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  1. Oh those pretty palm trees.
  2. Rhubarb is ready now, baked a couple of pies this rhubarb. Golf is all about porn, every shank & slice gets f*ck f*ck f*ck!!!
  3. I have 130 yards clear on a side hill, good for a #7 iron until a tree line stops the ball. 70 yards gets me to a rhubarb patch that I use as an aiming point. Thinking about leveling off a spot for a putting green. Whatcha' think? Worthy project?
  4. Our newspaper is a chirpy. Just like the bottom of a birdcage, fulla shit. I still subscribe for the grocery ads, obituaries, and comics.
  5. Right with you cdsinuk, born in the sixties of parents (male and female, married!) that farmed and went through the depression. This bloody world they're trying to push on us makes no sense what-so-ever. Dysfunctional is the new normal, rule of law is out the window, and we're supposed to cater to the "nationality" of dozens of minorities. Fook it, a tall tumbler of Jim Beam sounds good, and it's breakfast time.
  6. Don't give it a worry m8. Scotch is aged in old bourbon oak barrels, and the Scots haven't stopped distilling. The Irish are still concocting their whiskeys too. Nothing wrong with a good olde gin martini made from Beefeater, stoked up in England. Dunno what the taffys brew up, but there's plenty of mind altering splashes available right in the UK. As far as the other junk, it's all made in China, and tariffs are are a perfect example of closing the barn doors AFTER the cows have run off.
  7. I like the shot in junk-o-meter. Have a great memorial weekend!
  8. D'oh, don't mind me, I was viewing on a mobile device. Desktop shows everything fine.
  9. Question, what happened to ALL our sigs? They don't show on posts or profiles anymore.
  10. Talk to Johnny, he's the Emperor of groaner jokes. Why do girls like the number 61? Because they get 8 more.
  11. Laurel
  12. Here's another one that can line the trash bin.
  13. No likey the EU, SOB? But Brussels knows what’s best for everyone.....or not.
  14. Ohhh Johnny, what an awful image to view first thing in the morning. Rob, Victoria said, give them good beer, and cheap beer, and they'll be happy. Pour yourself a pint of Fullers ESB, and it'll be alright. Wallace Simpson didn't wreck the empire, and Meagan doesn't have an empire TO wreck.
  15. Add a little cinnamon while blending the batter, then poor onto a pre-heated and oiled griddle......wait, what was this thread about?