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  1. coolmd

    Was just wondering if any of you idiots play CROSSOUT on steam?
  2. coolmd

    ok must just be im shite at this game
  3. coolmd

    Markoff what guns you use in COD
  4. coolmd

    Talk to wife?...why? Oh yes dinner time..lol
  5. coolmd

    Yey me.. Hassled Amazon worked within an 1.5 hours card arrived....plugged it in downloaded drivers and HEY HO AND AWAY YOU GO.....no bios issues nothing to do except turn everything to ULTRA and boom it worked. Did the same two benchmarks that i had done with 5700XT and the 2070 super did better in both benchmarks...I guess it should as it was £100 more..... So never AMD again...I will stay with Nvidia.....just waiting for the codes now from Amazon for the COD mw....
  6. coolmd

    OMG it dont want me to change my graphics card....ordered new MSI 2070 super on Monday on Amazon prime...promised yesterday...nothing....contacted customer support..very sorry very sorry etc etc.....promised for today........still sitting in local depot..30 mles from me..contact them again....once again sorry sorry etc. We will make sure it comes today.. Of course you will...... wouldnt mind too much but this card came with codes from free COD MW released tommorrow but will only work if card is installed...lol
  7. coolmd

    Yes used DDU to remove in safemode etc....new drivers after card installed...all to no avail..there are far too many others outthere with numerous problems
  8. coolmd

    Yes latest Bios...made no diffrence
  9. coolmd

    its doesnt blue screen.....just blackscreen straight into pc reboot....no warning...triple fans so its not thermal. the many reviews by professionals dont mention problems but many many forums with problems and many more problems than I experienced. When the PC reboots simply says Wattman has encountered problem and settings has been set to default. If undervolted does work ok might get a few hours without problems but cant rely on it. Shame i so wanted it to be good. Many are saying its driver issues and new driver not out for a while. Did manage through undervolting to get a Heaven Engine bench mark which was about double my old faithful GTX 980. ran BFV with ultra settings on 2560 x 1440 at about 80 fps on average. So ran well but still with issues and dare not alter any radeon settings except for the undervolt being left on.
  10. coolmd

    Im in South of England around 11 c 51 f.. .been raining most days for about a month....shit even by our standards
  11. I just purchased the gigabyte 5700xt. What a mistake. I have not managed to get it to run without alot of various issues from BSOD, random crashes in games or simply browsing. It appears many people are having similar issues and I tried many things to get it to wrk properly to no avail. the only single thing that half worked was to use Wattman to undervolt the card but even then issues arose. After coming from my trusty GTX 980 without a single problem ever I have decided to return the card to Amazon and have ordered the MSI 2070 super, £100 more but back to nvidia for me. Just wonderd if anyone else has got this card and any problems that may have been encountered?
  12. I brought a Gigabyte 5700xt leaving my old nvidia Gtx 980. What a mistake the 5700 xt has so many issues BSODs . Pc reboots Couldnt get it run reliably without using Wattman to undervolt the card. I then researched and found hundreds of other peeps having similar issues. I tried all the work arounds I could do to no AVAIL. I would avoid this card, when it ran it did run very fast but so unreliable simply not worth the Hassle. luckily its an Amazon purchase so its going back and I have reordered a RTX 2070 super from MSI, a hundred quid more but hopefully same performance but reliable. I await its arrival. GTX 980 back in PC ans this never gave me any troubles at all
  13. I loved it finally they produced a half decent COD......Graphics still not BF1 or BF5 standards but loved the smaller maps and great game play. Face paced but not as silly as the Black ops 4 game play. I have preordered the game and I am looking forward to it. Best COD for many years in my humble opinion
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