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  1. It’s been one of those days
  2. I’m afraid of those DNA tests. What if it comes back as not being human. Lol
  3. Yes we are
  4. Wow. He actually made sense.
  5. But he takes those matters in hand!! for safe sex he wears a glove. For BDSM he wraps his fingers with string. And for a threesome he uses both hands.
  6. Congrats. Seeing that you can barely bash me anymore I guess you had to try something else
  7. Let’s not forget about the batteries. Very toxic to produce and recycle. Changing one toxin for another People only see the end product during its use and never think of how it is produced or what happens to it after it’s usable life.
  8. Who’s car might this be Lol
  9. It is also based on what position you take. But unfortantly in this case I can’t always tell if it is flat on the back or on the knees
  10. I am right there with you. He has repackaged old technologies and everyone thinks he is great. He doesn’t even make his own batteries Of course he built the gigabit battery making facility in Nevada , but Panasonic is contracted to make the batteries. A friend of mine worked for Tesla The cars were so poorly assembled that they had to use a lot of seam sealer on the body panel joints to get them to pass water inspections. They have never turned a profit and have never met any production schedule. His hyper loop is the biggest joke of all. It’s nothing more than a maglev train in a vacuum tube. The power to evacuate the air from the tube would be incredible and would take awhile to do it. The human body could never handle the stress of any turn at the speeds he says it will do unless they are stretched over miles. But people buy into it and keep investing into these schemes can’t stand the guy.
  11. Let us know how it works out for you. Lol
  12. He will now have to work on post Slut status.
  13. Like this ?
  14. Hmm. Noticed you didn’t mention women. What type of neighborhood do you live in. I know there are areas up there with good looking women
  15. Happy birthday.