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  1. bds1961

    Live in Ca. Have traveled to both Canada and Mexico. Have a second house in Greece that we go to every other year. Just long enough to forget what a awful long flight it is. Plan on going one year and traveling a lot from there to different countries
  2. bds1961

    Great news. But are you on meds now for all the stress you went through finding out
  3. bds1961

    I am innocent of all accusations. But I am sure it’s Loader who left his bra at the club house from the last party
  4. bds1961

    The one study that hasn’t really been done is how the multitudes of different frequency’s react in the body. Think of how many different signals from different equipment we are exposed to alone in our own house now. Even all my utility meters now have a transmitter in them. Wave length interaction is something that needs to be studied deeper on its affect to the human body
  5. bds1961

    Sorry about the nut shot. Lol
  6. Something is wrong with the Stats. I’m not listed as number 1 another admin hack at work.
  7. bds1961

    Chile. You should be honored. 4 pages of FUs.
  8. bds1961

    wow. Chile must really get around. Another one that knows him and has a opinion
  9. bds1961

    wow she must know Chile
  10. bds1961

    Isn’t that his theme song?
  11. bds1961

    Happy birthday
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