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  1. Home from the boat club, rowdy crew 2night. Having a nightcap in front of the fire.
  2. Have a great weekend! We left a bit early, but fire lit & beer poured.
  3. Well Howdy Jake! Yessir, you are one of my favorite kills. Always a good time when you show up. Give him the map boys.
  4. I've flipped through the report, Durham doesn't have the gift Navarro has of making his point quickly. It sure doesn't look good for the alphabet agencies attacking a candidate, and then a sitting president. If you have any doubts about the integrity of our government, this should put them to rest, on the negative side. If however, you consider this a viable representative of congress, all is rosy, and you can remain asleep.
  5. That's one thing about airshows, it brings out the real money and sidelines the posers. What was the name of your neighbors' Lightning? Watched the show sitting in the shade of Dan Nelson's hanger Saturday. Beautiful weather, and perfect for a show. Danny's dad, Vince Nelson, was the pilot of a B-24 Liberator What's Cookin' Doc. Took a jeep ride around the grounds, glad the guy had a 1919 browning mounted, something to hang onto.
  6. Weather, not so good. Hoping for a better day 2morrow. Couldn't believe my ears, Allison & Merlin overhead w/a flying P-40 and a P-51 together.
  7. That time of year again, the warbirds have been buzzing our roof since Monday. Wright Cyclones, Pratts, & Merlins are shaking the ground. We'll probably wrap mailing up a little early & hop in the golf carts for a closer view. https://tbmreunion.org/
  8. On that note, I'll sing in agreement. We have a load of Octogenarian people in government that just WON'T back away from the trough. They've made multiple millions grifting off the system, and they can't get enough, even though they're one foot in the grave. Show them the door, let somebody with a life left make decisions. Side posty, most folks are conditioned now to apply a label to anyone that disagrees with them, even once. That automatically removes at least half the population from discussion. Bad move, and it's by design.
  9. I downloaded the report & will poke thru it at my leisure. Just wanted to grab a copy before it gets memory holed like so many other documents. You can lead a horse to water, but the majority are content being told they aren't thirsty. Lincoln said the only way this nation could fall was by its' own hand. Sure looks like he was correct.
  10. Brake lights come on AFTER plowing into the other car, at an intersection, with red lights......d'oh!
  11. It's a sad thing to view, that's for sure. joey was never a sharp ball, and seeing his cognitive testing in real time is embarrassing. Ringo is the same age as joey, yet he plays for hours on end & can remember the words to every song, and he's still witty. Yessir, there comes a time when you should step back from the heavy lifting, because age comes to us all.
  12. Drooling joey doesn't have an oar in the water. He'll sign anything his nurses put in front of him, so yeah, all bets are off when it comes to portable wealth.
  13. The Lewis family, Dad, Son, & Son-in-Law took first, second & third. They're hard core, tungsten paste, custom graphite filled wheels, & a test track in their garage. I entered for the food & fun, but also ran on our track @ LKCS, and put my car on the conveyor for a few hours. Here are their cars, sorry I didn't snap a pic of the winners, I was holding onto a Modelo and a shredded beef.
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