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    killing Cod2 with my friends there..:-)

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  1. kleinehexe

    So sad to read this..bakke and me we Player so long Times with him on cod 2..... He will be missed ...Peace in heaven...R.I.P Starfire
  2. kleinehexe

    Happy bday
  3. kleinehexe

    Happy bday Dr.bakke.......now your are 60. And i hope you enjoy it later with me and friends....have a great day Big love and hughes from me to you....your hexe....on Weekend i will kill you on battlefield.....hehe
  4. kleinehexe

    Thx pain...no problems with teams....i play with all idiots and have fun..sometimes we win....lol.. Almost great job from our admins.....thx for that
  5. kleinehexe

    Happy bday last cold beer and the other to mens...have a nice day ...
  6. kleinehexe

    Thx for the makers for this Event....we all enjoy this and really good Job.....greats from hexe and bakke.....
  7. kleinehexe

    Oh not nice to hear this rip..we hope its going better and we see you on battlefield....greats hexe and bakke
  8. kleinehexe

    We found today this funny picture on the wall...greats from Germany
  9. kleinehexe

    We stay there.....almost great way to think of the fallen members.....
  10. kleinehexe

    Great news
  11. kleinehexe

    Happy bday idiots...and lead you old idiot from cod2
  12. kleinehexe

    Happy bday All you idiots....
  13. We are so said to read this...he was a great one and play with him was so nice....prayers for the family from us .....
  14. kleinehexe

    Heute pain, we wish you a nice Day and many presents..... Greats from bakke and hexe
  15. kleinehexe

    Happy bday to zaubermaus, trailertrash and big Fenster from us
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