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  1. Johnny3Time

    That's as good as the anti-vaxxers taking horse dosage Ivermectin thinking they were shitting out worms... it was their intestinal lining.
  2. Johnny3Time

    Activision?Blizzard couldn't fix their deeply ingrained management issues and the culture they created in their employment atmosphere. Things can only go up from where they are now.
  3. As much credibility as claims of a stolen election..... Mike Lindell type of horseshit.
  4. Subjectively that is always everyone on the other side.
  5. I have it, tested + today, got my booster shot a month ago and fucking glad I did. I'm already getting past the worst of it after 4 days of first symptom. I thought it was a sinus infection, no fever just sneezing a lot of snot and that burning feeling you're getting a sinus infection, then it started fading away the next day. I got a couple home test kits just in case. Please for anyone that might have to take care of you or bury you get your shots. My huckberry https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-12/cannabis-compounds-prevented-covid-infection-in-laboratory-study
  6. I just found this...OMFG Hammer was right!
  7. Think long game, Hitler could be alive and pulling the strings on both.
  8. Johnny3Time

    Been using WinRaR for a very long time, over 10 years. It has a nag box to purchase a license or uninstall but you can just close it, you don't ever have to pay for it unless you want to.
  9. Johnny3Time

    I know, I should have put in that I usually run mine at 150% ** fixed
  10. Johnny3Time

    "I don't know why" = playing at being stupid while being stupid to begin with...
  11. Johnny3Time

    I use it on my 43 inch 4k HDR Bravia TV at 150%, the text at 100% is ridiculously small on a TV from 7-8 feet away, I also use dark mode, makes all the menus easier on the eyes in HDR.
  12. he sucked one cock and you just won't let it go...
  13. I fondly remember skipping my BF2 DVD down the street after uninstalling it.... EA/Origin never getting any more of my money, unless they bring NHL back to PC they can suck it.
  14. Johnny3Time

    At least they are taking care of it and not giving you the old run-around.
  15. Johnny3Time

    Machine can't run windows 10 or just never got it? you can get a legit license key for under $20 US
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