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  1. wildthing

    It is to bad that cobra bites is no longer with us. Happy birthday to all.
  2. Need a date set so we can ask for the time off. But the wife and I are in. We opt in for one of the king beds.
  3. wildthing

    In a Galaxy far far away I had a computer that was a 486 if I recall. I had just gotten married to my wife in 2003. I worked for a local isp and game with a few guys in that office. I bought call of duty 2 when it came out and started to explore the servers online. I popped into a server that noddy, newf, and johnny dos were playing on. The first breakfast club was on that server. I would hide and snipe on this server. With each victim I got I would use my cell phone to play my ring tone of As the servers grew I was asked to be and admin. With that I said yes. Than came call of duty 4 and 5. As admins we would over see all three games. As the clan grew and we got more and more members the founders determined that the admins should only be in the games they played most. This clan started with only 4 guys in a shop that wanted to have fun shooting each other and not have a whole bunch of you can do this and can't do that. As they grew into a bigger family of gamers' they knew a time would come and they created a code of conduct. The clans reach was going world wide as the web is world wide. Then came the idea of hey lets meet up with each other and then >XI< Fest was born. I got to meet many of the people I game with and the love in this family for its fellow members grows stronger with each passing day. My wife loved johnny dos when I would play against in game and fell in love with him more when she met him at an >XI< Fest. We have had many players come and go but those that stay know this is not only a clan but a family. Mess with one of us you mess with all of us. @Rascal she can tell you best what happens because a player try to mess with her. As you can see I am one of those OG. I wish all you well and have fun playing here. But remember I will find you and I will kill you for I have a select set of skills over a long career....
  4. Working nights and retail sucks but glad everyone has a good time.
  5. wildthing

    Check www.ibuypower.com also
  6. wildthing

    Just shows you how good my skills are @piglo
  7. I got the >XI< Group into Hawaii and out. These characters are everywhere. I think they were going to have a cook out from what I could tell of the booze they were feeding to piglo.
  8. wildthing

    @Wrecksauce from Albert lea for me and will be in st mary's on the 23 for a stint to be put in my heart.
  9. wildthing

    @Wreaksauce where in southern minnesota you from?
  10. wildthing

    Mule you are a JACKASS!!
  11. Awesome picture!! Nice way to have the torch carry on for the gaming clan!!
  12. wildthing

    Update we are 24 hours to take off and I have a good surprise for the group when I get there. No it is not nudes of me on the beach either but now that you have that mental image. LOL
  13. wildthing

    Getting ready for the trip to Hawaii and will post pictures here when I can. I am so looking forward to the Vacation I just wish you idiots could be there with me. I know you will be in spirit and I hold all of you dear to me because we are family.
  14. wildthing

    No test requirement but covid cdc card required @Sammy
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