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  1. Yep, Illinois boy, but we loved to stay in the Tampa Bay area. Anna Maria-Cortez, met Loader a couple of times. Friends brought me back a little palm tree. Makes me feel like Florida is close.
  2. 30 in Brandenton, morning coffee with a little Jim Beam ought to take the edge off.
  3. French press after grinding whole bean.
  4. I’m just tired of the Google Doodle. If I’m searching for steam engine parts, quit showing me Steam gaming ads.
  5. Anyone been using anything other than Google lately? I've switched over to DuckDuckGo. Simple engine w/no frills.
  6. RIP Dolores, loved your music & voice.
  7. Sorry about that Johnny. We entertained my mother in law every day, but since Lori died, she's been to the house once. Rest of her family has never been back, and I quietly quit inviting them. Widower acquaintances told me to expect that, and we laugh when notes are compared.
  8. What about mother in laws? Winning your wife over is easy, but you have to prove yourself worthy to her mom every single day.
  9. Ain't picking favorites, I mostly enjoy everyone that plays for the fun. I CAN name two that I don't care for. sti555 and Cordi. Whenever I spawn and am immediately shot, I look to see who the shooter was, and it's almost always those two. Blah, icky-poo, and yuck.
  10. I bought a copy of Win7 pro 32bit off Ebay several years ago. When I built a new rig last year, I installed 64bit pro downloaded from MS. Had to call in to activate, and Microsoft validated my key (the oem key from 32bit). Didn't expect them to approve, but they were very helpful and gave me no flak about anything.
  11. Happy Birthday Barron3000, make it a wonderful day!
  12. Happy Birthday Moron_6! Have a great day!
  13. I like the Yosemite Sam poster, what changed? Rob, there's no substitute for cubic inches. I love shooting .22s, but capping off a .458 is quite satisfying, even if a little rough on the shoulder.
  14. You don't remember Brit Glam Rock? Right before new wave rolled in.
  15. Noddy Holder always makes me smile