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  1. Johnny3Time

    I had a similar job years ago in the QC dept of a foundry checking castings and weld repairs to them. Looking for gas bubbles and cracks. Every pour had test parts that I got to destroy for testing hardness and strength, much fun was had.
  2. Johnny3Time

    Ouch, A speedy recovery to you!
  3. Johnny3Time

    I wasn't joking about a foot switch to get your hops on https://www.amazon.com/PCsensor-Customized-Computer-Multimedia-Photoelectric/dp/B08SLX75K8/ref=asc_df_B08SLX75K8/
  4. Johnny3Time


    Dans discount liposuction
  5. Johnny3Time

    They should do away with Gun Trusts as well, it is used too easily to circumvent fedral laws against civilians owning military grade automatic weapons and guns with anti material ammunition.
  6. Johnny3Time

    The White House isn't in Texas and I can tell you Biden isn't in the pockets of the NRA but every single GoP member is. They are the ones that don't give a shit about the deaths, they are the ones blocking the bills any time it comes up becuase they get paid serious money by the NRA. Same here in Missouri there is a GoP super majority in the state legislature and every gun law has been stripped off the books. They even made it illegal for law enforcement to enforce federal gun laws, they have the power to defuind any police department that does... the GoP not Democrats the GoP. A violent felon can get out of jail and go straight to the gun store and buy a gun here...no questions asked Because to the NRA and their backers a right to own military grade weapons is much more important than saving even one childs life. In this state and Texas if a Woman gets pregnant she is forced to have it, but to hell with that kid if it gets in the way of someones 2nd amendmant rights. Aww they killed roomfulls of children and let them lay there to die it's just too bad thoughts and prayers but we had to keep Billy-Bob happy. Nobody needs Assault rifles for any resason .....But johnny its just the first step in takin our guns away... HORSE FUCKING CRAP try some personal responsibility and being held to it for a change. Stop the pointless white washing and down playing of the fucking Horror Show that just took place. It is not normal and does not happen anywhere else but in the US
  7. Johnny3Time

    I'm all for the right to own Guns but there has to be some repsonsibility. The Right is falling over itself to downplay this, deflect it and not make it about how easily a disturbed child was able to buy a gun and go on a killing spree. Responsibility he says ??? errr mah gurd they tryn ta take ourr gus away.... Nobody wants to take away guns we want responsible ownership, not excuses like guns don't kill people because they do. It is the sole purpose of any gun other than a hunting rifle.
  8. Johnny3Time

    It sure is and you're the one doing their work with posts like this, the GoP, NRA... your sheep herders herding you and you're being the best sheep ever!
  9. Johnny3Time

    You are an inexcusable piece of shit for even typing that, these were 4th graders gunned down in a classroom as the shooter told them it's time to die. What if this was one of your children murdered? Thoughts and prayers to them but oh well he has a right to his gun? Go suck dog semen from Alex Jones asshole you less than human pile of waste. Squawking fake news Stop the shooter from so easily obtaining a gun...problem solved. The real problem here is people kill people, give them an easily obtainable weapon that you can shoot a lot of children with inside a classroomin a short period of time and it just makes it easier for them to do so. Make it easy to obtain a mass killing weapon, and it's going to happen often as it is and has been. Squawking fake news dressed up in your Marjorie Taylor Green outfit...the only tool I see here is you
  10. Johnny3Time

    I have a customer that doesn't like any hat I wear to his house, even if it's one he gave and everytime I go there (twice a year) he gives me a different one from his collection.
  11. Johnny3Time

    I was having crashes on every map change, turns out it was simply my refresh rate in video settings was too high. Native 155Hz refresh rate on my monitor was causing it. Turned it down to 144Hz and hasn't crashed once in a week now.
  12. Johnny3Time


    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you Mord.
  13. Johnny3Time

    With an Intel CPU, newer models, it just needs to be turned on in the Bios. This machine is ASROCK/ Ryzen 5 and apparently I just need to turn it on in the BIOS also
  14. Johnny3Time

    Just the sheer amount of it to cause a shortage across the copuntry....being shipped to the border? After you yourself cited 2 different recalls that are actually causing the shortage you're going to cling to it has to be real LOLOLOL
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