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  1. I now understand alittle more but is Nato really a threat to RUSSIA when we all know NUKES will finish the world. And I have never thought the West should stick the Oar in as recent and past history tell us that we never get it right.
  2. What I fail to understand is by taking Ukraine he brings his borders closer to NATO countries.....so not alot of Logic from Mr Putin......lets hope he has a swift ending to his life and soon would be good
  3. coolmd

  4. coolmd

    ty for reminding me.. was trying to avoid my birthday,,lol
  5. coolmd

    happy BIRTHDAY to YOU all....enjoy it as much as you can
  6. pistol and noob tubes is great fun
  7. coolmd

    Have you tried something so simple as to turn mic level down or mic sensitivity.
  8. Lets hope you guys never have any nutters trying to invade your country...They really will need nukes not Boots..
  9. I got my Trusty catapult out made in the 70's when fun was allowed and you could shoot other kids without PC brigade putting you in a straight jacket and giving you counseling
  10. coolmd

    TIP it out the window or down the sink..np
  11. coolmd


    its a EUROCRUISER not a barge lol
  12. coolmd

    Soon to be renamed as the BRITCRUISER otherwise some froggy thing will sue you about a copywright brexit law.
  13. coolmd

    TBH solar power above Watford is a NONO.....sun dont shine up tut north , only for the 1 day in scotland when they take all the photographs for glossy mags and google. If they figure out how to turn rain into electricity that would help significantly
  14. In the UK we are short of Arrows and spears due to COVID..Knives are still easy but no shops open to choose them
  15. coolmd

    She needs to upgarde that old Butchers bike...get some gears and brakes and learn to ride in a straight line....looks like shed be good at NASCAR
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