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  1. But Paul is out of step, #%£€& left handed Irishman.
  2. Woke up to a white lawn this morning and freezing temperatures. I'm forgetting what flowers look like. Don't think I have to shovel the drive, but it might be icy.
  3. Which is exactly why I quit wishing people happy birthday. Did it for years, then complaints started about "Happy Birthday" posts spamming the server. Really? Then I noticed folks picking and choosing who they wished happy birthday to. Fine, fuck it, and have a nice day.
  4. I built a couple of 4-bay butterfly antennas. Mounted one facing west, and one south. Pick up all the Quad city and Peoria channels in hd 60-70 miles away. Closest is 40 miles. Chicago is 90 miles to the east, but no clear line of site. Pull in 29 channels, all major networks + pbs.
  5. Typed that incorrectly Mike, I claim myself on my W-4, and FILE as single, head of household. Why claim 0? I'd rather keep my money in my hands rather than loan it to them.
  6. Wasn’t his statement, maybe his boyfriends statement, followed by a torching to cover the evidence.
  7. I'm leaning toward homicide, why off yourself in such a painful way, early in the morning, with no witnesses? A type written suicide note w/global warming blather? The Buddhist monks in Viet Nam immolated themselves in broad daylight on busy streets. Gonna go making a statement, you want people to notice. We'll see what the autopsy says.
  8. He was definitely a colorful character, RIP Gunny.
  9. I know Mike, it just irks me that they hold an interest free loan, while BY LAW my two largest expenses are insurance and tax. My W4 is already set claiming myself and head of household, yet I still give the Fed and state annual freebies.
  10. Umm, dunno what purpose that served. Lots of stuff I don't care for, but a flaming protest isn't on the slate. Another beer, and maybe a head shake perhaps?
  11. Pfffft, filed w/the fed & state two months ago. Fed ponied right up, but Illinois didn't give me my refund. Had to write a check for my IRA distribution, home & vehicle insurance is due, and property taxes are right around the corner. State sent me notice, they want copies of my w-2's, 1099's and federal return. Huh? you have all that crap already, that's why we e-file. All that information was filled out on their site. Gonna have to drag everything back out, make copies, and mail it all in a large sleeve because it's too much paper work to fold. BTW, hope you're holding up WP, we just finished first quarter statements & mailing, and everyone is drained.
  12. There isn't any benchmark you can point a telescope toward and claim "There, that spot in the universe is motionless, let's base everything on that". Since everything is in motion, it leaves us guessing at what rate time is passing. We base our local time on solar travel within our system.
  13. Zaaschila, my personal favorite.
  14. Prayers sent. Linda Haupt has survived ten years after being diagnosed with leukemia, with her husband Dave by her side. Time becomes a precious thing.
  15. OK, I gotta quit doing this, but it's kinda fun. A little present to myself for surviving the grueling mail schedule for quarter. Beautiful piece of workmanship, love the stag bone handles & polished blade.