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  1. wildthing

    If you don't see the folder then I would search for the map itself to see where it does put the other copy. Also make sure that the folders show all and are not checked for hidden files. @Crack
  2. wildthing

  3. wildthing

    So in passing they are never forgotten because they are loved as family and that is what XI is one big family. If you want more pictures of members I pay monthly for the site for all the xi fest pictures at ericswan.smugmug.com
  4. wildthing

    These are some pictures with Cobra bites and family during the 2014 XI Fest
  5. wildthing

    This is in Vegas when I got to meet bubbles.
  6. wildthing

    Some of the pictures i have of Johnny DOS. I miss him dearly because he was one of the first I played against in XI. Was in the morning with the COD2. I was so glad to meet him in person because he was a al around great guy.
  7. wildthing

    In memory of those that have fallen. I remember killa best as he would say I am going to get you little piggy!! So I am going to share things that have been shared with me from another member here and that member is T-Rat.
  8. wildthing

  9. wildthing

    Sorry for your loss, Prayers for you, your Father and all of the family. He will always live on in you with all the memories. Cherish all the happy times you had with him in this time of passing.
  10. Well would you know it. I fill out a job app and now they want me to interview and do on site skill assessments for my computer knowledge. Wish me luck because this will be a big move up in the world for me.
  11. wildthing

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  12. wildthing

    @J3st3r you know you were off this is more @loaderXI https://www.amazon.com/Unicorn-Inflatable-Children-Toddlers-Included/dp/B07K2MGXFR/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3JYRCNUHAJZJX&dchild=1&keywords=blow+up+donkey&qid=1590962687&s=toys-and-games&sprefix=blow+%2Ctoys-and-games%2C189&sr=1-4
  13. The nurse last night said that Lili is doing better. She opened her eyes, but she is not able to follow commands which the nurse said she is still under sedation. She is at 50% on ventilator and went down 10% ventilator pressure. So, this is good. Her blood pressure and heart rate are good. She has not been on her belly since the past Thursday.
  14. wildthing

    Just to let you know rob what my machine is and I have 32 GB of the DDR4 so bring it you pansy ass.



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