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  1. google

    FU beeech ! love u all
  2. google

  3. google

    Thank you FU beech!
  4. google

    A column of the Russian army on its way to Kyiv stops by a hill. From behind it is heard from a megaphone: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 10 Russian soldiers!" Irritated, the Russian commander sends 10 soldiers over the hill, there are gunshots, shouts, then silence, none of them return. And the megaphone: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 100 Russian soldiers!" Annoyed, the Russian commander sends 100 soldiers across the hill. This time there are more shots, the sound of fighting, then silence and no one back. Same voice: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 1000 Russian soldiers!" Jumping out, the Russian commander sends 1,000 soldiers across the hill to attack! There are noises of great battle, shouts, bursts of bullets, and then nothing, silence. But now a severely wounded Russian soldier appears, crawling towards his. He manages to get close to them and shouts at them with all his might: “Don't go! It's a trap! There are 2 ”
  5. I started here on cod 2 2007 - 2009 I met him in cod 2 good m8 RIP bro I think most of the *older ones here started with code 2
  6. google

    g00gle#21507 g zero zero g l e ))
  7. My EMP mine exploded 3 times,at my crossing and killing me )
  8. and yesterday , my EMP device countermeasure for RC ,he killed me 3 times thx
  9. google

    TAVI? if is Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation recovery is short-lived and I will be able to shoot you very soon beech.. I wish you good health
  10. google

    in the last 3 years ,I wanted to leave the clan 3 times ,I never found understanding here , for annoyance due to the change of game mode.. bla bla bla .no longer open this topic is useless time solves everything ..you do not leave the clan beech,just take a break ,and let's hope I'll find you here too cya m8
  11. so I'm right ))))haahahahahahahahah normal not to defend me. you have always had your gang I understand you are afraid ,that he has no one to take care of the servers ))))))))even if he's wrong)) now it's right when everyone plays with LSAT . RPD MK46 ??? don't forget one thing :cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people! from this moment I never post again Never !!stay with your gang ,you will never be a good leader ,just a puppet long live your democracy AMIN
  12. posted the movie that suits him ,he films what he wants !! he made the setting he likes to see Saritch 308 ,this movie ,today 146b9 mode on XI mw2 server >XI< MW2 Freezetag #2 I don't understand why they have to be right ,if he doesn't decent weapon
  13. yes beech sway sway sway sway!!! LSAT . RPD MK46 everyone plays with these weapons !!just like these weapons don't swing,and the noise is embarrassing @Sammy make assault weapons without swinging,and all problems are solved
  14. the movement of the weapon when aiming
  15. That's what I want to talk about I say it's a difference ... no??
  16. why our recommendations are not taken into account ?we are the ones who populate the server,you have no idea how much time I lost on this server for fun !!! over 10k hours,I have been playing on these servers for over 10 years. I stopped playing on this server when 3 years ago,just for mod change .I never understood : why changes are made when everything is going well I came back every year ,to check the game mode .I love it when the changes are made by those who do not play on this server I've been talking to myself for 3 years))) I requested a 3 year old for perk change .(@Sammy and @Rugger ) words in the wind !!! even now I don't think anything will happen .... he left the game many good players, you have thought of the reason ok That's all I had to say sorry if I upset someone FU beech
  17. ok ... all guns is bs, pistols is big BS if I still have to pull 3 magazines to kill someone ,give me 10 bullet magazines and if i used rapid fire, give me 20 stopping power = worthless when they shoot with a gun they move even if I use red dot (asalt class) when you only make a good weapon, everyone will play with this weapon -- why don't you do them all good? for kill RC i need 2 pistol clips . and i have 4 ) you never promoted sniper rifles ,maybe someone wants to play with this weapon ,even if it is a normal map Sniper 50 cal- 3 clips for to hit something (steady aim worthless) you can't collect bullets than from a weapon similar to yours extremely many atomic bombs in packages ( look in the server logs) Saturday on each map 1, even 2 nukes omfg I'm not saying anything about the change perks ,I talked in vain for 3 years ......... I prefer to go back to play other games than to get angry here... cya ..next year
  18. google

    Congratulations !!!! muhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa still love u mausi
  19. yeaaaaaaa still BS perk ! ruin the fukg games with RC noobs kill and claymors !!! I lost over 10,000 hours on this server ,3 years ago I ask for change,I hoped something would change but ...bs I refused to play with these perks for 3 years ,no one seems to care only this : evesdrop and stealth not together in perk 3 only this I hope to see you on the server again
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