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  1. and he is ex military lol and the pride of bonnie wee Scotland...lol#
  2. coolmd

    Happy Birthday Edd.....try to have a great day in this shit year and time
  3. coolmd

    Welcome Tony
  4. coolmd

    But from what i can tell the average working American probably has a much higher standard of living compared to the UK
  5. coolmd

    The entire British welfare system has been abused for so long and by so many that it is near breaking point. I believe it is systematically abused by both born and bred British and many of our drop in and live friends from all over the world. With the correct information and a few medical letters and a bit of acting many can lead a reasonable life without ever having put in a fkin penny towards the state. This is where the system has failed and whatever steps are then imposed only seems to make things worse for the people who sincerely need help. The people who abuse it still carry on and abuse it. These sad times that we are now going through are highlighting the years of mismanagement and underfunding of the NHS and the inept and slow reaction by the goverment and its advisers. I just hope that once this is all over that the UK's fragile economy will actually survive and still allow us to have the NHS and social care that is needed in this once great country.
  6. coolmd

    Get well soon m8..... Kick that virus ASS
  7. coolmd

    I wish both of you a speedy recovery
  8. coolmd

  9. coolmd

    Welcome Back.....
  10. coolmd

    These are my two best friends...BOB about 16 yrs old border Collie on TOP....poor old fucker has slowed down alot now...And Jessie on the Bottom..Border Cross ...11 ish..Both rescues and both so different...LOVE THEM ALOT
  11. big up to me DAD....lord help us
  12. coolmd

    Was just wondering if any of you idiots play CROSSOUT on steam?
  13. coolmd

    ok must just be im shite at this game
  14. coolmd

    Markoff what guns you use in COD



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