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    Flathead Fords, straight axle Willys gassers, Chrysler 440's Colt 1911s, Sailboats, knots, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Buckeye trees, Rhubarb, pastry baking, bar-b-ques, beer brewing, whittling, Rickenbacker guitars, Fender tube amps, Euchre, and slaughtering folks on COD.

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  1. You're fired, as punishment you have to stay in charge. Nobody else wants to herd this band of idiots.
  2. TheLastColdBeer

    Nasty trick to play on poor Alexa......cant, now you've given all the taffys a giggle.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    Shove this piece of shit to the politics forum where it belongs.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    Well hello Striker! Glad to see you on the forums. It's a great joy shooting you on dm.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    Oh, make yo' momma proud!
  6. TheLastColdBeer

    Ahhhh Mac, you were one of a kind. Always looked forward to playing with you. Matter of fact, if I saw you were on the server I always jumped in. Rest in peace.
  7. TheLastColdBeer

    It's a rough one m8, that's why I don't pay attention to mainstream news anymore. When the BS dips into everyday life, it's time to tune out. We play games to relax, not vent. The mute button is a wonderful device, and welcome in game.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    Nothing is sacred anymore. I'll have to pick up a six of LP @ Rudy's before it changes.
  9. TheLastColdBeer

    Bless your heart Rob, I'll bear this in mind. Right next to the bog roll, by the ol' Armitage Shanks. ?
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    Howdy hxtr, was down to visit my brother over Christmas.....damn, I miss Texas. Quiet Birthday, we're finishing up first quarter mailing so long hours. Came home & finished off a block of philly creme cheese & sugared jalapeno's over crackers. Had to try that recipe after having it w/friends in San Antonio. Played a couple of games on WAW dm2, took one #1, so it was off to bed. Thanks everyone for the wishes!
  11. So, you give an opinion, and you get mocked. SOB was right. Nothing to see here, have a nice day.
  12. If someone lays out the capital for a gtx 980 ti, why are they playing a ten year old game? The fun goes away after your targets' frame rate hits 300fps+.
  13. Yeah, I don't like playing with him. Too many lucky pistol shots from across the map. Ruins the game for me. I'm in it for the fun, not to be a sitting duck for some ringer.
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    Howdy Murph, welcome to the forums. Really enjoy killing you on the dm2 server. You ain't far from this Illinois boy, couple of corn fields away. See you in game!
  15. TheLastColdBeer

    No room, Barack has his own head up his ass. 8 years in orifice, 10 trillion added to national debt...joke was on us all.
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