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    Fia rallycross, Rallycross, Rally, Gaming , tv, music !

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  1. arizona69boyzz


  2. arizona69boyzz

    I play regulary this game @[email protected] on steam !
  3. arizona69boyzz

    I go and look at it. I have just had. Soon it is the random access memory and the hard disk that I am going to add it. After keyboard and smile. I play quite a lot of games(sets) as GTA V with One It which(who) improve graphs. Black ops 3, Skyrim, etc. I use a translator sorry lol
  4. arizona69boyzz

    1000$ and i want upgrade the Ram, HDD ( more space ) and SDD for fast start
  5. arizona69boyzz

    Case - Cooler Master HAF-912 Power supply - 500Watts Tr2 Motherboard - Msi H81M-E34 Military Class4 Processor - Intel I3 4170 Socket 1150 3.7GHZ Memory - Kingston 8Gig KHX1600 DDR3 DD - 1To 7200 Rpm Graphic Card - Asus GTX950 2Gig OC Strix D5-Gaming Monitor 1 : LG FLATRON L1942T Monitor 2 : Emachines E181H Keyboard : Microsoft confort curve Mouse : Logitech M-Uae96 --------------------------------------------
  6. arizona69boyzz

    Anyone ?
  7. arizona69boyzz

    No no hahah i kick Your Ass With a bashy kill hahahahah
  8. arizona69boyzz

    Yeah! Thank you for your help i find it
  9. arizona69boyzz

    Hi all, I have a problem with Cod4. I have installed the patch 1.7. I can find Xi Server on the server list. I use the server ip for find it. i connect. His poster this error Error Server is a different version - Cod_Waw MP. I have Cod4 Modern Warfare ? is the same for this server or i dont have the good one for play on this server please help me, I use a translator sometimes. Thank You, Mike
  10. arizona69boyzz

    I would like to know if the Internet server of minecraft of Xi. An update is going to have because I have the version 1.8.8 and the Internet server is in version 1.7.7
  11. Hello Everybody. I would to ask you if it have a server for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. -----------> I want to know if someone of you are playing Bo3
  12. arizona69boyzz

    For now I would go maybe with a setup like yours LOader . I have more confidence that if someone know . as a friend of mine who told me just to have the intel and nvidia . I know that people prefer more Intel. but for the budget I would do my AMD 's case , it is for me to play call of duty , minecraft , sims 4 and later may be gta v
  13. arizona69boyzz

    http://gigatech7.wix.com/gigatech#!Gamer%20FX-6300%20%286%20Coeurs%29/zoom/c1jhy/i524nt I was watching this at the store computer tower up room by room. But people tell me it is not too good. I would be better to mount it myself with parts on newegg, or pcpartpicker nicx. For I am really annoy. I do not want users to buy because I do not know how long the computer has run. etc. I would love to have something. I could play gta v minimum as I could play at my other games without problems.
  14. arizona69boyzz

  15. arizona69boyzz

    I also look to build another in my budget like this one . http://www.technologyx.com/featured/build-1440p-gaming-pc-900-build-week/2/ Is it good ?
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