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  1. Milky

    @Icequeen !FU!!! @Raven I do miss you 2. ? but yea hopefully I will have some more time soon! ?
  2. Sooo you all thought I was gone.. but thats a NO NO!! ? Im still here going strong. Still on a coming back period from a stress relieve, so going back is taking some time, nice and easy back to full time at work. When im not working, having fun with my son and wife, im renovating our house. Takes up a lot of time, and has to find some time to do some bowling also.. Im actually looking forward to the winter, where I can put the pace down and get some gaming going again.! Oh yea.. My farts still smell funky, my singing is getting better (NOT) and im still happy and all.. So
  3. Milky

    Thank you all.. Now Rugger deciced that birthdays must be soooo boring ;-) I forgot to come online and post something stupid ( as always on my birthday.) had a Great day! :-)
  4. Milky

    Idjits.... :-* :-*
  5. Milky

    Is Chili still here?? @Ruggerxi should have cleaned out the veggies by now ? good to see you @hxtr-Seth-Rich @Unchileno and @Cavey . Boys from the old days.. DAMN CHili gotta be OOOOLD by now..
  6. Milky

    In your dreams you are getting rid of me Fukers.! Hopefully I will a desktop in the spring/summer time and be back to spank hairy asses.
  7. Milky

    Well fukers. im still here.. not on the servers atm, but life has thrown me a house instead of appartment (takes a lot of time) Kiddo is still here (Not tired of daddy yet). But taking a lot of time also.. But just wanted to let you all, im NOT leaving, just being a bit absent atm.
  8. Milky

    Damit i forgot.. i forgot big time this year.. normally im good at wishing myself happy birthday, but this year no good ;-) thanks a lot everyone :-) we have high summer here in DK. so sunny all day long :-) Hope you all have a nice time during the summer :-)
  9. Milky

    7 ½ year ago.. how about that.. damn.. been into COD for more than 12 years... im getting older.. but not smarter or a wise man.. just the same fuker with my fat and more hurting knees..
  10. Does anyone remember the great evening on TS when i was granted my tags? I know for a fact that @P!nk was there @Sitting-Duc was there. maybe @2_MANY_BEERS were there also? see that was a great time of singing and having fun.. some 8 or 9 years ago..
  11. Milky

    Thank you very much everyone!! Its a journey started that i already love! he is doing good and are fine so far! he is eating like a monster and shitting in an amount you believe! he is almost as full of shit as his father! almost.. So far he has gained weight in his first 5-6 days and everything is as it should be!
  12. Now im a father. My son came to this world yesterday 10.52 am. My wife is like superwoman. Into labour 1 am and he was out that shortly after.. like never seen before they said at the hospital, for a first timer!! He is 3030 grams and 50 long. and everything is perfect with him and my wife is good! :-) we are home and happy! ;-)
  13. Milky

    Thank you all i had a great weekend of party and enjoying the time with family and friends! and i got enough money for a new bowling ball
  14. Milky

    And yes.. this is something i do every year.. this year i actually waited till it was past midnight
  15. Milky

    wow.. this made me really sad to read.. it actually hurts a lot... he was a great guy.. i remember back in the days when i joined he was one of my first friends here.. have spent a lot of hours with him and talked here and there outside the game, ts, steam and so on.. wow.. this is a hard one to take on my birthday.. hmm.. im so sorry on your behalf skull.. my condolences to you and the rest of the family! To me he was a great guy and have spent countless hours with him having great fun.. may Cobra rest in peace!



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