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  2. bds1961

    Been using dewalt cordless tools since they came out probably close to 30 years ago. The new breed of tools Batteries suck. The lifespan is nowhere near what the old 18v systems were.
  3. bds1961

    Ok what one of you made this gaming chair since your to lazy to take a bathroom break I believe this is taking it to far Also do you have plans available ?
  4. bds1961

    Extremely sad to hear. Great guy to play with and talk with. We seem to be losing some of the best amongst us.
  5. bds1961

    I am seeing the quality of some items going down in the produce sections. I also stocked up on flour and vacuum packed it. I live in CA but months ago there was worry about the wheat crops in the Ukraine affecting the world supply. My wife’s cousin in Greece s saw a bit of a shortage of flour in the stores there so I figured it doesn’t hurt to store some as long as they are sealed tight
  6. bds1961

  7. bds1961

    I would open them up and see if it helps. In my house I have some tight rooms, if there doors are closed it throws off the air balance in my house big time. It makes the heating or cooling un even
  8. bds1961

    I didn’t catch the one post where you said you plugged the tee and your son heard the air coming out down below. If it’s clear and blowing through like that extend that tee pipe up and increase it’s diameter so the water can separate out Also it almost sounds like the plenum is at a higher pressure than a typical system. Make sure all the vents in the House are open and not restricting the air flow and creating to much back pressure in the system.
  9. bds1961

    In some of my problem facilities we would cut the line and put a union in that could be opened any time needed.
  10. bds1961

    It sounds like the line is plugged up down stream. That’s just the air from the plenum escaping through that pipe.
  11. bds1961

    Chance are the lateral run as it exits the house has a dip in the pipe allowing the water to build up. Over time it also collects a bit of dirt eventually plugging it up. One of the last things to check s to see if you have a air tight house that is creating a vacuum in that area and just flat out sucking the water back up through the pipe. Can always shut the system off and pour hot water into that tee and see if it makes it all the way out of the pipe to the outside
  12. bds1961

    You don’t want to cap that It’s the breather for the drain. More than likely you have a build up of slime mold or some other crap in the drain line from the constant water that pass’s through it keeping it moist for growth. Take a wet dry vacuum and go to where it exits the house and use the vacuum to suck it clean. After that there are some treatments just for that issue. Also another way is to use compressed air with a short burst blowing back up into the line from where it exits the house. Don’t do that to hard though all the built up water in the line will blow back into the pan and attic. This is a very common problem
  13. bds1961

    Great to see you back. Can’t wait to see you back in game in COD2
  14. bds1961

    That’s one on our list to visit. We try and go over every two years to our house in Thessaloniki and then hit a few islands when there. Such a great place to ask someone to spend the rest of there life with you. Only thing I find wrong with Greece is the severe weight gain from all the great foods there
  15. bds1961

    Congratulation's. Where in Greece did you go to ?
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