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  1. bds1961

    He still hasn’t exhaled from smoking that pot. Only explanation
  2. bds1961

    Dos Sachs has been drinking again. He will be Chile by morning. But hung over
  3. bds1961

    Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day
  4. F1 races. Can I say jealous
  5. bds1961

    You spelled that wrong. It’s not your” Stompping ground.” I am sure you meant “stomped on ground.” It’s ok. All of us that play with you know
  6. bds1961

    Happy birthday Ted. Hope you are having a great day
  7. bds1961

    I am sorry forgot to mention you too. Thank you. And yes not one bash from you. But for helping out we will start a fund me page for you for a supply of McNuggets
  8. bds1961

    Made it in for a few games both Saturday and Sunday. Great job Loader. It was a great time seeing a lot of new faces and some that come in every now and then on COD2. The map selection was great. But have to admit all I did on Saturday during the bash match was provide points for who ever wanted to bash me. I look forward to the next memorial weekend. I just pray the name list of our friends does not grow durable no the next year. It’s hard enough with what we have lost already.
  9. bds1961

    Made it in for a very short time on Saturday. Great time with a bunch of idiots. Looking forward tand being able to try to make it in for awhile on Sunday. We have such a great group of players with us and this weekend is one of the best way to celebrate and remember the lives of those that we have played with and lost over the years. Remembered but not forgotten
  10. bds1961

    Well I’m a sucker. Had to buy them to try them out.
  11. bds1961

    Just curious if any one has heard from Little old man ? Been a long time since I have seen or heard anything about him since he stepped down from the COD2 admin team. Hope all is good no well for him and his career as a truck driver
  12. bds1961

    Happy birthday
  13. bds1961

    Happy birthday. As a gift next time in game we will all let you shoot us at least once.
  14. bds1961

    Happy birthday. Hope you are having a great day