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  1. Had this issue many years ago, and it has cropped up again. Desktop mouse curser appearing in game, and killing all motion until I hit left mouse button. Any guesses, because I can't remember what solved it before.
  2. Why you sorry arse.....have a Mingy! On the house!
  3. I'll plant a Mingy on this one too
  4. Good place for a Mingy
  5. Getting a bit touchy? Hate seeing spam on your server? Can't even appreciate a decent Birthday wish? You may be a Mingy Folk. Life's a bit too short as it is, have a beer & pull back on the stick.
  6. Time for a minge face, just for kicks.
  7. Ohhhh, that one did it.
  8. Almost a groaner SOB.
  9. Oh SOB, that one was just awful....... Now I need a drink & it's your fault.
  10. OK, 15k likes? Activity/reputation whatevers? I'll help. Do they have to be likes or can I be creative?
  11. Lemme guess SOB, shootin' for 15k posts?
  12. I watched it all Johnny, and I agree with his point. There is no guaranteed utopia in our future. There IS a future that will be created by technology and by our use of tech. For good, or for ill.
  13. The poor thing doesn't have many tools on his bench. I watched his video, and read his comments. His attitude alone is condemning. Toggle the handle on this wretch.
  14. Forgive Fox, I mean angel59. The poor Dutchman was plastered on Italian wine long before lunch.