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  1. coolmd

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..... He will be missed by many.... So sorry for your loss....
  2. coolmd

    Welcome DAD about bloody time
  3. coolmd

    I will certainly hope it is good. Lets face it all the recent CODS have been shocking...lets hope they win back some BF players
  4. coolmd

    still think min GTX 1070 needed
  5. coolmd

    Pcs are difficult to decide.....depends on use... I have always brought the most high end graphics card over processor as for gaming the processor is not really doing much. but if rocape is into video editing or other high end video/graphics work then a better processor is great. Good luck with whatever you choose ..let us know where alll the hard earned dosh goes....
  6. coolmd This guy does some good deals. Brought my dads machine recently from him and this was great value and all good components
  7. coolmd i brought a PC from this guy about 18 months problems and great build quality
  8. coolmd
  9. coolmd
  10. coolmd

    Hi Edd n rockape there are better spec machines on ebay...brought one for my dad recently and impressed with quality. I personlly would lower the processor and motherboard and up the graphics card.. Ill try to post some links...
  11. coolmd

    Welcome hope you like this server you will meet a great bunch of guys some mad, some shy,some loud, but you will have fun.
  12. coolmd

    Happy New Year
  13. coolmd

    Happy Birthday......and Merry Christmas
  14. coolmd