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  1. @Ruggerxi When you want a true answer you have to ask yourself is their a higher being that created all things or was it just a big bang theory? Once you come to what you believe then we can can talk my friend on a more private forum. For I do have an answer for you that you can wrap your head around.
  2. wildthing

    How little you know of me @Bogleg
  3. wildthing

    I am at the cross roads of america Interstate 90 and 35
  4. wildthing

    She has determined you are the alpha of the pack and is devoting her loyality to you. Very cute and voice commands will keep her to do what you want as you the same command for the same act expected.
  5. Police in Ontario, Canada, pulled over a driver after spotting a 2-year-old riding shotgun -- strapped to a case of beer doubling as a booster seat. The driver was pulled over Wednesday near North Perth, about 100 miles west of Toronto, Ontario Provincial Police West said on Twitter. The police said someone called in a traffic complaint. The driver's creative attempt to fashion an improvised child booster seat earned more than a wag of the finger. Police say the law requires children under 40 pounds to be secured in a child car seat and children under the age of 8 and 80 pounds require a booster seat. In a separate tweet, police said the case of beer was factory sealed, so the driver was not in violation of open container laws.
  6. wildthing

    ericswan.smugmug.com I did copy and paste must not of set it @piglo Thank you
  7. wildthing

    Again for the third time this month. All >XI< Fest photos I have are at I am paying for this site in order for all members to post to folders for the pictures that they have. Please get in contact with me for any pictures that you may have and want to post to the folders. Every year of >XI< FEST USA are there. @Olive @Giggles @J3st3r
  8. wildthing

    Nice job dirty bird
  9. wildthing

    Bunny hopper killed in the air is an extra 100 points Kill the wabbit
  10. wildthing

    @J3st3r Got it wednesday and today is the day i switch things out.
  11. wildthing

    @loaderXI Did you read the new egg spec it is twice the power of the beast and twice the ram.
  12. Well 10 years into the computer I built it is finally crashing and now time for the upgrade as the parts come this week and by the weekend the new machine should be running. Here is the link to the bare bones i just bought. https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.3886075&Description=ryzen 7 combo
  13. wildthing

    To all who have been to fest over the years i have posted pictures to an account that I am paying yearly for for the clan. If you would like your pictures add to share with everyone please get in contact with me and I can add them to the correct fest year. For example does anyone know who this happy group is? https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2018-Nashville-Tennessee/i-FCrpdJ2/A
  14. wildthing

    https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2011-Michigan-City-Indiana/i-DjwmvZR/A 2011 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2012-Baraboo-Wisconsin/i-HtmpV8T/A 2012 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2013-Lawrenceburg-Indiana/i-pxGXkHp/A 2013 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2013-Lawrenceburg-Indiana/i-Bwfb9kq/A 2013 LOL https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2014-Cincinnati-Ohio/i-KzCKNdW/A 2014 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2015-Las-Vegas-Nevada/i-222tgdt/A 2015 May he rest in peace our good friend Bubbles>XI< https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2016-Gatlingburg-Tennessee/i-gPGwKPb/A 2016 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2017-Niagara-Falls-Canada/i-g6j3n8j/A 2017 https://ericswan.smugmug.com/XI-Fest-2018-Nashville-Tennessee/i-XhJ3nrB/A 2018
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