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  1. Happy birthday you pickle licker, as you say
  2. As long as this thing doesn’t come with a web cam. Yuk
  3. They were being nice. They figured you were smarter than trying to use it in the shower. Lol
  4. You actually want to talk about your low numbers? If you pratice more I am sure you might be able to get them a little higher. But I don’t want to build up,your hope.
  5. Not really. It’s been proven that my high scores I get when you are in game are not from hacking. Your the best thing for my kill average. Lol
  6. Saved for another day
  7. Lol. Don’t even know what to say to that. But I made a buck atleast
  8. Sheesh. I was expecting something juicy
  9. When are you going to learn. It’s not the second number, that’s how many times you died.
  10. Black bart comes on around 3:30 EST. He supplies us all with extra points. It’s always nice to have a target you can depend on.
  11. Ok Joe it worked. Now what?
  12. Try cleaning out all your old porn and see if that will let it work till it can be replaced.