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    Flathead Fords, straight axle Willys gassers, Chrysler 440's Colt 1911s, Sailboats, knots, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Buckeye trees, Rhubarb, pastry baking, bar-b-ques, beer brewing, whittling, Rickenbacker guitars, Fender tube amps, Euchre, and slaughtering folks on COD.

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  1. TheLastColdBeer

    Slept well, I'll give them a thumbs up! Didn't look like much when I unpackaged them, but the dryer whipped them into shape. Worth the price with promo code.
  2. TheLastColdBeer

    People returning to jobs they had before, isn't jobless going down or jobs added.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    Ok, these arrived today, going through the dryer for 15min as instructed before first use. I'll let you know how they stack up.
  4. lol, I was rolling over the Kamikaze A-10s. You've had it mate, divine wind somebody! Thanks Loader, that video got a chuckle out of me.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    Howdy Opto, good to see you found the forums. Always a great pleasure killing you on DM3
  6. TheLastColdBeer

    Good glass on that windshield, thank the Lord.
  7. TheLastColdBeer

    lol, that dude was magnificently unstable. He summed up the fauci cult perfectly.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    I'd look into CMOS pre start up, and see what your multipliers are. Default for your motherboard might limit your speed.
  9. TheLastColdBeer

    Viprz is right, find one thing, just one, to make the day worthwhile. This life is a gift, treasure it as a gift, and appreciate everything you've experienced, good and sad. Only one you're going to get Dean. We're not here forever, and this life is over all too soon.
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    I bake out of my wife's recipe books. Lori loved cheese bakes, and when you hose them down with Tabasco, they hit the spot. Good way to honor her memory, and it makes the kitchen smell wonderful.
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    Had to look on my phone, it isn't like I take pictures of everything I do.
  12. TheLastColdBeer

    Stupendous news Rugger! Great thing to start a new year on! Happy New Year! If you have time, stop by the COD2 BlackBart server so we can celebrate, or any server for that matter.
  13. TheLastColdBeer

    Two of my main addictions, I bake with sugar, butter, & flour. Can't give up my pie shells & crumble tops. That's why I get my lazy arse up everyday and get to work.
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    Don't leave out physical activity. Staying active, maintaining a lifestyle that gets you up, moving, and productive during your day helps tremendously. If you don't use it, your body atrophies. Staying active also promotes digestion, as well as regularity. Your guts don't like a packed colon that doesn't move. A positive attitude, and work/hobbies of interest also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Nobody ever feels good after spending the day in front of a 65" tv, binge watching Shameless.
  15. TheLastColdBeer

    Bellowing a lecture at me just reminds me of all the graves I need to visit.
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