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  1. And of all things I bet Chile bought Lite beer
  2. bds1961

    Prayers your way Toes. Cancer is a scary thing to think of and even scarier to hear you have it. But it is amazing how many beat it now. They have come such a long way in the last few years. The treatments and drugs have gotten so much better and affective but still the best one you have to beat it is to keep a strong and positive attitude. Don’t ever let it beat you mentally, be strong be positive
  3. bds1961

    I thought it was because I am here.
  4. bds1961

    I thought this was a joke till this. Sorry. That’s a serious problem. Best of luck
  5. bds1961

  6. You mean it wasn’t do to all the molested polar bears. Just can’t believe any of those rumors
  7. bds1961

    What area did you find this place at
  8. I have not yet begun to defile myself
  9. bds1961

    Only th8 g that really kills our area around concord Clayton and Walnut Creek is the traffic. At certain times of day it’s a nightmare to get around the area. I live pretty much between Walnut Creek and Clayton in Concord near Ygnacio and Cowel Rd. The three mile drive to the freeway in the morning can take up to 25 minutes at times. I am retired so it doesn’t affect me much It’s a nice area, just to many people
  10. bds1961

    Toilet paper tester ?
  11. bds1961

    Walnut Creek. Your moving into my territory. What area of Walnut Creek are you looking at. House prices are ridiculous here
  12. First thing they should have sniff tested the high and low side ports to make sure that’s not where the leak is , most common place in a sealed system. The dripping of the exhaust flue is really odd. Even with out the other clues it should not be condensing like that. Is there a moisture source near by that is being drawn into the exhaust when the furnace is running. Have had one do the same thing that was installed in the laundry closet. When the dryer exhaust had it’s own ducting. But had been damaged a little so when it ran it raised the moisture level just a bit in the closet. With just natural drafting it would condense on the cool sheet metal of the ductwork and drip for the furnace.
  13. that Is the impression I had of what he looked like already from the posts hmmmm
  14. sounds like something you would ask for
  15. The next episode will be a hour long of them digging there way out from all the dead bodies. Wasn’t over impressed with this last one. Good but could have been cut down a bit and gone into more depth with them fighting
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