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    Flathead Fords, straight axle Willys gassers, Chrysler 440's Colt 1911s, Sailboats, knots, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Buckeye trees, Rhubarb, pastry baking, bar-b-ques, beer brewing, whittling, Rickenbacker guitars, Fender tube amps, Euchre, and slaughtering folks on COD.

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  1. TheLastColdBeer

    Oy Rob, killed that bottle of Bombay. Forced to open a Kendrick's. Sorry England!
  2. TheLastColdBeer


    Disable that damned nubetube too, and especially in WAW. I hate your rifle nades.
  3. TheLastColdBeer

    Monty Python Rob, what's brown & sounds like a bell? Dung........ I'm all for new ideas, but practical application is the boogeyman that's held things back for centuries. Nature came up with the perfect storage device, hydrocarbons & carbohydrates. Energy production isn't a problem, but storage of energy is. Come up with a new wheel, and you're the winner.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    Not close hauled with a square rig, you aren't. The wind has a will of its' own, you're just making the best use of it. Kind estimate for power consumption of an electric car is 300w per mile, air/heater radio on. Average commuter drives 35 miles/day. 10.5kw used, 47.7amps @220v to recharge for an hour. Much longer if you don't have a dedicated 50a circuit.
  5. TheLastColdBeer

    I like the premise, but I have to agree on its' viability. He's not showing how many amps it takes to split the water, how much hydrogen is produced, and in what time frame. Blocked off half the air intake of the carburetor, so you can count on a massive reduction in HP output. Also doesn't go into detail what HH+ is, or its' availability. Having run engines on alcohol, you can bet you'll fill your oil sump with water running hydrogen. Oil survival is going to be sketchy at best. I'm still a fan of wood gasification. Simple vessels, not much for carburation other than a mixing chamber & butterfly valve. You'll get about 60% total output compared to gasoline, but running a stationary engine is no problem. Cleaning & cooling the gas is a pain, but doing without electricity is much worse. 300w per mile, 70miles an hour x one hour. That equation will kill any ideas you have about electric powered vehicles.
  6. TheLastColdBeer

    Nooooo, Bombay. I'm sworn to fun, loyal to none. Next pix might be Boodles.
  7. TheLastColdBeer

    Right Rob, all that reading made me thirsty. Here, doing my bit for England.
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    Retire, my liver says do it, do it now!
  9. TheLastColdBeer

    Silver lining, Capital Group paid out mid-year capital gains & dividends. I was very pleasantly pleased at the share increases.......now if they were only worth what they were in January. I'm going to keep working. I can take my wife's Social Security beginning 1-9-23 as her widower. It'll cost me $1.00 for every two dollars I earn over $19.5k, but it's better to get the money from them now, before the world's largest Ponzi scheme sinks.
  10. TheLastColdBeer

    The red flag laws are the most sinister things contrived yet. They completely circumvent the bill of rights, end of story. In this climate, when they tell you "that's not what they're for", you can believe that's EXACTLY what they're for. Stripping you of your property & rights without representation. https://thefederalist.com/2022/06/14/politifact-spreads-misinformation-on-red-flag-laws-and-due-process/
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    We have a crew in D.C. that can't carry a tune, letting them carry our eggs is guaranteed disaster.
  12. TheLastColdBeer

    I don't put all my eggs in one basket, and panic selling isn't an option. This downturn has one advantage, all the dividend paying stocks & mutual funds can buy more shares at a lower price. If you don't need the money, don't cave in. Crypto was nothing that interested me, but I do look at it. Just not comfortable playing with something that can evaporate over night. Rather go play in the mountains with a washpan & a bottle in my pocket.
  13. TheLastColdBeer

    Remember, the left always plays by what it "wishes" were true, not what's actually happening.
  14. TheLastColdBeer

    My 401k & IRA are now a 201k & ira.
  15. TheLastColdBeer

    Patch has turned giant, should've split the crowns & started a new one earlier this spring. Tempted to harvest it all & do that, but scared it will turn dry soon. Mom never had rhubarb, my grandparents & aunts all had patches on their farms, and it was always a treat at holidays. Was given several starts years ago, and it's turned into a monster of several varieties.
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