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  1. I have a 3080 a 3080 TI and a 3070 making about 12 bucks a day right now. I use coinbase solely for my wallet but I cash out like weekly depending on the market if bitcoins kind of low I might hold out and wait for the price to go back up. A couple of months ago I was making $40 a day and all of my equipment has paid for itself. At $0.11 per kilowatt I'm looking at under $40 for three cards to run all month. I don't buy crypto at all I just mine and I've already paid off all of my equipment twice over just from mining it. If I were holding my coins I would probably do a hard wallet locally but I haven't went down that avenue because I cash out frequently. I cash out so often that apparently there was a big scare and people dumped their money from coinbase and I guess since I emptied my account also I seemed like one of the people that were leaving the platform and they gave me $500 in BTC to stick around.. I haven't had any issues with coinbase and I have an older friend here locally that has used it solely as well and he made 14 Grand last year just in day trading. He cashes out all of his Bitcoin to USD when Bitcoin is high. When Bitcoin drops back down again he buys back in with everything and just rinses and repeats. I don't have the extra coin to do that right now but it seems like anybody that pays attention to it could. I've got another local buddy here that started with $200 and he showed me his wallet last week he's over two grand but he has done a ton of day trading..
  2. Life's been pretty crazy but I be popping in here and lurking from time to time..

    Maybe I'll start spending time on the site again one day when life slows down.

    Miss you idiots! 🤓

  3. I havn't been on in forever. Prob played 20 games or so. I can re-download some time to mess around. Games are to have fun and on the internet they are for having fun with other people. :)
  4. i7 8700 (non k) here and with turbo it sits on 4.3Ghz under any load on all cores. I ran a Phenom II x6 1090t since it's launch for 8 or 9 years or something. It finally died. The i7 has brought my frames soo much higher and no more stutter. Still running R9 290X and I can play any game I want now. Night and day to my old Phenom. She served well but $289 from Best buy this chip is amazing!!! Minimum frames are much higher and I can encode video with handbrake while gaming and not have any problems. Max temp has been 70c in prime 95 with 212 evo cooler for $25 on Amazon. Best purchase ever!!! Oh 16 gigs 3000Mhz DDR4 was $154 and Mobo was $109. $630 with tax for everything but it was worth it! Sold my motorcycle just to fix my baby.
  5. Will do My ingame is DREAD_XI
  6. Forgot to mention DREAD69 >XI<#9697 is me on discord
  7. I been screwing around in GTA V a bit after 2 years and I wanna get a little group together to do some missions n screw around n stuff. I just got Discord going and hopped back in TS3. I'm sitting in both so somebody join me and lets play damnit!!! Computer finally working like I want again!!!!
  8. Forgot to mention I also just started using a modded version of windows. Windows 10 Enterprise Gamer edition. It has some registry tweaks and services disabled by default. Also has some core components removed that are not needed if you are just gaming and a lot more. Dropped my ram usage by 1/2 and I needed it because I am stuck with 4GB of ram for now.
  9. Win key + R type gpedit.msc On the Local Group Policy Editor windows, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Updates. On the right ya see Configure Automatic Updates double click it and select what ya want for your liking. If you open the windows update folder there is defer windows updates. I use select when windows updates are received on the right side click the enable bubble and if you look down you can see after feature update is received and you can defer update for 365 days. lol Once a year I reformat anyway at least but you can just reset it once a year too. No updates for me. If I need an update I manually install it.
  10. So two of my ram slots have stopped working on my old Crosshair IV Extreme. I have a set of Gskill Ripjaws 8GB 2000Mhz but they are 2GB modules... Now I am down to 4GB of ram. I am looking to find either 2x4GB sticks DDR3 or at least a 8GB module. I really cannot afford to buy new ram so anything that would get me up to 8GB+ would be amazing. I can dig threw my electronic stash and see if I have something worth trading or if someone has old stuff I can buy cheap that would be awesome... Also if your wondering it is an old AMD build with a Phenom II x6 1090t.
  11. I will man. Good to hear from you too. One day I will snipe your ass again!!!
  12. I used to be really good at playing with you guys back in the days with the original Crysis COD BF and whatnot. Now some days I can't even type so that's why I havn't been on any of the games I loved playing here. Hell I can't feel the pinky/ring finger side of either hand and I'm loosing strength in my right hand. Just wanted to drop a line because I miss hanging with you guys. Rug rug, Xray, Nightmare, Bigmeandean, and many more. I'll keep popping in from time to time. Can't believe I joined you guys almost 10 years ago and now I really can't play much at all..
  13. I'm on PC. I like being a bush wookie and playing when I'm bored. My hands been pretty messed up so hard to aim in games. Fun for trolling and laying traps for people.
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