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  1. I use a little GP flour mixed with Cake flour. I run the pizza oven between 700 and 800 degrees. My regular oven at home that I use to try to make them in only went up to 550. ( hard to believe Wolf only gave me that as a max temp ). It did dry out the crusts by slowly baking it on the stone at that low of temp. Took me awhile to get a few recipes that work well for what I like. Have played with using both dry yeast and active wet yeast. Small difference in flavor but sure if it’s worth the hassle of keeping live yeast around and healthy.
  2. what you are missing with your pizza. Is making them while camping. Like you I make all my own dough and sauces. It’s taken a long time to get it down to what I like. The one thing I have found that fits my style and taste is I brush the dough down with garlic infused olive oil Ads that final layer of flavor to the crust
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers for you. dont dwell on the passing of him, but remember all the great memories he created for you over your lifetime. Those are the true gifts of life that will always allow him to live on through you
  4. They seem to be wanting to kill off the franchise.
  5. Congratulations. You have come a long ways to get where you are today. The hard work and struggles have paid off. Good luck with getting into the next phase of your education. As a graduation gift we will all hold Loader down so you can bash him next time in game and I might stand still for once and give you a chance to bash me. Now make sure after graduation you have some fun before getting back into it
  6. Good news. You,woke up this morning. You are healthy and you have friends. That of what we see as being bad is life around us, it will always be and has been forever. That’s why we need to apraciate those around us and to live life to our fullest. Me and my wife went through a period where we had so much death and sickness around us that we had friends that were afraid to be near us thinking they would be next. The fact it teaches you to look past that and realize how precious it is and to always give your best to those around you. Hang in there
  7. It’s ok. You bug people where ever you go McNugget
  8. Happy birthday. As a present we offer you blackbart and loader to shoot as many times as you like next time in game
  9. Amazing - aka "god's gift to women" Frontier." They love him for it. They still feel like a virgin afterwards
  10. We saved the estate 21 year old ones for you
  11. And nothing but the best FU to everyone
  12. TBB. Trousers. Is the word your looking for The undisirible frontier ?