. drbakke

    big happy birthday to all of today ........ PROOOOST and thanks hexe....same for you :)
  2. drbakke

    dear JohnnyDOS... your the first guy i meet here at XI in 2007. now youre gone to do the step in the next world. i hope you have there as many friends as here in the XI family. go ahead and do the best. i miss you.........RIP
  3. drbakke

    big thanks you all. we get with party in my b-day and i think today i get some more beer and vodka. sounds nice? i think too.... :)
  4. drbakke

    hello my love.... .....all my biggest whishes and hugs to you 26'st Bday. you know, oure birthdays this year are not that what we want to have..... ....but look forward to the time from 16'th june to 23'rd june this year, it will make all good and happy again for us. i wish you a good coffee time with all the friends who are comming soon and i hope today evening we find some cod2 idiots to have shooting fun!!!!!!!
  5. drbakke

    hi guy, big big thanks to share my bday with me. but i must tell you this bday whas " no good one", no party...no friends and no right fun. please let me tell you whats happend : its now maybe 10 years ago my oldest brother ( ...the dad of Zaubermaus76 ) get ill with sugar and rheuma. during this time oure family seethat his helth is going more bad and bad, sometimes he comes with flu to hospital, but all is going good. the last years he sit in the wheelchair with many hurt in all bodyparts. around the 20th of january he gets again with flu to hospital and hexe and me stay at 27th there to visit him. at this tima all is not good but also not real bad. last friday 2nd feb hexe call me at phone in my lunchtime break and tells me that my brother have to fight with dead and he would not alive the next time. this shocks me many and i could not work annymore and drive then to hospital. it whas very hard for me to see this now....he cant speak ...he cant move....get antibiotica and have water in his breath. the biggest shock for me whas that he is in his face just like my dad as he die......it feels just like he rebirth to die once again.... yesterday at my bithday the wife of my brother tells us at phone that the doctors said my brother wouldned alive the next days. it can go fast...it can take a time....but the end is there. i hope he can die without hurt and pain. i write this also in the name of zaubermaus76 you all are a part of our family.....thanks for sharing this
  6. drbakke

    Haaaaappy Biiiiiirthday tooooo youuuuuuu....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. drbakke

    happy birthday bullwink.....hope you get a nice party
  8. drbakke

    Hexöööööööööööööööööööööööööö!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my LOVE 45 is no age....it's one of the best time to stay together with me @@hxtr ......today is bday party take 2 lol ......your welcome
  9. drbakke

    big thanks all....the beer have been good. @Teds .......that looks realy good...and the steaks...yummy @Loader .......nice avatar @@hxtr ......thats the right way for the sun ...have a good time
  10. drbakke

    big big thanks my friends. i willl drink a bear with all of you, this will be a buisy evening. i think thats the right way to celebrate my b-day. it hink i get drunk today....lol gretez to all
  11. drbakke

    hey loader i wish you to a very nice bday. whats with a fat party? i'm there then. BIG BIG greetz
  12. drbakke

    happy birthday my dear.....enjoy your day PROOOOOST
  13. drbakke

    BIB BIG thanks to YOU ALL
  14. drbakke

    heya smoke... Hexe and me wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a good day and make a nice party.
  15. drbakke

    hello stretch BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from HEXE and me. wwe wish you all the best and hope you have a good b-day party greetz from germany
  16. drbakke

    yo belted BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY toooooooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......... have a nice party and greetz from germany
  17. drbakke

    heyho bullet... i wish you to have a great day and a fat party. BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from hex and me.
  18. drbakke

    yo macdaddy.....happy B-DAY
  19. drbakke

    happy birthday TOOOOO YOUUUUUUUUUU
  20. drbakke

    good day for a fat party HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  21. drbakke

    hey...very nice..make a big party ...hexe and me have this next year
  22. drbakke

    BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU hope you get a good party
  23. drbakke

    mein lieber schatz, das schönste für mich ist, das ich dir heute zum 23'sten mal zum geburtstag gratulieren darf. ich hoffe , das mindestens nochmal so viele oder 'n paar mehr dazu kommen. ich liebe dich, ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG und viel Glück für deine, unsere zukunft. HDL.....dein bekloppter Dr.B achja, feier schön
  24. drbakke

    did you feel older now?...i think not... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  25. drbakke

    happy BIRTHDAY..... .....hope you get a big party



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