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  1. bds1961

    It says we have been trying to reach you about your car extended warranty.
  2. bds1961

    Built a new Barbecue for my backyard and I am slowly getting use to how it cooks. This weekends meal was Fillet mignon shish kabobs. love the size of it. The kabobs were made with Fillet marinated in a soy sauce, honey, garlic and Ginger marinade and skewered with bell peppers and red onions. Always a huge hit with the family.
  3. bds1961

    I think I’ll pass.
  4. bds1961

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family
  5. bds1961

    So there are others with the addiction. Need a help group meeting on Saturday nights to beat the addiction. Or exchange recipes.
  6. bds1961

    Mercury is a big one. They kept it pretty hidden. But when compact fluorescent light bulbs were pushed more and more, the rise of mercury through out the environment wen up. Each and everyone of them has a small amount of mercury in them, when they break or disposed of improperly and break open they release it to where ever they are. Over all we have poisoned ourselves in so many ways and with so many different products it’s not even funny.
  7. The only time I’m praying for negative results and a positive outcome. Nothing but the best of wish’s and prayers for you
  8. bds1961

    I thought for sure I’d get a FU from Icequeen for this.
  9. The cocktails of the trip so far And yea still standing
  10. bds1961

    I’ve been using the Thinkware brand cameras for a few years now. My current one is the Q800 Pro I had wired into my Grandcherokee with the rear camera too. I mounted the main unit up by my rear view mirror where it is really not noticeable when driving but gets a great picture. They are well worth looking into. I tried to add a video from it to this post, but the server is not allowing it for some reason.
  11. bds1961

    Ok what one of you Idiots is this ?
  12. bds1961

    8 beers and the thought of pouring Vodka in my eyes hasn’t helped at all
  13. bds1961

    Sidewalk watching while drinking beers. The strip isn’t what it use to be.
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