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  1. Milky

    Idjits.... :-* :-*
  2. Milky

    Is Chili still here?? @Ruggerxi should have cleaned out the veggies by now ? good to see you @hxtr-Seth-Rich @Unchileno and @Cavey . Boys from the old days.. DAMN CHili gotta be OOOOLD by now..
  3. Milky

    In your dreams you are getting rid of me Fukers.! Hopefully I will a desktop in the spring/summer time and be back to spank hairy asses.
  4. Milky

    Well fukers. im still here.. not on the servers atm, but life has thrown me a house instead of appartment (takes a lot of time) Kiddo is still here (Not tired of daddy yet). But taking a lot of time also.. But just wanted to let you all, im NOT leaving, just being a bit absent atm.
  5. Milky

    Damit i forgot.. i forgot big time this year.. normally im good at wishing myself happy birthday, but this year no good ;-) thanks a lot everyone :-) we have high summer here in DK. so sunny all day long :-) Hope you all have a nice time during the summer :-)
  6. Milky

    7 ½ year ago.. how about that.. damn.. been into COD for more than 12 years... im getting older.. but not smarter or a wise man.. just the same fuker with my fat and more hurting knees..
  7. Does anyone remember the great evening on TS when i was granted my tags? I know for a fact that @P!nk was there @Sitting-Duc was there. maybe @2_MANY_BEERS were there also? see that was a great time of singing and having fun.. some 8 or 9 years ago..
  8. Milky

    Thank you very much everyone!! Its a journey started that i already love! he is doing good and are fine so far! he is eating like a monster and shitting in an amount you believe! he is almost as full of shit as his father! almost.. So far he has gained weight in his first 5-6 days and everything is as it should be!
  9. Now im a father. My son came to this world yesterday 10.52 am. My wife is like superwoman. Into labour 1 am and he was out that shortly after.. like never seen before they said at the hospital, for a first timer!! He is 3030 grams and 50 long. and everything is perfect with him and my wife is good! :-) we are home and happy! ;-)
  10. Milky

    Thank you all i had a great weekend of party and enjoying the time with family and friends! and i got enough money for a new bowling ball
  11. Milky

    And yes.. this is something i do every year.. this year i actually waited till it was past midnight
  12. Milky

    wow.. this made me really sad to read.. it actually hurts a lot... he was a great guy.. i remember back in the days when i joined he was one of my first friends here.. have spent a lot of hours with him and talked here and there outside the game, ts, steam and so on.. wow.. this is a hard one to take on my birthday.. hmm.. im so sorry on your behalf skull.. my condolences to you and the rest of the family! To me he was a great guy and have spent countless hours with him having great fun.. may Cobra rest in peace!
  13. Milky

    damn.. RIP AH1.. played a lot of hours with him.. seemed to be a great guy, and a great idiot!!
  14. Ohh happy birthday to the one and only Milky!! Wee oh yea.. btw Ups i did it again!! hahahahahaha i beat you all to it once again! ;-D IM AWESOME AND IM THE ONE AND ONLY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOFO (Or soon to be mofo)
  15. Milky

    Haha if you look closely.. there is a nose, Eyes and a Yawning mouth! ;-)
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