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  1. Rickeyrecon

    happy b day##late...
  2. Driver booster 2 or 3 is good but dosent get all drivers so go on (cnet down loads) on search type in SlimDrivers .. you can have both and get better results...
  3. Luna where are you !!!! ?????

    1. Rickeyrecon


      Im ready to dance with knives.....

  4. i speak 4 languages .... English,Profanity,Sarcasm,and lots of shit....

    1. Rickeyrecon


      all you Ideots made me that way...

      Hee Hee

  5. i may look calm ,but in my head I,ve killed you several times

    1. Rickeyrecon


      Oh sorry just thinking of Luna...

  6. Guns don't kill people ..... But fathers with daughters do ^ ^

  7. life is not like a box of chocolates.... its more like a jar of jalapinos. what you do today might burn your ass tomorrow......

  8. a quiet man is a thinking man ... a quiet woman is a usally pissed off .....

  9. when a women ask you to guess her age its like deciding rather to cut the red or green or blue wire to deffuse a bomd...

  10. If I gave you a penny for your thaughs, and you gave me your two cents worth... Wheres the other penny go ???? Hmm

  11. Rickeyrecon

    If its to big ... its been too long...
  12. I lost a very close friend and drinking partner last week. He got his finger caught in a wedding ring.

  13. I'm not an optimist but hopefully one day I will be.

  14. I went to see my doctor with a nasty pain in the ass. Turns out he's already met my wife.

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