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  1. My bar is better stocked. Come on over. Lol
  2. Happy birthday
  3. Happy birthday. Must be some party there having for you
  4. Wouldnt the Man Flu be deadly for you ? FU now get back n game so I can increase my point average
  5. Happy birthday Mac. Can’t wait to have you back in game
  6. What time does the bar open?
  7. A little polish and wax and it will be fine
  8. About what I expected. Lol. FU and get back in game some time soon. Need those points.
  9. She was given those to make suckers out of men
  10. don’t know why I do so bad in game. It’s the latest version
  11. I am hoping it’s not a pain killer gay bar. Don’t want that code
  12. Happy birthday.
  13. Happy birthday