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    Flathead Fords, straight axle Willys gassers, Chrysler 440's Colt 1911s, Sailboats, knots, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Buckeye trees, Rhubarb, pastry baking, bar-b-ques, beer brewing, whittling, Rickenbacker guitars, Fender tube amps, Euchre, and slaughtering folks on COD.

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  1. TheLastColdBeer

    Knocked back a few Founders Dirty Bastards in front of the fire the other night. Don't care what Rob says, 8.5% tastes just fine.
  2. TheLastColdBeer

    Mom was too pretty for the likes of you. Besides, I'm the spitting image of my Irish grandad.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    Same here, if I'm going to punish my liver, I'd rather have something with flavor.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    Me too....uh oh.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    It's a game of musical chairs, everyone investing in each others' debt. When the music stops, somebody won't have a chair.
  6. If propaganda is news you don't want to hear, I guess kitco.com, & nasdaq.com are off the list. That goes for my local Kroger ads, Ameren Power & even my own checking account statements. They're all telling me things I don't like. That's the problem with reality, it doesn't hold whitewash or sugarcoat very well.
  7. Maj, why do you even look at Wiki for anything anymore? The founder himself said his site has been hijacked by radicals that show no tolerance for anything that they disagree with. It's become a propaganda voice, nothing more. Certainly not a site I would use for fact checking.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    Last one I bought was MW2. Play COD2, WAW, and a bit of COD4 for the friends that play. They make the game fun.
  9. Of all the ways to check out. Thanks Skippy.
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    We were talking after lunch, I hoped Charles would become King George VII, but Charles III it is. Been a long, lovely, reign Queen Elizabeth, you'll be missed by many.
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    Great fun for taxpayers of all ages!
  12. Can't remember the map, but my gun was shot out of my hands. Sluf's body was nearby, so I picked up his double barrel shotgun. Holy....what a deathray! Nothing stood in front of me and lived. Next map was Chateau, and I easily won a grip for it. Might be my go-to weapon for small maps.
  13. TheLastColdBeer

    Ok, have another!
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    A pasta pun? Nope, like a broken bone, not humerus.
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