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  1. Johnny3Time

    May I suggest removing the cover plate to a different location than the bottom half of the case and motherboard before dremeling a hole for the video card in the lid.
  2. Johnny3Time

    Ribbon Shmibbon get the dremel out and make a hole for the video card, that is what a REAL nerd would do!!!
  3. An anti vaxxer what do you expect, honesty and integrity? LOLOLOLOL
  4. Johnny3Time

    It's a decent setup I have the same thing except for a 1tb nvme and low profile 1060 4gb in a TFX case for my 4K Bravia TV. I stream fights and movies with it in discord sometimes, it will play cod 4 well.
  5. Johnny3Time

    If it's an old machine you aren't using why not just format it and reinstall windows?
  6. I call bullshit!!!! Conspiracy theory bullshit at that. Typical misinformation being spread on social media like parler and twitter. Social media Persona makes ridiculous claims people send them money, the more ridiculous the claims the more money they make. It's become big business because people love to be lied to and love to spread the lie. Go on loving your conspiracies but I can post info to the contrary all day. Really getting tired of what is becoming knee-jerk automatic misinformation for some internet asshat to make money off of gullible people. Don't like what I'm saying...
  7. I did some checking before scheduling my first dose, some pharmacies will file a federal claim to recoup the charge for the vaccine and only require a Drivers license# or your SSN#. CVS the Pharmacy I used does this. Otherwise there is a form you can fill out and be compensated by the Govt as the Vaccine is intended to be free for everyone. I got my first yesterday, Pfizer, no charge. Very tired and a sore arm the first night. Today just tired and semi out of sorts. No tracking devices either the tiny needle they use wouldn't accommodate one.
  8. Johnny3Time

    Welcome idiot!!
  9. Johnny3Time

    I'm in
  10. Johnny3Time

    I use a Rasperry Pi with a webcam on it to run my printer running a version of linux called OctoPrint. Its a fantastic print management tool, you can make time laspe video of prints that are pretty cool. I use it for handling the gcode instead of SD card loading and remote viewing/control of the printer. If something goes wrong on a print I can stop it while I'm at work.
  11. Johnny3Time

    Put me in
  12. Johnny3Time

    I almost forgot, calibrating your esteps. Every machine is a little different on its extrusion calibration even from same model/mfg you measure 100mm of filament going into the extruder then tell it to extrude 100mm, measure the difference and adjust the e-steps to compensate the difference. I haven't used any scanners other than playing with the windows 3D thing and pictures I've taken. I made replacement feet for my keyboard with it after I broke one.
  13. Johnny3Time

    An early print from my delta
  14. Johnny3Time

    I have had two 3D printers, a Robo 3D Cartesian and currently an FLsun Delta. Learn everything you can about the mainboard and the software options for it, then say if it's Marlin learn everything you can about marlin and which commands your mainboard supports. Bed leveling and proper Z-offset are the first two things to master. Don't go berserk with printing "upgrades" for the machine right away. Learn it first as I've found about half of the "upgrades" are more of an excuse to print something because you've run out of ideas and don't really help you print better. There should be a FB group o



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