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    Flathead Fords, straight axle Willys gassers, Chrysler 440's Colt 1911s, Sailboats, knots, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Buckeye trees, Rhubarb, pastry baking, bar-b-ques, beer brewing, whittling, Rickenbacker guitars, Fender tube amps, Euchre, and slaughtering folks on COD.

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  1. TheLastColdBeer

    Yeah, I saw that too. Some group must have pissed off the chi-coms. I thought they loved crypto, if only to undercut the dollar. They must see it as a threat to their control of currency.
  2. TheLastColdBeer

    We fish small lakes, three guys go out on the average. Jeff has a tracker, 3 pedestals, Jimmy has a Sea Nymph, 3 pedestals, 16' boats, and the ones everyone wants to climb aboard. Dave has a 17 1/2' open bow, seats four, but you have to cast around the console. For what we do, open floor and three pedestals is fine. Throw a 30-50hp tiller onboard, we're good to go. Most of the time we're running on trolling power anyway. That's my argument to convert this hull to tiller and be done with it.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    Picked this up on the cheap. 82 Sea Nymph, 90hp Force, 10hp Honda BF100 kicker, & Minn Kota 24v foot control troller. Honda went straight into the garage, along with the Minn Kota. Stripped off all the paraphernalia. Hull is beautiful w/dock rash, but no dings. Fudz wants me to bring it over for a quick resale, but I'm tempted to gut the interior, put three pedestals in, and make an open floor tiller ride.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    You may address me as Lord Renaldo, Emperor of the Outer Rings of Saturn. I identify as a yellow elephant in a red sundress with a set of black pumps. Anyone not fulfilling my narcissistic fantasy will be banned to Iron Bottom Sound.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    https://redstate.com/alexparker/2021/09/22/university-orders-adherence-to-preferred-pronouns-and-made-up-monikers-threatens-action-regardless-of-intent-n446439 What? Real problems go unsolved, real responsibilities go unanswered, and yet, we have time for this?
  6. One of my favorite maps to kill Rocket
  7. TheLastColdBeer

    .303, 30-30, .308, 8mm Mauser, .44 mag, .45 auto, .38 special, .357 mag, .22, .5.56mm, 12 gauge, and a few .20 pellets. Oh yeah, Rock Chucker reloading press with turret, powder, primers, and pills to refill everything. Large supply of rocks and a few baseball bats.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    I'm there. Don't demonize people like Fauchi, they created this monstrosity. Blame the people that don't trust government. That's easy. Use that to segregate and divide. The unvaxxed are the enemy, so says government. CDC tells you the truth, on any given moment, so whom do you place blame? On whomever the media tell you to hate. Piss on fauchi, piss on the cdc, and piss on the who, whomever funds their crap.
  9. TheLastColdBeer

    Bring a cage & some peanut butter, they are all over my yard. Be careful what you wish for, they dig holes under everything. Cute? Yes, but destructive.
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    May push my retirement plans forward over this. Pisses me off nobody cares about the folks that remained working during the whole event. Natural immunity? Not possible, and we don't count it as existing. You took the chance and kept things running before there were vaccines? Tough shit, Emperors orders, get vaxxed or be shut out of life. Afghanistan & Central Americans dropped in your lap? Oh, they're fine, we just want to hold you responsible. What an ever-loving crock of shit.
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    I normally don't agree with anything you say, but in this case you hit the nail right on the head. This guy was looking to cause a flap, and he got it. Not helping anything or anyone with his irresponsibility.
  12. TheLastColdBeer

    “A lady came up to me one day and said 'Sir! You are drunk', to which I replied 'I am drunk today madam, and tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.” ― Winston Churchill
  13. TheLastColdBeer

    No shit, a sixer ain't gonna do it for the hardcore. Imagine the horror when they wake up sober.
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    Dale gave me a bunch of split tomatoes from his garden. OK, what to do.... blanch & stew! Cut a large onion & fried it up in the skillet with butter. Hamburger? Damn, frozen....thaw & wait. Almost ready, no canned beans on the shelf...really? I'm losing my mind. Clean a pound of pintos, bring them to a boil, then cover. Text message, we're going to the boat club, meet us @ 4:00. Um, ok, cover everything and get half-drunk. Return home, brown hamburger, put pintos back on to boil...& continue drinking. Toss in a large helping of chili powder, Jalapenos, salt, & cracked pepper. Add browned hamburger, beans when soft, then bring the whole mess to a slow boil in one pot. The house smells like chili, I think I'm having chili for breakfast after I wake up from my IPA binge. Happy Labor Day!
  15. TheLastColdBeer

    Love to, Sticky Fingers ok? Bag of Nails near Buckingham Stables? Ah, dammit. Forgot about the covid nonsense. Guess I'll just drink here in the states & wish I was in England. Have a pint of Fullers ESB for me.
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