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  1. Is norespect having admin issues? Sheesh I wish we did have privilege... I might not suk so bad lol! Prolly make a good admin himself! Hey belted... you second that? Lol that'll shut him up!
  2. Thanks bud. Needed that.
  3. Great choice! Congrats Matt! Thanks for all your help and support in the past. I hope things are better with jr.
  4. Sorry I missed it bud! Have a great year pal!
  5. Bonne fete!! Ca fait quoi? 70 ans? Lol
  6. Have a great year!
  7. Lol Hxtr... um... sorry noone noticed the obvious... this is one very smart snake... it knew if it bit Hxtr IT would have died from every disease known to man!
  8. Wow u look just like Fergie... (she's royalty for you yanks)
  9. Have a great day Matt!
  10. Have a great day, !!
  11. well done Markov!
  12. happy b day!
  13. welcome back boss.. Good to hear some positive news... especially this time of year...
  14. ggg!