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  1. No Not everything can be made into a McNugget
  2. Well? Did you atleast make him provide you with dinner after that much damage
  3. Happy birthday Bart. Hope you have a great day
  4. You have to earn them
  5. Tbb hogs it Lol
  6. I will try and get in on the fun
  7. With you back all of our average kill scores will go up. Great to see you back in game
  8. Come on. I know you are a starving student. ( but with great grades ). But dude you and these McNuggets. You need help
  9. I wonder which one he would throw back.
  10. Sheesh Painkiller. Putting up posters now. It is still a form of addiction
  11. So this is what Painkiller does with all his McNuggets Knew he was out, there but never expected this.
  12. So you haven’t felt the earth move. Lol must be a California thing
  13. And I just had my fangs sharpened
  14. Our new stinking ice queen after the garlic