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  1. Learned the hard way with small ones. Never get your hand between them, they snap together hard and fast when there poles match up
  2. Forced retirement after problems with a knee replacement. Regional Engineer, covered 10,000 units of apartment complex’s from Monterey CA to Seattle WA. also had my own business as. General contractor in CA.
  3. I have three channels of wifi.
  4. There is a group of us that hit the cod2 server around 3;30 or a bit later west coast time.
  5. Spent a few hours cleaning up my home net work. Removed a tone of extra cables and power supplies from past units. But the big problem now is that the labels for all the jacks fell off listing where they run to. Going to be fun running them all down again
  6. Looks like a great place to be. Going to make it one of these years.
  7. Saw this on a site that was giving random facts
  8. So sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers to you and the family.
  9. Prayers for you and the family.
  10. I feel sorry for that one girl. No# 10313. You removed her hand from the girls shoulder. What ever did she do to have her hand cut off.
  11. They both can result in a mouth full
  12. That’s fantastic. My mother is going through Louis body Dementia. Physically she is in great shape mentally not so. Not sure what’s harder. Having a parent in hospice or watching the person they were disappear while still there. Enjoy every minute you can with her. We have no guarantees
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