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  1. So two of my ram slots have stopped working on my old Crosshair IV Extreme. I have a set of Gskill Ripjaws 8GB 2000Mhz but they are 2GB modules... Now I am down to 4GB of ram. I am looking to find either 2x4GB sticks DDR3 or at least a 8GB module. I really cannot afford to buy new ram so anything that would get me up to 8GB+ would be amazing. I can dig threw my electronic stash and see if I have something worth trading or if someone has old stuff I can buy cheap that would be awesome... Also if your wondering it is an old AMD build with a Phenom II x6 1090t.
  2. I will man. Good to hear from you too. One day I will snipe your ass again!!!
  3. I used to be really good at playing with you guys back in the days with the original Crysis COD BF and whatnot. Now some days I can't even type so that's why I havn't been on any of the games I loved playing here. Hell I can't feel the pinky/ring finger side of either hand and I'm loosing strength in my right hand. Just wanted to drop a line because I miss hanging with you guys. Rug rug, Xray, Nightmare, Bigmeandean, and many more. I'll keep popping in from time to time. Can't believe I joined you guys almost 10 years ago and now I really can't play much at all..
  4. I'm on PC. I like being a bush wookie and playing when I'm bored. My hands been pretty messed up so hard to aim in games. Fun for trolling and laying traps for people.
  5. Anybody playing Fortnite? Add DREAD69XI I been playing a bit.
  6. Ugh back n fourth being online life has been crazy..

  7. Finally got back into my account!!! Got a lot going on and haven't been able to get to my computer in a while... Thinking about selling my Rig and just getting a decent laptop. Don't have room for my computer where I am living now... Anyway I'll be in and out trying to get back to where I can play again IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY TO NOT SHOOT STUFF!!!!! Later guys!
  8. Well everyone of you that know me know that I liked stirring s*** anyway. I'm going back to bed Fucking Sick still...
  9. JS
  10. Hxtr fu
  11. Not very much that's good right now and I'm honestly in the mood where I'm pissed off at everything. JS
  12. He's never been active, he only has one post and that was an admin posting his application. He's to strange for XI I guess. He doesn't want to talk he just wants to play when he feels like it.
  13. Technically I've been playing with all of these people in the clan since 2008. I don't understand how someone can be removed for having a life. If that's what needs to happen then I understand but I have been in the clan for a long time and I am connected to a lot of people in the clan. I'm kind of angry because it does not represent the way that some people are when it comes to the Whole 30 day thing. My friend is very dear to me and we both had deaths in the family recently and we don't play very often. Hell his computer doesn't even work right now, but he's supposed to post in the vacation section so that he can stay a member? I can't get a chance to even be at my home let alone get on my computer so why aren't there any exceptions. XI for life means you have to login every 30 days when you have a screwed-up personal life or social anxiety like my friend has..
  14. I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure that decoy has been moved off of the members list. We have things going on, we have personal lives. We have not posted and said that we were going to be inactive. There are a lot of things going on right now and it has got to the point to where it's kind of stressful. I need to make sure that I log into the website or I make sure that I'm active. I've been in this clan for six years and now it honestly is stressful because I don't want to be out of the clan. Butt if I don't post or login I'm in trouble or gone. I think the whole 30 days and then you're out is not cool and you already dropped one of my friends that has social anxiety. He will probably be pissed that I made this post if he ever sees it. He's a really good guy but I don't feel comfortable with the way that things are being run because there should be some exceptions. We love being XI
  15. I got it!!! The kids love it!!! Thanks anyway though. Somebody gifted me and I am so glad they did.