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  1. bds1961

    Problem is , he made the forums fun again with some of his stuff. Need him back
  2. bds1961

    Happy birthday loader. You are allowed two extra names for the day to use as you see fit Hope your having a great day
  3. For the years I had played with Mac I had the pleasure of many conversations when only a few or justme and him where in game. I found him to be a very respectful man of his friends and family. Something that didn’t always come across during game play as we all get excited and frustrated during the game. But he seems to me to have a deep,heart and love for all of us he played with as almost a family. We had talks about the health of his wife of who I believe he would have given his for to make she was always taken care of. It was on one of the trips they took for her medical needs that he had fallen ill and showed the first signs of the battle that he would be fighting for the next few years till now. To me he seemed a very honorable man who enjoyed his time playing on line with us but was also a very good family man taking care of those within his offline family. In game I had always loved tripping his favorite places to camp and enjoyed his anger at me for doing it with one of his famous Horse shit sayings. But it was all in the fun of the game. I had always prayed he would be able to return to being able to play. But the forces to be had other plans for him As I heard the progression of his condition my prayers turned to those of his family and still Mac. For a man that I had never met face to face he had a impact on me from are private conversations on line. I had wished to hear his voice once again online , but it has been silenced But what I have heard will always live within in me and for that I am grateful the memory of Macdaddy will always live within me and for that he will never be forgotten You will be missed
  4. bds1961

    I was just looking through Facebook and it looks like Mac Has passed. He will be missed prayers to his family.
  5. bds1961

    Prayers for Mac. He has fought a long battle with this stuff. Really miss him in game. Was always one of the few ones that made it fun to play
  6. bds1961

    If you rent a car or have a car in SF. Do not leave anything in it all. The city is riddled with crime and cars are broken into on a daily bases.
  7. bds1961

    Trust Ayaq on these drugs. Pretty sure he has experiance with all of them. It was a hard trial period for him But not as hard as he wanted
  8. bds1961

    Poor horse couldn’t it do better?
  9. bds1961

    Just had to throw this in. In one week I went from making Chipotle pulled pork to making a steak dinner. Had both loins I use in the fridge. Have to love the pork price compared the the beef. But it’s still worth it
  10. bds1961

    Last batch i made in the crock pot I used tenderloin. It was a chipotle pulled pork. Worked great and with the recipe I used was super moist. Also got the tenderloin at $.99 lb. but my best pulled pork is picnic shoulder brined for 24 hours in a seasoned brine pulled out dried and then a brown sugar Chile rub and into the oven set really low at around 210 degrees and cooked for 16 to 18 hours. Long process but turns out the best. Quite often I get the butts for $.99 lb. the butcher at the store gets these killer deals on pork and I usually stock up.
  11. bds1961

    Hoping nothing but the best for you. So far you caught it early.
  12. bds1961

    Beat this
  13. bds1961

    Your claim is all empty gas
  14. 2 Nikon D850s. And a Leica M3. Just messing around
  15. bds1961

    Man. That’s some tough choices