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  1. TheLastColdBeer

    Works, I used it to sneak up & stab you yesterday.😀
  2. TheLastColdBeer

    Rain woke me up. Rain all night w/rain all day Sunday. Good day for DM1 & Bloody Marys.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    96.6F going in to work. Never said there wasn't/isn't a threat, or this was a phoney disease. It is, and needs to be taken seriously. My take, and the opinions of everyone we have contacts with that remained working, are that they were way too late in identifying what was happening and taking corrective steps. Political correctness interfered. Here's the path the virus took when the Chinese realized they had a problem, and bailed out, bringing the virus with them. Chicago, in their brightest moments, continued moving people straight down RT55 & RT80 bisecting the state, exposing us all. I say exposed, because some became deathly ill, while others had very few effects. Are we immune? An immune system is a line of defense, and any defense can be overwhelmed or breached. I do feel for the people constantly exposed, because they are the ones whose immune systems are taxed, and frequently fail. Monitor your health daily, & practice personal hygiene. Life is something to part of, not something to be afraid of what might happen. You don't know. The "experts" don't know, and some of them are complicit in this whole ordeal, for money or otherwise.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    96.8F, going in to work. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/494034-the-data-are-in-stop-the-panic-and-end-the-total-isolation Good article & makes a lot of sense. Anyone questioned the amount of suicides & drug overdoses because of these stay-at-home orders? Hopelessness & depression are killers too, count that cost. Never in my life have I witnessed our mayors, governors, and news media portray fear as a solution. Fear? Be afraid? Walter Cronkite never allowed fear to come across on his broadcasts, Richard Threlkeld reported from a firefight in Vietnam, damn, where are people like that today? Nope, we have Brian Stelter crying. I miss Walter, he would have told us to have courage, be wary, and gauge the risks, like adults have throughout history.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    We've been working the whole time, you'll do fine. Wash up, stay back from people & it'll be OK. 96.2F temperature this morning, going in to work myself.
  6. TheLastColdBeer

    96.6F, day off today. EastCoast50, got a retired Los Angeles Sheriff that keeps me in stitches with his daily texts. Dave & I worked at Eagles supermarket as kids (all us old Eagles alumni stay in touch) and his humor hasn't changed a lick. He moved out to LA after college & got married, raised two boys. He's not pleased with the way things have turned out & his sarcasm is heavy, but still funny. He collects handguns with little horseys on them, and a large cabinet of saps. Know what you mean about the facial coverings, our beloved Gov'ner has just told us we're required to wear masks in public starting next week. That just COULDN'T coincide with a mask purchase he arranged directly with China, order must've arrived. Hard to take the guy seriously when Chicago is still shipping out their best & brightest gang-bangers all around the state. Chicago arranges section eight housing & buys up all the leases they can find. Their transplants hang around here for a bit & then magically find their way back to the city, most to the morgue. Since it's pouring cats & dogs outside, I think I'll join the people on DM1 for a little time killing, cyas there.
  7. TheLastColdBeer

    97F going in to work. Pete, a newly minted physician straight from India took over for my wife's practitioner, who retired. He was (is) a procedure machine, not at diagnostic man. Lori was a double transplant patient survivor of twenty-five years, and a Doctor of Pharmacy herself. His changing her rejection medication led directly to her death, but hey, it's the new procedure. My uncle was completely mis-diagnosed by Dixon, & then by Rockford, leading to his death on the operation table in Sterling, Illinois. Sorry was all we ever got from any of them. To the people who are taking risks in the medical field, hat's off, but it's the game you chose to play. You knew the risks. We volunteered to stay at the helm not knowing the risks, and have been harangued for it. That makes me a little annoyed. When I said we were nice people, I meant it, we are. However, we answer to people who are nice to know, even though they don't care about your safety, or your health. They care about security, and that's ALL they care about. I respect them for what they do. I'll give credit where credit is due.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    96.3f......I'm going to work. Still no tests available for us, anti-body or otherwise. Chicago has them all. Amused me to see Kentucky reported a "spike" the day after a protest. Wow, you've got tests available immediately after something like that, yet those of us in the workforce can't be tested for anything? Weathermen & the medical field are the only occupations I know of that can be wrong over 50% of the time & remain in business. Like mom said, they don't call it a practice for nothing. Wash your little mittens, don't cough on anybody, & it'll all be ok. Or not, I don't make guarantees. Ain't in the guarantee bidness.
  9. TheLastColdBeer

    I mentioned being threatened about remaining working, that brought a round of laughs. " Maybe they need to see our cardiologists, they're experts at reducing blood pressure." "Physiologists too, they'll be real calm after a visit, all their worries will fade to black." "Fever? That goes away the closer to ambient you get." 96.3F, going to the office. Try & maintain a sense of humor over this ordeal, no matter how macabre.
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    https://www.woodtv.com/health/coronavirus/w-mi-doctor-among-first-to-offer-covid-19-antibody-tests/ This is just one article on the Michigan anti-body tests. Looks like somebody is finally using their noodle & doing block testing for valuable & useful data. Wish them well, they might clear up a lot of fog. Around these parts, our hospitals have an ugly MRSA problem, and that was going on long before Rona arrived. Unless your building is a stainless steel sphere, it's near impossible to clean every nook & cranny. I bet a lot of deaths caused by complications of COVID19 are nasties picked up in the hospital while the immune system was busy. Can't fight everything at once. If you have to go to the hospital around here, it's an automatic quarantine from work. They don't want you back, because it's automatically assumed you've been exposed. Can't blame them for taking that precaution, it's too logical. 96.5F so I'm on my way in. Remember people, the only person that's responsible for your health & safety is....you.
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    Oh no, we're nice folks, and we do nice things. We're just currently not doing anything for the public, & our doors are locked to anyone without an invitation. We're hoping after this passes to open our front doors to the public again. As far as the dubunked information line goes, I know several hospital admins in the area. They're always a martini or two away from forgetting HIPAA guide lines, but since our watering holes are closed, that avenue is blocked. I have a great respect for several of our doctors, and a few nurses, but there are a bunch who party like there's no tomorrow, and I can't say they're at the top of my morals list. Mom & my wife Lori used to pass around the joke "What do you call a medical student who graduates at the bottom of his class?".....Doctor. Tests? We don' got to do no stinking tests, that's fo' Chicago folk. China ain't lying, the WHO would never pass along false information, and don' you nevermind nobody's dying of cancer or heart problems anymore, it's all Rona related. Show me da money.
  12. TheLastColdBeer

    Went shopping for weekly groceries yesterday after mowing all afternoon. Same folks behind the counters, & we all know each other by now. None of the employees were wearing masks, but the food handlers wore gloves. Everyone was cheerful, polite, and we maintained our distance. Almost felt like a normal trip, and that's becoming a rarity. Called some friends that have been shut in since March, and they're about stir crazy, so we had some laughs over the phone. Can't be of much help, but I do what's possible. It would be beneficial to have a block of people tested just to see what we've been exposed to, but they aren't doing that. One fellow at work was quarantined & actually got tested because his wife might have been exposed at Sheridan prison. He's back, but the test was only to show if he currently had it. My neighbors are curious about my work habits & how I'm doing, and I try to answer some of their questions, but honesty I can't tell them much because of policy. Fortunately there's acres of ground between all of us, so that makes a great barrier. Stay tidy, use your sanitizers, and stay a little more sane than the people cooped up at home banging on their keyboards, they might need us when they're let loose.
  13. TheLastColdBeer

    https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-antibody-testing-finds-bay-area-infections-85-times-higher-reported-researchers This article appears & disappears, like so many pieces that attempt to clarify the information disaster. It mirrors what we suspected all along among ourselves, COVID19 was here a lot sooner and has covered far more territory than anybody guessed. Far, far more people have been exposed than what the testing procedures have even tried to cover. It's a shame our "experts" in the field aren't more forthcoming with data. Give the same information to an electrical engineer, physicist, or medical practitioner and you SHOULD get the same conclusions. Give out false or conflicting data, or worse, in our area, NO data, and you'll get the results we see now. Those of us who remained in the workforce are alarmed at the insanity coming out of the shut-ins. Nobody judged the mental cost of locking folks up for six weeks and letting them roam facebook endlessly preying on each others fears. This is a terrible experiment in sociology, and the results from this will haunt us forever. There's no such thing as safety, only measured risk. We're alarmed at the fear we see in people venturing out for food & supplies. They aren't rational anymore, and we don't know how to soothe their lunacy.
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    Hey Bart, u & the Missus hang in there!



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