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  1. zapped

    Google is just as bad
  2. The one that you collect tags is a hoot
  3. zapped

    nice massey shooting
  4. Afternoons on both servers are dead . Were did everybody go ?
  5. Don't even think of asking her about the chicken and a half laying a egg and a half ..... ahahaha
  6. He is a challenge sometimes and comical to watch lol
  7. zapped

    Howdy Ms Bubbles
  8. zapped

    ahahaha , to true
  9. mikey1799 well maybe try a mw freezetag and add some diff weapons to it ,and maybe add another server for sniper s +1
  10. The other night when the sniper map came up and a lot of people left during the map . I don't mind a sniper map but the game does get pretty long and gets even longer when people leave and just a few are left to finish the map. Shot guns and knives sound like fun and bunnies are hard to hit and do require skill to do but I do enjoy shooting them in the air and watch them go down. wtf Dammit hehe
  11. I like the freeze tag server , it has arty , and I like the tank maps , the nam server on the other hand
  12. zapped

    Hey there Lord of Chaos , good to see you finally found the site and made your intro . Shoot ya later
  13. Yea yea I know I'm a idiot but I don't know if I have the right modern warfare and if I do I can't figure out how to get on the server.
  14. Cheers , the hard work is much appreciated .
  15. zapped

    Hello Guv-nor , shoot ya later